My Husband ROCKS!

My Husband Rocks, does yours??? Tell the entire world!!!

From*Me Tee’s has a great line of Tee’s for both husbands and wives that display a positive image of marriage.

From*me Tees was created by a normal married couple who choose to love and work at their relationship. No marriage is perfect and it means so much when you can say/wear “my husband (or wife) rocks” even when you’re having an “off” day because it’s not about feelings–it’s about a promise made to love each other through thick and thin, through the warm fuzzies and the imperfections.

I was lucky enough to get the “He Loves Me, He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee in White. I just love it, its comfortable and what a great message it displays. My husband was quite thrilled with me wearing a shirt that said “My Husband Rocks” on it. So much, that he wants one as well for himself. I also got a lot of compliments when I wore this shirt this past weekend, women especially thought it was so cute and “what a great idea”.

From*Me Tee’s carries Tees for both Men and Women, not only do they carry the line of My husband/wife rocks, but they also carry a bridal line as well.

Why not display the love you have for your significant other? Display it on a great Tee from From*Me Tee’s.

On From*Me Tee’s website you can not only find great Tee’s but you can also find Marriage Links on the About Us Page. There is a great and very powerful 31 Day Challenge for women on how we speak about and speak to our husbands.

These Tee’s would be a great asset to any couples wardrobe. Great gift for both Mother’s and Father’s Day. I intend to get one for my husband for Father’s Day this year.

Would you like to win your very own From*Me Tee?????

From*Me Tees and A Wrestling Addicted Mommy’s Blog is giving away your choice (value of $18) of any marriage tee!

To be eligible to enter, you must do the following……

1. Leave a comment on this post and answer the following:
~ Leave me a sentence or two about why you think YOUR spouse rocks!

~ What your two favorite tees/products are at From*Me Tees.

Wish to gain an additional entry?

Blog about this giveaway on your own blog, and in a separate comment leave the direct link to that post.

Easy!! Win one for you or your spouse, but all above criteria must be met in order to be eligible. If it’s not, your post will be deleted.

Anonymous entries are allowed, please just leave a valid email address where I can contact you if you win.

Winners will be chosen randomly from

Contest will CLOSE MAY 7th at 11pm EST and Winners will be announced and contacted by May 8th.


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103 Comments to “My Husband ROCKS!”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Me me me!!!!!

    I want entered.

    Jon ROCKS because he puts up with my crazy butt AND works two jobs so I can stay home with out daughter.

    My favorite item from the site is the Bride and Groom shirts. They would be perfect for us with the wedding and all.

  2. Leslie Says:

    Here is my blog

  3. Mary Says:

    I love the white my husband rocks and the pink one….

    My husband rocks cause he never really gets angry with me, he loves me unconditionally and has for the past 34 years..

    My blog is

  4. Anonymous Says:

    My husband rocks because he has been there for me through so much. School, my father dying, and my mom having a stroke! He is just the best! (in XL)

    I love the pink “my husband rocks” tee as well as the chocolate “my wife rocks tee” (in XXL)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot…the comment right above is from me…Paige ( ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Brandi Says:

    ahh this is so darn CUTE!!!

    Ok first off I love the “My wife rocks” shirt in chocolate brown because thats the only color my husband wears! I’m dead serious! And of course the “My husband rocks” in pink would be perfect for me because I do think that my husband rocks! He’s a great dad and the best husband a woman could ask for. Even though he’s overseas right now it would be a nice present for him to have whenever he came home and it’d also give his unit something to pick on him about!

    I think my husband rocks because he’s my better half. He always stays positive and helps me keep my head up especially since he’s been on this deployment. He’s my best friend and soul mate and I’m not sure where I would be today if I didn’t have him in my life!

    my email is

    thank ya girlie!

