Delectable sudz for your body…..

Do you ever run into something that you just don’t want to use cause it looks or smells so great? The thought of using it you just cringe cause you want to savor it forever! Well, Sudz N Bubbles has those types of products. They look and smell so great, the thought of using them just made me want to sniffle a little bit.

I was lucky enough to get a few samples from Sudz N Bubbles to review. When the package got here, I opened it up and was just in awe of the soaps that I was sent. Not only did they look great, but they even smelled great. Even the girls were like “whoa” those are really cute and pretty. We received the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Unrefined Shea Butter ($11.00/4oz jar), which just smells wonderful and feels great on my skin, they blend their shea butter with just a light fragrance and avocado oil.

My girls favorites which I can’t seem to pry out of their hands is their Lime Soapsicle ($5.00), it smells SO GOOD, you want to just eat it, which I had to stop my 2 year old from actually doing. They also are in love with their Fish In A Bag Soap ($5.00). This is their favorite in the tub right now, you just peel off the plastic bag, and drop it in the tub with the kiddos. It’s so cute. Looks like a fish in a bag from the pet store.

We also got a wonderful soap from their Bubblin Bakery, a beautiful Strawberry Cream Pie soap ($7.50). I refuse to use it, it sits nicely in my bathroom with a light aroma and just looks good enough to eat. It even comes in a little take out pie box to look like the real thing.

Sudz N Bubbles carries a few different variety of soaps and shea butter. Their categories include: Bath Bombs, Bubblin Bakery (where the soaps look good enough to eat), Loofa, Shea Butter, Soap, and Soapsicles (a kids favorite). Their soaps are very unique and something that must be seen and tried for yourself. Their soaps are all glycerin-based as well for the perfect skin treatment.

The company was founded by Cindy Tollen, who has had such great success with this venture, she’s even had her soaps and products included in celeb swag bags at awards shows. Cindy and Sudz N Bubbles has also gained the attention of HGTV and will be featured in May on That`s clever and Design Club with Matt and Shari!

I am just in love with these products, not only do they look and smell great, but the prices for the products are great as well. With the publicity of Sudz N Bubbles you’d think that the prices might be a little higher, but they are very affordable. Ever need a quick gift for someone, need to give mom something extra special for mother’s day? Try out Sudz N Bubbles, you won’t be disappointed at all.

You can also visit Sudz N Bubbles blog where you can get a sneak peak of new products and upcoming sales, as well as their Etsy Store for Sudz N Bubbles.

Cindy at Sudz N Bubbles has agreed to give away two (2) jars of their African Shea Butter to a very lucky winner in the fragrance of their choice, which includes unscented/natural, lavender, pink sugar, black raspberry and vanilla, or clove.

In order to be eligible to win 2 jars of African Shea Butter (a $22.00 value) from Sudz N Bubbles in your choice of fragrance you first must go to Sudz N Bubbles and find your favorite item on their website. Come back here and leave me a comment with your favorite items, and which fragrance of Shea Butter you would choose if you won.

Wish to gain a second entry? Blog about it. Leave me a second comment with the link to your blog about Sudz N Bubbles and the giveaway here on A Wrestling Addicted Mommy’s Blog.

Giveaway will end April 28th 2008 at 11pm EST. A winner will be chosen at random (via and will be announced and contacted April 29th.

Non bloggers may participate in this giveaway please just leave a valid email address so I can get a hold of you.

Please make sure you go to Sudz N Bubbles and let me know which product you would choose from there, if this is not in your comment you will be disqualified from the contest.

Good Luck!!
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154 Comments to “Delectable sudz for your body…..”

  1. Heather Says:

    Hey this is a GREAT company! I am loving there stuff! I would love their Bath Bombs. If I were to win the 2 jars I would want them in the Lavender and Pink Sugar scents. those sound sooo good!

  2. GoddessAimee Says:

    OMG, I ONLY use Shea Butter for my skin and I LOVE Pink Sugar…I have NEVER found them together and I am just SO excited about finding it here. I want some so bad!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The shea butter would be my fave even though everything looks wonderful on the site. I would pick pink sugar or raspberry vanilla.

