Gift Guide: Hot Designs Nail Art Pens – Snowman Nails


My girls love to paint their nails, and of course they love to try and do all the cool designs they see as well. Normally, it’s a pain, and something that can’t be done with normal nail polish brushes. So in their stockings this year, they’ll find Hot Designs nail art pens.


With the Hot Designs Nail Art Pens we will be able to create fun festive nails ourselves. These nail art pens are dual-sided and have polish on one side, and a fine-tipped pen on the other for precision drawing. Each Hot Designs Nail Art Pens come in 6 different colors and are available in retailers like Walmart, Kmart or via

Check out this easy simple design you can do yourself with your Hot Designs Nail Art Pens:


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Kick Off WWE Week With A WWEMom Twitter Party on December 11th!


This time of year is always a fun one for WWE Fans. Its when we get a fun and special look at the WWE Superstars and this year it’s with a full week of surprises!

Starting next Monday December 15th not only will you get to watch Monday Night RAW but you’ll also get a live Smackdown as well as Tribute to the Troops.

Wednesday December 17th from 8-10pm ET on USA Network, the Two-Hour Holiday Special will include multi-platinum recording artists and two time CMA Vocal Duo of the year Florida Georgia Line will join WWE Superstars and Divas as they honor the US Armed Forces. Can’t see it Wednesday night? Turn into NBC on Saturday December 27th from 8-9pm ET for a special one-hour re-air of the program.



In the tradition of Bob Hope, WWE brings together the best of entertainment and pop culture with celebrity appearances and performances for our servicemen and women to celebrate their dedication and commitment to our country with a holiday program that is considered one of television’s most patriotic and heartwarming shows. NBCUniversal joins WWE in saluting our troops with special messages from some of their networks’ biggest names such as TODAY anchors Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Natalie Morales, and Al Roker, Seth Meyers, The Kardashians, Andy Cohen, Giuliana Rancic, Katherine Heigl, Lester Holt, Padma Lakshmi, Mark Feuerstein, Debra Messing, Tom Brokaw, Rachel Maddow and Carson Daly, as well as the coaches of The Voice, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.

“For 12 consecutive years, WWE has been entertaining American military personnel both overseas and domestically as a way to thank them for their commitment to our country,” said WWE Chairman & CEO, Vince McMahon. “Our servicemen and women work tirelessly for our freedom and we are proud to continue our Tribute to the Troops tradition.”

WWE Tribute to the Troops will chronicle WWE’s visit to United States Army post Fort Benning, where WWE Superstars and Divas will spend two days giving back to those who serve and their families with hospital visits and Be a STAR anti-bullying rallies. Fort Benning supports more than 120,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees and has been the home of the Infantry division since 1918.

The television special will also highlight WWE’s annual goodwill visit to our troops who are fighting for our freedom overseas. WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon, WWE Superstars Big Show® and R-Truth® and WWE Divas Summer Rae™ and Alicia Fox™ will travel abroad to spread some holiday cheer to the men and women serving our country far from home during the holiday season.

WWE has always been dedicated to showing our military respect and honor all year long. They try to boos morale to the soldiers who are fans by offering free tickets to any of their shows to active servicemen and women as well as providing work assistance to veterans through their partnership with Hire Heroes USA.



When: Thursday, December 11, 2014
7:00 – 8:00 pm ET
4:00 – 5:00 pm PT

Join myself @wrestlingaddict as well as @WWEmoms and friends on Thursday, December 11 at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT) as we look forward to ”WWE Week” on USA Network!

RSVP and attend the Twitter event for a chance to win a Samsung HMX-W200 Pocket Cam, a Nike+ Fuel Band, or a Marmot Women’s Jacket!


Email (subject line: WWEmoms) and include your Twitter ID
Spread the word and RT this post to your Twitter feed
Join us on TweetDeck or HootSuite (#WWEmoms) on Thursday, December 11 between 7 – 8 pm ET
Tell your Twitter followers!

PRIZE WINNERS will be announced during the Party!

I have been compensated for this post as I participate in the WWEmoms campaign – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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Teach2Talk – Behavior With Friends App for iPad

Being in the schools each day allows me to see how kids interact with each other, well besides seeing how my own kids interact with each other. Daily, I’m in a room of first graders, and sometimes their behavior isn’t that great. I mean they’re first graders after all, but sometimes the parents don’t see the same behaviors at home, and sometimes they do, so in the classroom is somewhere behaviors need to be taught as well. These kids need to learn how to behave appropriately in different settings and in different situations.

Teach2Talk’s Behaviors with Friends is an educational iPad app that we were able to beta test in our first grade classroom.

From founder Sarah Clifford Scheflen, M.S., CCC-SLP: “Behavior issues are a common complaint from parents. Parents need strategies to help teach their children how to behave. Behavior with Friends not only teaches children how to behave appropriately, but also provides tips to parents on how to implement their own behavior modifications.”