  7. Uniquely Yours Says:

    My favorite tee is the White “He Loves Me a Lot” Daisy Fitted Tee. This says it all….My husband rocks because he has taken the first step to admitting that he is not super-human and needs help.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    My husband rocks because we two have become one. We are apart of each other as the Bible instructs us to be. And he is a wonderful father.
    I love the women’s He loves me alot daisy shirt in white. I also love the charcoal my wife rocks tee.
    M. Waters

  9. windycindy Says:

    Hi, What a fun contest! My husband is the best! He is such a great role model for our two sons. They respect and look up to him. I am a member of Debtor’s Anonymous because I have a spending problem! I am doing quite well, but I have put him through a lot. Need I say more? I like the
    Hot Pink “my husband rocks” ladies cut tee and the Athletic Gray “my wife rocks” Tee. Please enter me in your drawing.Thanks very much. Cindi

  10. julie Says:

    i love the daisy husband rocks because he embraces my art without so much as…when are you going to get paid for this stuff?
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  11. Huguette Says:

    My husband Rocks! He was supports me, never raises his voice to me, respects me, and is very sweet โ™ฅ
    My favorite is the Retro Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee

  12. brandy w Says:

    i like the my husband rocks tee in pink. i also like the he loves me alot daisy tee
    my husband rocks because he is juggling college, work studying and helping me with 3 kids. plus he really rocks for serving our country in iraq twice. he is the best
    bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

  13. brandy w Says:

    bwalleshauser AT yahoo DOT com

    blogged ya

  14. Andrea Says:

    I LOVE these t-shirts! They are the best! And my spouse rocks because he not only works full time, does schooling, but he STILL finds time to spend with me and our son…and I’m sure he’ll find time to spend with our 2nd little baby coming in 5 weeks or less too!

    My 2 favorite tees are: the men’s Chocolate “My Wife Rocks” Tee, and the Retro Military Green “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee!

  15. Andrea Says:

    I also blogged about your contest here:

  16. mannequin Says:

    the white daisy “he loves me a lot” t shirt is my favorite. to tell you the truth, even though he rocks, there is no way he would wear a shirt that says he loves me. he’s not the kind. but he is the kind to stand by me, thick or thin, surprise me, understand me and sometimes spoil me. He rocks!

  17. Kim B Says:

    My husband rocks because he always puts me first in his life, he always steps in to take care of our toddler and give me a break when he gets home from work, and he’s genuinely a sweet man!

    My favorite products are the “He Loves Me A Lot” white tee and the “My Husband Rocks” pink fitted tee.

    This is such a great line!

  18. Lindsey Says:

    My hubby rocks because he never judges me. Its a fabulous feeling.

    I like the athletic grey men’s my wife rocks tee. I know my hubby thinks so, but it would be great to have a visual reminder daily!

    chickpeas_tatertots @

  19. Amanda Says:

    My husband rocks because he is so helpful – he does cleaning and watches the baby! I would therefore love the “My husband rocks” t-shirt and also the daisy one. So cute.

  20. Naomi Says:

    My husband rocks because he takes the time to play with the kids, no matter what.

    I like the classic my husband rocks/my wife rocks tees in brown.

  21. Colleen Says:

    My husband rocks because he is very busy, but always manages to find time for me and our son.

    I like the retro my husband rocks Tee.

    david_colleen (@) mei (dot) net

  22. Stacey Moore Says:

    love the White “He Loves Me a Lot” Daisy Ladies Cut Tee and the hot pink my husband rocks shirt!!

    My husband rocks because he is a great daddy, teacher, friend, son, brother, and husband!! We love him and appreciate him very much!!

    moore.g at

  23. angelaandconnor at Says:

    I love the my wife rocks retro tee…

    and my significant other rocks as he just got accepted into the police academy.. I am soo proud of him!

    I blogged your contest on Prizeatron

  24. Bunny B Says:

    My husband rocks cos he loves to buy me stuff that I wouldn’t even buy for myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

    My fave tees from From*Me Tees are:
    1) The Hot Pink Forever His Bride Fitted Tee
    2) The Athletic Gray “My Wife Rocks” Tee (I actually like the Light Blue too, but it’s discontinued)

    Hey, you rock too!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Bunny B Says:

    Oh, please enter me twice.
    I’ve blogged about it HERE!
    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. laura Says:

    My husband rocks because he laughs, plays and wrestles with me (using half strength, so I can boast that I’m the boss of him!). I want to be 80 and still laughing and goofing around!

    I’m loving the Retro Military Green “My Husband Rocks” Tee.

    Thanks!! laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

  27. BrineS Says:

    My husband is always doing something to surprise me from laundry to dishes…he loves me! That’s why I want him to know that I think He Rocks! His birthday is this month, too! My favorite From*Me Tees are the white “He Loves Me A Lot” fitted daisy tee and the black “I’m All Yours” shorties!