  4. Says:

    I’ve never used this stuff, but it looks and sounds awesome!! I think I would choose the Pink Sugar for sure..

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I would really love the Shea Butter in the Pink Sugar fragrance!

  6. Rhonda Says:

    I’ve never tried this before, but am very interested. The Oatmeal soap would be a must…and then the Lemon Chiffon soap…mmmmm If I won, I would choose lavender & clove shea butter. πŸ™‚

    joybugd at gmail dot com

  7. KristieH336 Says:

    I love there chcoclate pie soap. Looks yummy! If I won the two jars of shea butter I would want the black rasberry and vanilla scent! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  8. Lauren Says:

    The Coconut Creme Pie Soap looks soooooo yummy… I’ll have to try it some time!

    My choice for the shea butter would be black raspberry and vanilla… mmmmm!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I am in love with bath stuff and this looks sooooo yummy!! I think my favorite would have to be the citrus safari/bath bomb and candle set. If I were to win, I think I would love the pink sugar scent. Thanks!!

    Paige (

  10. Danielle Says:

    The berry yummy soapcicle looks so cute, great prices too. I think I may by the think pink soapcakes for favors for a baby shower i am giving


  11. Chantel Says:

    These are the cutest things! I love the Nights of Arabia soaps, and if I won, I’d take the black raspberry Vanilla shea butter or the pink sugar.

    alaskawildrose AT

  12. Mary Says:

    What a great company, I would have to say that I would love the black raspberry and vanilla shea butter..thanks..

  13. Becca Says:

    Love the cute little Cherry Tart soap! I’d choose the Pink Sugar Shea Butter.

  14. Julie Says:

    I am in love with the ‘soapsicles’ -how cute is that!

    I would get the vanilla flavor!

  15. Kimberly Says:

    I love shea butter products. I have never heard of this company before but it looks GREAT!!!!

    I can be reached at the URL attached to my name. THANKS!!!

  16. gunzie Says:

    First time I heard of this company. The fish in a bag cracked me up!! My favorite is the Cup O Cappuccino soap, sounds delicious to me! If I would win the Shea butter, I would choose Black raspberry or pink sugar. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  17. pinkgingham Says:

    Those soapsicles are so darn cute! For the shea butter, I would to try either the Pink Sugar or the Black Raspberry & Vanilla. YUM!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  18. Jenna Says:

    The lime popsicle sounds great, and I’d pick the black raspberry and vanilla shea butter.

  19. windycindy Says:

    Hi, I like the good ole oatmeal soap!
    It is good for what ails you. The scent I would choose in the shea butter is vanilla (clove sounds wonderful, too)! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  20. ikkinlala Says:

    If Canadians may enter, I would like to, please. One of my favourite products on the site is the Long Horn Soap, and I would choose unscented shea butter if I won.

  21. Janera Says:

    These sound heavenly! Please enter me and come visit my blog and enter my giveaway also.

  22. Lymeade Lady Says:

    I’d love win this! Thanks!

  23. Heather Says:

    Oh I bet the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Shea butter smells amazing! I love Shea butter and would be so excited to try your products…soft feet are hard to come by in New Mexico…the Lime popcicle soap is by far my favorite on your site…my girls would go crazy for that…for sure!!

  24. Reiza Says:

    I’d get the pink sugar.

    My favorite item is the Chocolate Soap Cake.

  25. Leni Says:

    The Shea Butter in Pink Sugar while I would also have to try the Key Lime Pie Soap…looks good and must spell GREAT!

  26. CJW's folks Says:

    I love the Coconut Cream pie or Chocolate Soapcake.
    My fragrance choice would be lavender, and clove.

  27. 1stopmom Says:

    I think my favorite item would be the fish in a bag soap. That is so cute. I have never seen anything like it before. My fragrance of choice for the Shea Butter would be lavender. I just love that scent.

    bacon74 at 1stopmom dot com

  28. Chiara Says:

    The bath bombs sound yummy…there are so many cool soaps and the shea butter I’d love in pink sugar and lavender. Thanks for the great giveaway; would love to win!!!

