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I always have trouble with both the girls with their clothing. They’re both tall but have little skinny waists (lets hope they’re lucky and it always stays that way). I’m always in the need of belts for the girls, but for them it’s so hard to find. Especially with Aria. It’s very hard to find cute belts for toddlers. Lyric is a little luckier because she’s now in girls sizes mostly but it’s still hard to find affordable cute belts.

I found this great boutique online called Monkey Foot Designs. Among a lot of other products that they carry they have children’s belts. I was thrilled to see this. They have sizes from X-Small: 22″ (1-2 yrs old) up to XX-Large: 32″(10-12 years old) for children. And the designs are just so cute and stylish.
We were able to get a medium size belt, Medium: 26″ (4-6 years old) which would fit both of the girls. It was a little long for Aria, but fit right through another belt loop in her pants and was fine. The girls both love the belt, its really cute and has great colors that would match many outfits.

We got the Children’s Zinnia / Pinwheel Reversible belt that comes in your choice of 6 different ribbon choices and retails for $16. Our belt was made with the yellow ribbon on one side and the brown/blue/gold on the other. It’s just adorable.

Not only does Monkey Foot Designs provide things like children’s belts, but they also carry belts for women as well as many other accessories, baby gear, custom clothing, fabric, and sewing patterns. They have so many more cute things you just need to head over to Monkey Foot Designs to check them out.

One of the other products I really like that they sell is their really cute wet bags. What is a wet bag you ask?? Well, a wet bag is a really functional bag that any mom needs to carry in their purse or diaper bag. Monkey Foot Designs wet bags feature a sturdy zipper closure with gorgeous boutique quality cotton on the outside and a ProCare lining. You can use a wet bag for multiple purposes like a soiled diaper, clothing, wet bathing suite, dirty laundry etc.


Monkey Foot Designs wants to give one of my readers their own wet bag! The winner will get to choose a small sized wet bag which measures approximately 9″x11″ and is great for carrying small things like toiletries or a few cloth diapers or wipes when making short trips out of the house.

The winner of a wet bag will get to choose which fabric they would like their wetbag in.

To be eligible to win, you must do the following:

  • Leave a comment on this post after visiting Monkey Foot Designs and let me know which fabric you’d like your wet bag in.
  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, if your not a blogger please leave your email address in the comment, if there is no way for me to contact you via a blog or email address you will be disqualified and your comment will be deleted.
  • This contest is open to those with a US mailing address only

For an extra entries (one extra for each done): ~ Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link in a separate comment ~ Add my button to your blog/sidebar and leave me a comment letting me know where it can be found ~ Non Bloggers and Bloggers subscribe to my RSS feed and let me know you’ve subscribed Winner will be chosen randomly from

Contest Will Close May 16th, 2008 @ 11:00 pm EST

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May 16, 2008 – 11:00 PM - | Posted in childrens belts, kids accessories, kids clothes, monkey foot designs, Product review, wet bags | 136 Comments »

136 Comments to “Monkey Foot Designs”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Cool stuff Gina!!

    I’d love to have one in the Pink and Brown dots!

    Going to blog ya right now!

  2. Leslie Says:

    Heeeeeeere ya go!

  3. Hil'Lesha Says:

    I really like the Olive Lacework Wetbag.

  4. jsc123 Says:

    I think that the wetbag in Cherry Blossom is Gorgeous !
    Thank you so much for the wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  5. Erica G Says:

    I like the Black & White Damask Wetbag! I really like this idea.

    egreca [at] hotmail [dot] com

  6. louiseb130 Says:

    The cherry blossom is lovely

  7. Toasters Says:

    Turquoise Gothic Rose Wetbag

  8. nor_lou Says:

    I really like Cherry Blossoms Wetbag best but it was hard to pick just one

  9. mar Says:

    I like the Olive Lacework

  10. strawberry3d Says:

    brown passion vine

  11. julie Says:

    brown passion flower or the sea green coriander..hard choice
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  12. Sharon Says:

    Pink and Brown dots for sure…thanks so much 🙂

  13. mverno Says:

    the pink and brown dots appeal to me

  14. greenly Says:

    Love the Olive Lacework fabric.