    Wonderful! Thank You!

  28. BrineS Says:

    I posted about it here:


  29. Shaina Says:

    1. My husband rocks, because he wants to know me more. I know he wants our marriage to be strong and supported, and that gives me such peace. I have friends who’s husbands seem apathetic toward them, and that would crush me. I’m the luckiest girl – for sure!

    2. We live the Chocolate “My wife rocks” shirt for him and the Pink “Forever his Bride” for her.

  30. A Contest Blog by valmg Says:

    I blogged your giveaway on A Contest Blog at
    Good luck!

  31. Toystory Says:

    My husband rocks because he loves me unconditionally. There isn’t a day that I don’t know and see this in everything he says and does.

    I like the white daisy shirt for a woman and the brown “my wife rocks” for men.

  32. Jessica Says:

    My husband rocks because he shows me he loves me in many different ways. He always keeps our relationship entertaining. I like the white he loves me lot daisy cut tee for me and the chocolate my wife rocks mens tee for my hubby.

  33. Jean Says:

    I like the retro pink MHR shirt and the white daisy husband rocks shirt.

    My husband rocks because he really truly understands my quirks and knows how to make me laugh even whem I’m really frustrated or upset about something.

  34. Heather Says:

    I would love one of these shirts ๐Ÿ˜‰ these are cool!

    why my husband rocks?
    Because he’s smart, funny, loving and we’re number one to him.

    hermashaw at

  35. a Says:

    My husband rocks cos he is always…always there for me..through all the ups and downs. He is my best friend!
    I like the

    White “He Loves Me a Lot” Daisy Ladies Cut Tee

    for me and the
    Chocolate “My Wife Rocks” Tee

    for him.

  36. Mary512 Says:

    My husband rocks because he is such a good dad and really goes out of his way for us. =) I like the white tie dyed ‘He Loves Me Alot’ Daisy Tee for women, and the chocolate tie dyed ‘My Wife Rocks’ tee for men. Great giveaway, thanks!

  37. Mary512 Says:

    Blogged ya:

  38. Becca Says:

    My husband absolutely HATES to unload the dishwasher. It’s his least favorite household chore. And yet he unloaded it not once, but twice this weekend because I’ve been busy studying for finals. He does a lot for me and for our daughter, but that really showed me how much he loves me, and that’s why he rocks!

    I like the white Daisy tee the best, but I’d proably get the Dark Chocolate “My Husband Rocks” tee for myself, because he’d really like it.

  39. CJW's folks Says:

    My husband rocks in so many ways – he’s the cook, he’s a great provider, he lets me have my ups and downs and just floats along with me – making me laugh the whole time. He really gets me.
    I love the chocolate ‘My husband rocks’ and the white daisy.

  40. Suzie G. Says:

    My husband rocks because he has to wake up for work at 5 AM to be on the road at 6. He works his butt of all day as an electrician until 3, and when he finally gets home, instead of taking a break himself, he takes the kids off my hands for a little while so I can have a much needed mommy break myself!

    I like the Forever his Bride shirt the most. We’re officially getting married in October even though we’ve been living together for the last three years and have two kids. I also love the Groom tee shirt that has the deffinitions on it. It gave me a chuckle.

  41. Marcia Says:

    I love the Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee and the Black and white one as well.

    My man rocks because he is fun to be around and keeps me laughing. I think it’s important to laugh in a relationship.

  42. PS Says:

    I like the My Wife Rock and My Husband Rocks shirts in chocolate. My hubby rocks- just because! He is more patient and compassionate that anyother person I have ever met!

  43. Bree Says:

    My hubby rocks because he does half of all the stuff around the house!!

    I really love the Dark Chocolate “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee and the Athletic Gray “My Wife Rocks” Tee!

  44. ticole96 Says:

    My husband rocks because he is always there for me, no matter what. Also, he loves me for who I am.

    I really like the brown “my husband rocks” and “my wife rocks” t-shirts.


  45. Staci Says:

    There are a million reasons why my husband rocks. But most importantly, he rocks because he does two jobs and goes to school to get a better degree so he can support us. We made the decision that when we had kids I would stay home and raise them. He made sure I could and has done extra work and all that he can to keep that promise. He sacrifices so much to let me stay home with the kids that words could never express how grateful I am to him and how wonderful he really is.