  29. michelle Says:

    Cute stuff. I like the soap popsicles and the insect soap. My kids would love that!

    As for which scent….lavendar is it!

  30. Heather.PNR Says:

    My son would have fun with the soap popsicle in berry yummy.

  31. jenny Says:

    realy need shae butter my skin is dry thanks

  32. Mary512 Says:

    I like the bath bombs. I would love to try the shea butter in black raspberry and vanilla. great giveaway, thanks! hellomary018 at yahoo dot com

  33. Kimberly B. Says:

    Ooooh, they have a lot of cute stuff! I would love the cherry tart soap, and if I win, I’d like the shea butter in raspberry/vanilla and/or pink sugar. Thanks!

  34. BrineS Says:

    Coconut Cream Bar…and Arabian Nights…Yum! Wonderful soaps!

  35. Lesha Says:

    The Berry Yummy sounds great! πŸ™‚

  36. Katy Says:

    Oh my gosh…i love the soapcicles…how cool are they?? And the peach pie soap..i bet that smells fantastic!!! πŸ™‚

    If i won…i would love the vanilla!!! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  37. jskell911 Says:

    They have such cute stuff! I loved the cupcake soap. For the Shea butter I would love to try the pink sugar and the clove.

  38. Mama Zen Says:

    I like the Orange Dream Bath Bomb / Candle Set.

    For the shea butter, pink sugar sounds awesome!

  39. Molly Says:

    I love the cherry tart soap. It would be cute in my bathroom. I would choose lavender as my scent.

  40. Mommy Says:

    The Think Pink Soapcake is hilarious – I love cupcakes, so what could be better.

    For the shea butter, I’d go with the raspberry/vanilla kind. Yum.

  41. LisaW Says:

    Besides the shea butter, I love the oatmeal soap. I would choose the Lavender shea butter.

  42. Summer Says:

    Ohhh, that raspberry/vanilla shea butter sounds so good! And the Arabian Nights soap, mmmm I bet that smells wonderful Count me in!

  43. Laura Says:

    What cute products! I love the Soapsicles. For myself, though, I would probably get the Oatmeal soap. Beautiful and great for the skin. I would choose the clove Shea Butter.

  44. Panjo Kids Says:

    I love the Orange Dream Bath Bomb/Candle Set. Yum. If I won I’d like the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Shea Butter.

  45. Playful Professional Says:

    I would love the raspberry vanilla shea butter. That just sounds like a delectable combination.

  46. Krista Says:

    I would pick the Orange Orchard soap, although the African Black soap looks… interesting!
    My favorite scent is Black Raspberry Vanilla!

  47. Andrea V Says:

    I really like the coconut Cream Pie soap. I would pick the pink sugar and lavendar Shea Butter.

  48. theteo5 Says:

    I love the soapsicles. So fun! And I would choose the pink sugar shea butter. Yum!

  49. Merry Says:

    The Coconut Creme Pie Soap looks amazing, though I’d have to be careful not to try and take a bite out of it when I’m taking a shower before I’ve had my morning coffee! I’d love to win the pink sugar, so please enter me.

  50. Christie Says:

    The Peach Pie Soap… I love it!!! My kids would have a field day with that!
    The scent I would pick for the Shea Butter would be Black Raspberry and Vanilla… mmm! πŸ™‚

  51. Ali Says:

    The Cup O Cappuccino Soap looks amazing! I would pick the black raspberry and vanilla shea butter.

  52. mom2boys Says:

    Wow…All of their products look wonderful. If I won I’d pick a jar of Pink Sugar and one jar of Black
    Raspberry Vanilla. Thanks for the chance!

  53. Katie Says:

    I would like one black raspberry vanilla and one pink sugar.

    I’d also like to say, I am SO GLAD this is your giveaway.. I had heard of Sudz n bubbles and wanted to get some shea butter.. but forgot to bookmark them and couldn’t remember their name!

  54. Nicol Says:

    They sounds and look delicious. I could see why your 2yr old would want to sample them. I like the shea butter and the oatmeal soap.