  15. Kari Says:

    Thanks! I like the Black & White Damask Wetbag. 🙂

  16. idahomom Says:

    Cherry Blossom is very nice.

  17. toughturtles Says:

    brown and tur

  18. Elena Says:

    I like the sky wallflower design–what a clever idea for a bag! Thanks for the contest!

  19. moonshadow43 Says:

    Turquoise Gothic Rose Wetbag, I can think of so many uses for this! Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. M.A. Says:

    I like the MOCCA Wetbag!

  21. Kristinia Says:

    We’d love the print of : Cherry blossoms for our wetbag! We are going with a cherry blossom theme for our new daughter! My son would like the Hoot Hoot wetbag though, he’s 15 months old!

    Your posted on my bloggy sidebar!

  22. Kristinia Says:

    We are subscrbied to your feed/e-mail newsletter as well!

    Love the cherry blossomprint wet bag!

  23. Naomi Says:

    hoot hoot or sea green coriander… tough call!

  24. Says:

    I like the Hoot Hoot bag.

  25. gunzie Says:

    I love the Black & White Damask fabric! It would go perfect with my black diaper bag. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Bethany Says:

    I really like the Sea green Coriander. It is so pretty.

  27. Amira M Says:

    I love the sky wallflower print!

  28. Missee22 Says:

    I like the olive lacework.

  29. nknk Says:

    I love Mocca!
    Thanks 🙂

  30. vboackle Says:

    pink and brown spots.

  31. Toystory Says:

    Turquoise Gothic Rose Wetbag would be the one I would like should I win!!

  32. windycindy Says:

    I love fabric and I like many of your choices! I ended up choosing the
    “Olive Lacework” fabric. Thanks,Cindi

  33. jessilynn Says:

    Thanks Gina! I like the Olive Lacework Wetbag. Have a nice day!

  34. Karin Says:

    Spring Garden Wetbag– very nice fabric!

  35. Kat Bryan Says:

    Love all the different fabrics but I choose Spring Garden as my favorite.

  36. Shel Says:

    Olive Lacework for me..I see why it’s their most popular. Pretty!

  37. dolls123 Says:

    I like the Spring Garden fabric


  38. kamewh Says:

    I like the Black & White Damask Wetbag!

  39. pauline15 Says:

    The passion vine is awesome!

  40. reb Says:

    the cherry blossom is pretty

  41. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE monkey foot designs! I stumbled upon these wetbags a few months ago. She has new fabric choices since I ordered mine – the mocca is really cute!
    beezerly(at) yahoo dot com

  42. bison61 Says:

    I like the Hoot! Hoot! fabric

    tiramisu392 (at)

  43. The Mama Hood Says:

    Olive Acanthus Wetbag is my favorite!! I need this now!!

  44. Lilith Silvermane Says:

    I like the pink and brown spot bag. I have two little daughters, and this will get ALOT of use!

  45. quiltingreader Says:

    Hoot! Hoot! Wetbag

  46. Shannon @ Some Fine Taters Says:

    Cherry Blossoms! So cute!

  47. Terri Says:

    Spring Garden Wetbag – love the colors

  48. Kristin Says:

    I love the wite and black. These are adorable! Perfect for our summer trip this july!

  49. Katie Says:

    I like the Mocca Wetbag very cute and hip.
    katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

  50. Bebemiqui Says:

    I like the Seagreen Coriander. Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(com)

  51. Ginny Says:

    Some great designs, I’d love Pink & Brown Dot Wetbag.

  52. Ginny Says:

    I blogged here ~

  53. kristilb19 Says:

    The pink!!!

  54. ababe28 Says:

    I like the black and white one!!!

  55. Susanne Says:

    Neat idea! I like the “pink wallflower.”

  56. crafty lady Says:

    I love the Olive Lacework! Nice giveaway!!

  57. Chantelle Says:

    i would love a Mocca Wet bag!