    I like the Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee.

  46. Stacy Says:

    My husband is great in so many ways. First he is a stay at home dad. Second he is in charge of the “poops up the back” and when I was nursing he would diaper and put the baby back to sleep after nursing. And he is great and sweet and still thinks I am sexy even with my extra “baby” weight.
    I like the Chocolate “My Wife Rocks” Tee and the Chocolate “My Husband Rocks” Ladies Cut Tee

  47. zmama Says:

    My husband rocks because he cares so much about us! He always knows what to do and how to do it! And he works super hard so I can stay home with the baby…

    The I’m all yours shorts and the my wife rocks Tee are just fabulous!!
    zmama09 at yahoo dot com

  48. Kristie Says:

    My husband is wonderful for many reasons, but if I’d have to choose one it’s because he works very hard, sometimes 3 jobs, so I can be home with the kids.
    The shirts I like are the White “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy fitted tee and the Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee.

  49. Molly Says:

    I like the “my husband rocks” fitted tee in chocolate brown and the Retro Military Green “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee. My husband rocks because he makes me dinner!

  50. Tuesday Girl Says:

    I would love the my wife rocks shirt for my husband.

    My husband rocks because he always helps me with our new baby. He will get up in the morning with him or in the middle of the night!

  51. Megret Says:

    I love the “My Husband Rocks” women’s tee in chocolate….and the “Forever His Bride” pink tee. I have been wanting one of their tees for a while! Thanks!

  52. Megret Says:

    (Sorry! Forgot to say why my husband rocks on my previous comment!)

    My hubby rocks because he works tirelessly so I can stay at home with our two children! ‘Nuf said! :0)

  53. Julie Says:

    Love the ‘forever his bride’ tee-just celebrated 10 yrs 2 days ago

  54. Lo Says:

    My wife rocks because she gave birth to our son this year and is working hard to breastfeed him while keeping up with her job.

    I like the Retro Charcoal MWR shirt, and the chocolate tie-dyed My Wife Rocks. It would be really fun to wear these.

  55. CPA Mom Says:

    My husband rocks because he doesn’t believe in His work and Her work but OUR work!! I’m very blessed.

    My favorite two are:

    Hot Pink Tie Dyed “My Husband Rocks” Tee

    White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee

    Thank you!!

  56. Shannon Says:


  57. agordon10 Says:

    He always does the laundry and dishes!

    To that end I like the Hot Pink “my husband rocks” ladies cut tee

  58. Anonymous Says:

    He is incredibly sexy, kind, and my hero. He puts up with me and loves me just as I am.

    I like the white He loves me, he loves me a lot daisy T-shirt and the hot pink My Husband Rocks fitted T-shirt. Thank you for the contest!

    betsylin06 at hotmail dot com

  59. JenO Says:

    My hubby rocks because he stayed calm when our baby came 6 weeks early (with a prolapsed cord no less) and is doing a great job being a supportive daddy!

    I want that White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee! I like the regular white daisy tee, too.

    nifferjeno at gmail dot com

  60. Anonymous Says:

    My husband rocks because what man would give up his business and be a stay at home dad to raise children that have had a traumatic history and with a great many emotional needs.
    White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee is my favorite.

  61. Lee Says:

    my husband rocks ’cause he lets me be a stay at home mom to our two little ones.

    I love the fitted ladies shirts in white daisy and hot pink my husband rocks

  62. Princess Golden Hair Says:

    Pink is my favorite color so maybe that’s why I love the hot pink my husband rocks tee. He really does rock you know. He has always been there for me.

  63. Leni Says:

    Two favorite Ts –
    1) Forever His Bride
    2) My Wife Rocks in grey

    Why my Spouse Rocks!: He listens! Really actually does, even when I think he is doing something else. This usually, not always, even applies to chores!

    elieat [at] hotmail [dot] com

  64. ky2here Says:

    My husband rocks because he just painted the porch and it’s beautiful.

  65. Shel Says:

    My husband Andy rocks because he’s helped raise my sons from a previous marriage like they are his own. Sometimes he has more patience with them than I do. I also work afternoons so he takes care of the kids in the evening and makes dinner, does homework and best of all..he does laundry!