  55. Anonymous Says:

    Nice. πŸ™‚

    Of their other products, I think I’d like the Coconut Creme Bar, along with other soaps.

    I’d like the black raspberry and vanilla scent if I won.


  56. shiloh Says:

    sweet ! i love it ! thanks for put ing it up !

  57. lace Says:

    The lime soapsicles are so cute. I wouldn’t want to use them.

    I would like the shea butter in natural if I won.

  58. kbookreviews Says:

    My fav is the coconut cream bar… yummy! If I won, I’d like the black raspberry and vanilla scent.

  59. Lalycairn Says:

    Hmmm. Very torn between the Arabian nights soap, and the Oatmeal. I love the design on the oatmeal, but the scents of the Arabian nights are appealing. Guess I have to go with smell, so the Arabian nights soap. If I should win, I’d like clove shea butter!
    Lalycairn at

  60. Betsy Says:

    Love the “Strawberry Creme Pie Soap”!

  61. bethany Says:

    Love the peach pie soap-so cute!!

  62. seven Says:

    I would love the pink sugar and the unscented shea butters… and I love love love the “Think Pink Soapcake.” My dad has called my Cupcake for as long as I can remember, so they hold a special place in my heart.

  63. Anita Says:

    Ooh, the cherry tart soap is so cute! And I like the raspberry vanilla shea butter.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    I love shea butter. That would be my first choice on the site. As for scents, I will always be a fan of lavender!
    mgvhmassey at comcast dot net

  65. the4moyers Says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks for offering! The bakery soaps like the peach pie and the chocolate creme pie soaps seriously look good enough to eat!! As for the shea butter, I would love the black raspberry and vanilla and the pink sugar!!

  66. Cathy Says:

    I like the Key Lime Pie Soap.

    Love the pink sugar and natural shea butter fragrance.


  67. susan Says:

    I love the creativity that is obvious in all Sudz N Bubbles products but my favorite are the soap sicles. I would choose the unscented shea butter.

  68. kerri69 Says:

    i love the popsicle soap and also the shea butter this stuff is great for wrinkles

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I know I would like Lavender Dreams Soap because lavender is my favorite scent!
    Elaine R

  70. Charmed Says:

    THe bath bombs and soapscicles look yummy! I would have to say either the lavender or the black raspberry vanilla.

  71. Bunny B Says:

    Mmm… lovely stuff! I love the shea butter and Berry Yummy Popsicle Soap! Yummy.

  72. Bunny B Says:

    Ooo…and please enter me a 2nd time. I’ve blogged HERE! Thanks πŸ™‚
    You have great giveaways!!

  73. ablondeblogger Says:

    What a cute site! I would choose lavendar for my scent and their soapsicles are my favorite:

    Thanks for the giveaway. πŸ™‚

  74. The Mommy Says:

    The pink sugar items sounds great! Shea butter is a favorite. I’d have to get some of that.

  75. Ambre Says:

    pink sugar sounds so girly and fun! my daughter would love their fish in a bag as well!

  76. Nadine Says:

    I like the Chocolate Creme Pie soap! And, I’d like the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Shea Butter

  77. blake & christine Says:

    I love the bath bombs; maybe in part because the name is so clever. If I were to win the Shea Butter, I’d the natural fragrance.

  78. ihchicky Says:

    My favorite item is the Peach Pie Soap and I would choose Black Raspberry & Vanilla for the Shea Butter if I won. Thank you for the chance! Bath products are always fun.

  79. Tammy Says:

    The Lemon Chiffon Soap looks like you say good enough to eat, thanks for the chance

  80. Tammy Says:

    You’ve been blogged at

    I forgot to mention in my original post, because I was so consumed with the Lemon Chiffon Soap that I would like the Pink Sugar scent if I am fortunate enough to win.

  81. Marcia Says:

    Oh. my. goodness. I absolutely LOVe the fish in the soap!! That’s so adorable!

    I would love the black raspberry! It’s also my favorite flavor of ice cream. YUMMY!

  82. CanCan Says:

    The fish bag soap is so cute! Lemon chiffon soap, yum yum!
    I used to go to a soap boutique and sniff for a long long time!
    I would like clove scented shea butter. That sounds cool!