  58. Michelle Says:

    Olive Lacework please.
    Clicked on from MommyFest. I like the blog a lot!

  59. mogrill Says:

    I love the pink and brown dots!

  60. Erin Says:

    My favorite is the Hoot! Hoot! Wetbag, especially with that green dot strap. Thanks for the contest!

    emhagedon at gmail

  61. Hélène Says:

    I like the Cherry Blossoms.

  62. lace Says:

    The brown passion vine or black and white damask bag would be wonderful.

  63. bh-craftjunkie Says:

    Hi Gina. Thanks for stopping my blog. I like the pink & brown dot wet bag.

  64. Marin Says:

    Love the seagreen coriander.

  65. miriama Says:

    What a great idea! I like the pink and brown.

  66. bfox74 Says:

    I would like my wet bag in Sky Wallflower. Thanks!

  67. Mary Says:

    I like the Cherry Blossom one and the sky wallflower.

    Thanks for the chance to win one

  68. Internet Secrets Investigator Says:

    The black & white damask wetbag is great.

  69. silverbele Says:

    Cherry blossoms for me.

  70. Shelly Says:

    Cherry blossoms is my favorite

  71. agsweeps Says:

    My favorite fabric is the Sky Wallflower. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  72. Marin Says:
    I’ve linked to your contest. Thanks for the great giveaways!

  73. agordon10 Says:

    the cherry blossoms is my favorite

  74. jdine Says:

    I love the Turquoise Gothic Rose Wetbag!

  75. Anonymous Says:

    I’d like the pink & brown dot wetbag.

  76. Nanana Says:

    I love the Forest Water Lotus fabric. Thanks!

  77. laura Says:

    Awesome bag, very versatile. Hands down, love the Seagreen Coriander fabric! laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

  78. Jessilyn82 Says:

    I love the idea of a wet bag! There are so many great styles to choose from, but I’m partial to the Hoot Hoot Wet Bag, those little owls are too cute!

  79. Ken Says:

    This sweepstakes has been featured on Sweepstakes Advantage, The Web’s Largest Directory of Free Online Sweepstakes. Good Luck to Everyone!

  80. Coreen Says:

    I would love a wet bag in pink/brown dot fabric. What a great idea!

  81. boobles2 Says:

    I really like the cherry blossum, great prizes.

  82. j Says:

    I love the Black & White damask bag! What a great contest! We all need this for the summer months!

  83. mannequin Says:

    Definitely that Black&White damask. I am so into damask and toile this year AND who doesn’t need a wet bag???

  84. ChristiS Says:

    This would be a GREAT thing to have on our upcoming cruise! Thanks!! I love the Seagreen Coriander fabric!

  85. Marlena Says:

    Wow…what a great website! I love all the patterns but my favorite is the Brown Passion Vine Wetbag. Thanks for the contest!

    m_huston (at) hotmail (dot) com

  86. Kelly H Says:

    Forest Water Lotus Wetbag is fab!

  87. Ardy22 Says:


  88. Amanda Says:

    I love the Olive Lacework it is so beautiful and I am alway looking for something to thrown my childrens soiled clothes in when we are on the road this would be perfect! Thanks Gina

  89. Natalie Says:

    I’d choose the Pink & Brown Dot Wetbag. What a fun little bag.

    scblog at hotmail dot com

  90. Katie Says:

    These are so cool! I would love to win Turquoise Gothic Rose Wetbag! If for some reason my email doesn’t show up, it’s close2midnight @

  91. DOODLEGIRL Says:

    Pink Wallflower Wetbag

  92. Casey H Says:

    Im in love with the hoot hoot print! I’d love to snag me one of these!! num1twinkie at yahoo dot com

  93. Shawne S Says:

    I love the Cherry Blossom pattern! What a great prize!

  94. Storm Says:

    Oh super cute! I definately need one of these! I’d love the Spring Garden wetbag if I won! (here’s hoping!) 🙂

  95. Jenna Says:

    Thanks for stopping by site and checking it out! 🙂 I think a wet bag would be sooo cool in the pink design since well one little girl and another on the way-it fits!