    I love the Retro Military Green “My Husband Rocks” fitted tee and the White “He Love Me Alot” Daisy tee

  66. mar Says:

    The male Groom tee and the female MHR tee are my favorites. My husband rocks because he is always there for me. We will be married thirty six year!

  67. Anonymous Says:

    My two favorite items are the White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee and the Dark Chocolate Tie Dyed “My Husband Rocks” Tee.
    My husband truly does rock. He does sooooo much for me. He cooks meals for us because I’m not so great in that department and he gives me almost daily foot rubs.

  68. Kari Says:

    I have the most amazing husband! He takes care of all of us, works full time, does the dishes everynight and carts the kids to dance practice, soccer, etc. He even mails my ebay packages for me!!

  69. Robin Says:

    i like the white tyed dyed he loves me a lot tee and the pink my husband rocks tee my husband rocks becuz he is always there for me email me at

  70. blueviolet Says:

    My spouse rocks because he’s allowed me the option of staying home to raise our kids for their entire childhood years. He knows how much it means to me to be raise them myself on a full-time basis.
    I love the hot pink My Husband Rocks and the retro pink MHR tshirts. Cute as can be!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. vboackle Says:

    my husband is just a nice care and really loves me.i like the white he loves me daisy t shirt and tha mhr t shirt.

  72. randio Says:

    These are the greatest tees I’ve seen in a long time! My fav is the brown “My Husband Rocks”. My husband Randy of 27 yrs is the best, he is my voice of reason, my rock, & my best friend!

  73. pitaharmon Says:

    My hubby rocks because his hobby is cooking and he makes me the most wonderful dinners all the time. I don’t have to cook! I like the chocolate “my wife rocks” that hubby can wear and the “my husband rocks” chocolate cut tee so I can match him.

  74. delta dawn Says:

    Like the pink. my hubby buys jewelry when his wrong.

  75. lizskit Says:

    I like them all. What awsome products.

    My husband rock because he cooks supper for me almost every night. He would love to be a chef.

  76. frugallm Says:

    My husband rocks because he does all of the cooking, all of the yardwork, does about 40% of the housework and has changed his share of diapers!!

    My two fave shirts are the Forever his Bride in hot pink and the My Husband Rocks in dark chocolate.

  77. jennem Says:

    My husband thinks I”m hot after 10 years together–even in old sweats without a shower! And he’s handy around the house, what more could you ask?

    Black “I’m all Yours” Shorties
    Retro Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee

  78. mogrill Says:

    I LOVE the My Husband rocks shirt!!!

  79. bfox74 Says:

    My husband rocks because he still tells me I’m beautiful…alot! I like the the White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me Alot” daisy Tee and the Chocolate “My Husband Rocks” Ladies cut tee the best.

  80. jfg06001 Says:

    My husband works two jobs while I go to school full time and once I start teaching, he will go to school and get his degree. He rocks because he put his dream on hold to help me get to mine…and he does the dishes.

    I like the “Forever His Bride” fitted tee and the “He loves me a lot” daisy fitted tee.

  81. Sharon Says:

    My husband of almost 18 years rocks because he still shows his unconditional love after all these years…and is the most AMAZING dad I know!
    My 2 favorites-
    White Bride Fitted T (want this for my sister who is getting married this fall)AND
    My Husband rocks -for ME

  82. Autumn H. Says:

    My husband to be rocks because he loves my son (his future stepson) more than anyone could imagine! He has taken him as his own & is a wonderful father!!

    My favorites:
    -something blue thong – i thought it was cute b/c blue is worn as a sign of fidelity on a wedding

    -my husband to be fitted tee


  83. Storm Says:

    My husband totally ROCKS because he puts up with all my hormones and crazy moments without saying a word! LOL I am so so so very lucky to have him ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite T is the He Loves Me a Lot Daisy cut T, and I LOVE the I’m all yours shorties – that’s awesome!

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Danielle Says:

    My hubby rocks because he works so hard to take care of us and never complains!
    My 2 faves:
    Athletic Gray My Wife Rocks tee
    Hot Pink My Husband Rocks tee
    dansan826 at

  85. Terri Says:

    My husband rocks because he works hard all day then comes home takes care of things around here too. He let me quit my job to stay home with my kiddos and is just an all around great guy.