  83. samsakara Says:

    The fish in the bag and the insect soap is my favorite! What a clever and cute idea to get kids in the tub!
    I would love the vanilla scent!

  84. Ames Says:

    Berry Yummy Popsicle Soap is my favorite I think – it’s just too unique and cute πŸ™‚

    I would pick pink sugar if I win πŸ™‚

  85. Marilyn Says:

    Oh my, those are some of the cutest soaps I have ever seen. I can’t wait until my neice is old enough to enjoy these I am going to get her some of the soapsicles. The insect soap is really cool for boys to. I am seriously thinking of buying myself some of the coconut cream pie as I love the smell of coconut. Thank you for the great giveaway and if you get a chance I’d love for you to come by and enter mine Yummy Things & Cupcake Dreams.

    Take Care,

  86. Anonymous Says:

    Fabulous soap! I love the Cherry Tart Soap! I would choose the Black Raspberry scent for the shea butter.

  87. Audra Marie Says:

    The African Black soap sounds wonderful. I’d love the shea butter in lavender. πŸ™‚

  88. Bebemiqui Says:

    I like the Berry Yummy Popsicle soap. I like the sound of Clove Butter. Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  89. dolphin lady Says:

    The coconut cream bar sounds scrumptious! But I like shea butter and the blackberry and vanilla sounds great!

  90. Summer Says:

    I would love the coconut cream pie soap or any of the soapsicles. As for She Butter fragrance I think I would go with pink sugar.

  91. Smellyann Says:

    I would pick the pink sugar shea butter. My favorite product would be the citrus safari bath bomb. Great giveaway – I’d love to win! Thanks, and please visit mine too to enter!

  92. bamabelle Says:

    I would choose the Shea Butter in Pink Sugar. My favorite item is the fish in a bag soap. Too cute! Thanks so very much! πŸ™‚

  93. Sue Wintz Says:

    I confess – I’m a homemade soap and natural body product junkie. I love lavender, so the Lavender Dreams soap would be my first choice from the site. Which means, of course, that I would choose the Lavender Shea Butter!

  94. nottryingforaboy Says:

    Those soaps are adorable! As you can tell from my giveaway, I’m a sucker for bath/body products.

    I would pick black raspberry and vanilla.

  95. WorldsGreatestMommy Says:

    This stuff looks yummy. My favorite was the orange citrus bath bombs. I can imagine that I’m taking a bath in a tropical location.

    As far as the shea butter, I need some black raspberry vanilla. My son asked me tonight why my elbows are all wrinkled and bumpy. πŸ™

  96. Debbie Says:

    I’d love the strawberry pie soap. And I think I’d like the black raspberry and vanilla shea butter.

  97. Ebie Says:

    the soapsicles are really cute! i’m intrigued by the clove scent

  98. Tara Says:

    I love the bath bombs! And my fav fragrance is coconut creme pie!
    I would love to win this! Please enter me.

  99. Anonymous Says:

    Another great gift to give away to my nursing home residents that I read to for Mother’s Day.
    M. Waters

  100. Jennifer Bogart Says:

    I’m in Canada, so hope it’s okay to enter, I didn’t notice any geographic restrictions?

    I would get the unscented, that way no problems with anyone else in the family! I have a DD with some allergies. The citrus bath bombs look awesome – I am addicted to citrus scents. The lemon chiffon scent smells good too though!

    You can get me through my blog through my name :).

  101. Suzie G. Says:

    I would choose black raspberry and vanilla. The lemon chiffon soap looks so awesome! I think the peach pie soap is my favorite. The pie soaps look so real!

  102. frugallm Says:

    Chocolate soapcake…yum!

  103. Shelly Says:

    I love the chocolate soapcake too – and would choose lavender shea butter. Thanks!

  104. Mari Says:

    Kiss me all over bath bomb!!!

    and clove! Please, clove!!

  105. ticole96 Says:

    Everything looks great! I like the oatmeal soap.


  106. Emily N. Says:

    My favorite item is the Shea Butter.