  96. carissaad Says:

    Love the Pink & Brown Dot fabric.

  97. Heather Says:

    The Cherry Blossom is beautiful!

  98. Teresa Says:

    Seagreen Coriander! What a great idea!!

  99. camper223 Says:

    I could sure use a ton of these.
    With kids in sports, and traveling, grandchildren, the beach.
    Could even use for our new dog we just got to carry his doggie items.
    I would really like the Pink & Brown Dot Wetbag with a strap upon request.
    Thank you for giving me the chance to win a much needed item.

  100. Candice B Says:

    Anything in pink!

  101. Paula Says:

    I love the Hoot Hoot pattern

  102. angelaandconnor at Says:

    We enjoy the sky wallflower!

  103. kaylee8 Says:

    Spring Garden is my favorite

  104. smkao Says:

    seagreen coriander

  105. The Mama Hood Says:

    I added this to my sidebar “Giveaways and Contests. Hope it counts as extra! 😀

  106. gkstratos Says:

    Cherry Blossoms! (

  107. you da mom! Says:

    definitely the hoot! hoot! fabric. my little boy is obsessed with owls. the bag would definitely go to him. thanks!

  108. rosidentevil Says:

    thank you for the great contest

    enter me please

    pethof (at) gmail (dot) com

    the olive lacework is my favorite

  109. Cindy Says:

    Turquoise Gothic Rose is adorable as are all of them. Thanks for a fabulous giveaway, my daughter would love it!

  110. blueviolet Says:

    There are so many pretty designs but seagreen coriander is the one that really struck me. I love it!

  111. sherri419 Says:

    Pink Wallflower is the design I love. These are such a great idea!!!

  112. Anonymous Says:

    Seagreen Coriander

  113. maggie0352 Says:

    I really like the Cherry Blossoms wet bag.

  114. Jinxy & Me Says:

    I love the Turquoise Gothic Rose!

  115. jaydonco1 Says:

    Cherry Blossoms for me!

    jaydonco1 (at) aol (dot) com

  116. purango Says:

    I would like the wetbag in Cherry Blossoms (fabric)

  117. intime Says:


  118. masonsgranny59 Says:

    Spring Garden Wetbag is nice! ty 4 the contest!

  119. abookblogger Says:

    Olive Lacework Wetbag is my personal fave!

    I’m having giveaways on both my blogs and giving away everything from a GIFT CERTIFICATE to AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS!

    Hope you’ll stop by and/or spread the word.


  120. Brooke Says:

    I would take a wet bag in Cherry Blossom!

  121. Samantha P Says:

    i really really love the mocca print!

  122. Emilie Says:

    I love the Seagreen Coriander Wetbag for sure!!!! It is so beautiful and perfect for my boys.

  123. klp1965 Says:

    cherry blossom 🙂

  124. AspergersKitty Says:

    Hoot Hoot!

  125. conlar Says:

    Neat bag, cool colors! Olive Lacework wetbag would be my choice

  126. Sylvia P Says:

    i really love it in Mocca

  127. countrygirl1823 Says:

    I love the Mocca Wetbag! Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. bndraldy Says:

    I would like the wetbag in Turquoise Gothic Rose. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Tammy Says:

    I have a different sort of wet bag, that I would no longer travel without, it has saved us more than one headache! If I am so fortunate to win, I’d love the Black and White Damask print.

  130. Susanne Says:

    Olive Acanthus Wetbag is nice!

  131. Swtlilchick Says:

    I really like the Forest Water
    Lotus fabric for the wetbag.
    Really loved her website.Thanks
    for the giveaway

  132. quitecontrary1977 Says:

    black and white demask… if i had one of these, i’d be praying my daughter pottied in public so I could whip out my wet bag!

  133. rosannepm Says:

    Like the olive lacework

  134. lilyk Says:

    I love the Hoot! Hoot! Wetbag.

  135. lilyk Says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  136. donna444444 Says:

    I would like the Cherry Blossoms Wetbag.

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