    My 2 fave products are:
    The black shorties that say “I’m all yours” and the Hot pink “Forever His Bride” tee.

    Terri (

  86. Amberleigh Says:

    These are so cute!
    My hubby rocks because he puts up with me, and loves doing it. He is a wonderful father, and everyday I fall more and more in love with him. He has been my rock through a lot of hard times. And still says I’m beautiful even after crying for days on end.

    My 2 fav tees are
    Hot Pink “Forever His Bride” Fitted Tee (for me)
    Athletic Gray “My Wife Rocks” Tee (for the hubby)

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  87. Amberleigh Says:

    Here is my blog telling everyone to come and enter your contest!!!

  88. Tammy Says:

    My husband rocks because he will sit through animated movies, which I love, just because I love him. What a guy, he will even splurge for the biggest bag of popcorn, and hold the kleenex too!
    My favorite tee is the Retro Military Green “My Husband Rocks” Tee.
    Thanks for the chance. Have a blessed day.

  89. purango Says:

    My husband rocks because he is my best friend. He is a wonderful father to our daughter. My two favorite products are the BLACK “I’M ALL YOURS” SHORTIES and the Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee

  90. Noggy Says:

    My son (who is a husband) rocks because he is one of the most faithful, loving men I have ever known. Strong but tender, he loves my daughter-in-law completely. He is also an incredible father and thats make me, his mom, very proud. His wife Mandie is always telling me how more in love with him she grows with each day. So yes…he rocks.

    Favorite t-shirt: White Tie Dyed* “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee
    Please note…I would gladly pay the $10 difference between the plain and the tie-dyed.

  91. Anita Says:

    My husband rocks because he loves his son and wife with all his heart! White Tie Dyed “He Loves Me A Lot” Daisy Tee and Hot Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee are my two choices.

  92. Estela Says:

    My husband truly does rock. As a Marine, he has received an award for heroism for his actions in Iraq, he has been promoted meritoriously, and he has earned recognition in numerous books and articles. If you ask him what his greatest accomplishment is, though, he’ll tell you it’s being a Daddy to our children. Nothing could rock harder than that!

    I’m All Yours shorties and the Forever HIs Bride shirt are my faves!!

  93. Natalie Says:

    This is so adorable~!

    actually, i dont have a spouse. i want to win this so i can give it to my sister for her bridal shower!

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Cool!!! I’m getting married in November and would love one of these shirts for my husband-to-be!!


  95. peekab00 Says:

    White “He Loves Me a Lot” Daisy Ladies Cut Tee
    Chocolate “My Wife Rocks” Tee

    My husband rocks!!! he is my supporter, my life, my hero… He serves our country, and puts up with my bull… plus is a wonderful dad to our 6month old twins. All this and still manages to smile and remain sane.. lol

  96. Timothy Sternberg Says:

    I love the white my husband rocks and the pink one.

    My husband rocks cause he never really gets angry with me.

  97. Kisha Says:

    I forgot to say that I like the chocolate my wife/husband rocks tees the best.

  98. Cindy Says:

    My husband is always doing little things for me like cooking, cleaning up dishes, the house work etc.. without even any complaining. I think the “My wife rocks” shirt is awesome, lol and it would be hilarious to get for my husband… hhehehe

  99. lilyk Says:

    He’s really smart and funny. I love the White “He Loves Me a Lot” Daisy Fitted Tee and the White “My Husband-to-Be Rocks” Jersey!

  100. Reiza Says:

    My husband rocks because he tries. Whether it works out in the end or not, he tries and he follows through.

    The Chocolate “My Husband Rocks” Tee is my favorite.

  101. Meredith Says:

    My spouse rocks because he anticipates my needs way before I do!

  102. Kelly H Says:

    My husband rocks because he has a fabulous booty and knows how to shake it!

    My favorites are:
    Retro Pink “My Husband Rocks” Fitted Tee
    Hot Pink “Forever His Bride” Teee

    My blog:

  103. Jacquie Says:

    My husband rocks because he shows how dedicated and how much he loves his family in his everyday actions. I could never ask for a better best friend and lover to me or father to my children. He truly finds a way to make me feel special and that I’m number one on a daily basis.

    My favorite two are the hot pink forever his bride and the daisy fitted tees.

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