    If I won, I would want the black raspberry and vanilla and/or the pink sugar scent.

    gotfire (at) yahoo (dot) com

  107. Jon & Sarah Says:

    I love the soapsicles. I think the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Shea butter sounds amazing!

  108. Dawn Says:

    The soapsicles are tooo cute!
    I would pick black raspberry
    threeofakindblog at gmail

  109. Rachel Says:

    GREAT giveaway!

    Easy question, I would definitely chose the shea butter in Pink Sugar which is my favorite scent. πŸ™‚

    Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

    my email is:
    racoo.smith at gmail dot com

    Thanks and have a lovely day

  110. tiffanyannrosson Says:

    I would love to get the Longhorn soap for my husband. The Lavendar scented shea butter would be for me!

  111. Ginny Says:

    I would pick the pink sugar as my scent. I loved the cupcake soap, too cute.

  112. Scarlett Says:

    The peach pie soap looks too good for me to buy because I’d end up buying a pie every time I used it.

    As for the shea butter, I would choose the black raspberry and vanilla scent.

  113. Sarah Says:

    These products are so adorable! I really like the Insect Soap, Fish in a Bag Soap, and Key Lime Pie soap.

    Can we mix and match fragrances if we win the Shea Butter? I’d like to try one jar of Unscented/Natural and one of Pink Sugar, if I won. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    Congrats to Sudz N Bubbles for getting featured on HGTV! That’s huge! I hope they get a lot of orders from it.

  114. susan1215 Says:

    The cocoanut cream pie is cute. I would choose the lavender scent

  115. Anonymous Says:

    scent: vanilla
    such cute soaps-fav is Cup O Cappuccino Soap
    kawaiineko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

  116. Dawn Says:

    I bet the Clove Shea Butter would smell divine.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. Tiffany Says:

    Oh wow, that stuff sounds amazing! The bubblin’ bakery stuff looks good enough to eat.. better stay away from those πŸ˜‰

    I think my favorite product would be the kiss me all over set.

    If I were to win, I would have a hard time choosing between pink sugar and black raspbery.

    I’ll probably have to go buy something.. a few of the things (like the above mentioned set) would be perfect gifts for my bridesmaids!

    raspberrykitty at aol dot com

    Be sure to check out my giveaway for a $15 e.l.f. giftcard!

  118. Janet H Says:

    Fabulous give away prizes! I think if I were ordering, I would choose the African Black Soap.

    If selected, I would love the Unscented and the Black Rasberry and vanilla shea butter.

    Thanks for playing the bloggy giveaways carnival.

    dhol2044 @

  119. dh Says:

    I think their dessert soaps are so cute and whimsicle, but I would probably opt for the shea butter myself. Lavendar is my favorite scent.

  120. Paisley Says:

    Can I have two favorite items? I’d get the Fish In A Bag soap for fun and the Oatmeal Soup to actually use!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. Adria Sha Says:

    I’m dying to try the African Black soap. Although those soapsicles look pretty fun!

    As far as the scented shea butter, gosh so hard to decide! I think I’d want one pink sugar and one black raspberry / vanilla.

    What a yummy store!

    gibmom at gmail dot com

  122. Kristine Says:

    Ooo, the Kiss Me All over Bath Bomb sounds fun πŸ™‚ I’d love the Shea Butter in Raspberry or pink sugar. Thanks for entering me!

  123. chanelireli Says:

    i think lavendar and vanilla would be the scnets i’d choose. and I love the bakery soaps. so cute

  124. The Chatty Housewife- Says:

    Coconut cream bar! Thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

  125. Miss Heidi Says:

    That’s a cool site too. I’ll have to check it out some more. I bet their products would be great for my dry skin. I like the chocolate soapcake the best. If chosen, the scent I’d prefer is pink sugar. Thanks.

  126. ICEDREAM Says:

    I love bath bombs. I would chose the Lush bath bomb/candle set. I go through tons of shea butter, it’s so great for dry skin. I think the clove sent would be fun to try.