Behaviors with Friends allows children to watch videos about different behaviors of other children in different situations and scenarios. It teaches them how to behave appropriately, make better decisions as well as how to communicate with their peers when these situations arise.

Different lessons are available for children and they all target common behavior issues. They will learn things like how to resolve conflicts with their peers in a more appropriate manner rather than yelling, name calling or touching each other. They learn how to deal with issues that may cause anger as well as smaller things such as sharing, truth telling, not interrupting and boundaries.

We had a few of the children play with the app, and for the most part it kept them engaged and interested in the lessons, they even learned a thing or two while watching the videos and choosing which scenarios would be the right ones.

Teach2Talk’s Behavior With Friends App isn’t just a good app for a classroom with younger kids, but also for home. Children can learn early what is acceptable and not in different social situations by playing a fun game for them at the same time. It’s easier for them to understand the right and wrong answer when they can see first hand through the videos how the situations happen, and what the outcome is.

Behaviors with Friends will be available soon in the app store for iPad. You can find more information about the app as well as launch date by visiting You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Post has been compensated however all opinions are of my own.
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Gift Guide: Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System


This past summer, you may have heard about Toledo Ohio being in the news because of our water situation. Lake Erie had an abundance of algae bloom which got into our water system, and for 3 days made the water unusable. Meaning it wasn’t safe to wash with, wasn’t safe to ingest and boiling it only made it worse. This opened my eyes to what’s going into our water, how they’re treating it, and how we can keep ourselves and our families safer.

You see, in order to get the algae down, they have to put more chlorine and chemicals in the water. Now how safe can that be for our bodies? This made me want to look into other things I could do for our family to make our water safe.

Aquasana send me their Powered Water Filtration System to help me out, I couldn’t wait to try the unit and see what the difference was between having it filtered at home, and the stuff coming from the tap. Because of the abundance of chlorine in the water, for a while you could see a film on top of any of the tap water….I was NOT drinking that! I wouldn’t even let my animals drink that, there shouldn’t be a film on top of your water, this could not be healthy!


This counter-top pitcher filtration system is streamlined and modern design, so sitting on our counter-top doesn’t make it look out of place, and it’s slim enough to fit in a smaller spot not taking up a whole heck of a lot of room. The unit also comes with two pitchers. Once that should be filled and kept in the fridge for cold water, and the other is a counter-top unit that stays put, and can be used daily at room temperature. My kids love this option because they can easily get their own water directly from the system, just adding ice cubes to their cups for cold.

My only real complaint is that the system is noisy, it makes a loud noise when filling the pitchers, and it does tend to leak a little, but it’s nothing that stops us from using it on a daily basis.

I did notice as well that the film on top of the tap water was non existent once it came out of the Aquasana unit as well.

The Aquasana powered water filtration system is the world’s first pitcher filter system to use power in order to provide clean, fresh water-fast. It reduces contaminants 10x more than the leading drip pitcher filter, it filters in seconds! No more waiting for that slow drip filter to trickle through, it also retains beneficial minerals for health and taste.

Aquasana using a patent-pending ClaryumTM filtration technology that quickly forces unfiltered water through a dense filter block which gives you ultra-pure filtered water in just seconds. The water tastes great!

The Aquasana Powered Water Filtration System is tested by NSF International, the gold standard for water filtration, to reduce 60 harmful contaminants from drinking water including lead, mercury, asbestos, giardia, cryptosporidium, herbicides, pesticides and over 96% of chlorine and chloramines, in just seconds.

The Claryum filter in the Aquasana system lasts about 6 months or about 320 gallons of water.

We love our Aquasana system, it’s helped me feel better about the water we’re drinking in our home, and keeps the plastic bottles out of our household which in turn saves us some money too!

For more information about Aquasana or to purchase one yourself (it would make a great holiday gift for someone) visit

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Walmart Helps Out With Your NCAA #PreGamePride


‘Tis the season to get together with family and friends and ….. WATCH SOME FOOTBALL! Whether you stay indoors and watch it on the big screen, or head outdoors and get into some tailgating fun it’s that time of year when some of us wives loose our hubby’s to the game. Do you happen to partake in the football festivities? What are some of your #PregamePride rituals? Head over to Twitter and let us know!

Walmart and the NCAA want to keep our men fresh and clean while they’re enjoying their game with Dove Men+, Axe and Degree. Let’s face it after a day of rough housing, drinking beer, eating chicken wings our men might not make it home fresh and clean, so why not help them out with their pregame ritual?  The next time you visit your local Walmart think about your man and purchase him some products for the pregame.  When you purchase $15 or more of Dove Men+, Axe, or Degree products in a single transaction you’ll receive a $15 Walmart gift card, (see here for more details) plus you could enter to win a trip for you and a friend (or your hubby and a friend) to a bowl game!  Want more info on how to enter? Simply click here.


And because you’re here, check out the widget below where you can register to win 1 of 10 $50 Walmart gift cards or the grand prize of a $500 Walmart gift card.

Walmart NCAA

I have been compensated by Global Influence for this post – all opinions expressed here are my own.
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