  127. Jinxy & Me Says:

    I love the soapcicles. I would choose the raspberry/vanilla. Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. carolsue Says:

    pink sugar and/or black raspberry vanilla for scents….
    and, on their site, I like the Berry Yummy Popsicle Soap

  129. carolsue Says:

    I blogged you here:

  130. Sarah Fischer Says:

    I like all the soaps shaped as different deserts. But I really like the key lime pie soap. The limes look so realistic. And the cherry tart is cute. I like the swirls in there soap. I wonder how they do that.


  131. monky Says:

    I like their oatmeal soaps!

    Pink sugar and/or black raspberry vanilla scents

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  132. fluggy Says:

    I like the Berry Yummy Popsicle Soap.

    Pink Sugar scent is my fav

    Thnak you


  133. tami Says:

    since i am a huge fan of shea butter i have to say that is my favorite item.

  134. Brandy Says:

    Well i think my favorite product of theirs is their: Think Pink Soapcake. It is really cute and sounds like it smells so yummy! If I won, I think i’d pick my shea butter in Pink sugar and black raspberry and vanilla.

  135. Sandy Says:

    I would love pink sugar in the shea butter. Wonderful products.

  136. Brandy Says:

    I blogged about it here:

  137. mizchild Says:

    The chocolate soapcakes looks good. I’d pick the Black Raspberry & Vanilla Shea butter if I won.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


  138. rachel Says:

    The soap cakes look so yummy!

    If I won I would choose the vanilla and the pink sugar!

  139. Marsha Says:

    SO many wonderful items in one place. I would have to say the blackberry and the natural unscented shea butters would be my favorites. These are wonderful skin products.

    Awesome giveaway and thanks for participating. Now I sure hope I win.

  140. Anonymous Says:

    The Peach Pie soap is my favorite item and I’d choose Black Rasp./Vanilla for the shea fragrance.

    Tamara (AK)
    mrshuntinak AT msn DOT com

  141. JANA Says:

    clove I believe!

  142. Jessica Says:

    i love all of the bakery soaps, but think pink soapcake looks amazing. black raspberry and vanilla sounds delicious!

  143. Katie Says:

    The black raspberry and vanilla scent sounds wonderful. I also like the Peach Pie Soap — it’s so funny!

  144. Reeva Says:

    What a great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner πŸ™‚ i’d love to try that shea butter!! oh any of the soaps would be great!

  145. sarah Says:

    Hello! That site has some really nice products it’s hard to pick just one. But my favourite would have to be the key lime pie soap. It looks like the real deal!

    My favourite scent of choice for the shea butter would be…pink sugar!

    fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  146. katklaw777 Says:

    Bath bombs are so cool. shes butter scent clove sounds lovely thnx katklaw777(at)yahoo(dot)com

  147. JNM Says:

    These would make such fun gifts–for all ages! LOVE the chocolate soapcake. Pink Sugar sounds really good, but I bet the natural is nice too. Thanks!

  148. Audrey Says:

    The Berry Yummy Popsicle Soap looks like it could be my favorite item here.

    I would love to win Black Raspberry and Vanilla shea butter.


  149. jules Says:

    My favorite item is the Kiss Me All Over Bath Bomb/Candle Set… πŸ˜‰

    I would like the unscented Shea Butter for my son with very dry, sensitive, flaky skin. We’ve tried Shea Butter before and it really helped.


  150. Chris & Amanda Says:

    The Kiss Me Allover Bath Bomb set looks fantastic!

    I would take the Black Raspberry and Vanilla shea butter if I won.

  151. fae Says:

    i love the Coconut Creme Bar. i’d pick pink sugar or unscented, please. thanks for the contest!

  152. Rockin' Mama Says:

    I would love to try the berry yummy popsicle soap and I would choose pink sugar for the shea butter!

  153. Brooke Says:

    I would totally try the Kiss me all over Bath Bomb/Candle Set.

    And I’d be into the Lavender Scented Shea Butter.

  154. Lisa Says:

    I liked several of the soaps, including the patchouli, because I love that fragrance, the oatmeal, because I love the Celtic Knot design, and the insect ones, because I think my son would like them!

    I would for sure go for the Lavendar shea.

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