My Mother’s Day (well day after Mother’s Day)

So, for Mother’s Day, my gift was go to wrestler stalking hehehehe, and I got to go to the show as well :D

We got there at 3pm and stood outside, the girls were SO BORED! Lyric kept asking when John Morrison or Batista was gonna get there, it was hard to explain to her that she had to wait and they wouldn’t all be coming at once….

Once they started coming in the girls got excited. Aria kept yelling after Lyric yelled it was hilarious…..

We saw everyone… Batista didn’t show up :( Elijah wasn’t there, CM Punk wasn’t there either…..

When I noticed Kofi Kingston pulled up, I yelled out “KOFI, It’s GINA!!!!” He looked over and yelled “OH SNAP! HOLD UP A MIN!” It was nice he knew who I was (for those that don’t know, I’m going to be designing his myspace page for him). He came right over and introduced himself to me and the girls shook our hands (through the gate which was hard lol) and said he would be back out to talk and stuff later on….

Lyric was excited to see Victoria, I’m sad she didn’t come take pics or anything tho, she was still a sweetie, all the Diva’s were to Lyric, Lyric called out to Victoria and said “Victoria, you’re my favorite Diva” and Victoria yelled back “thank you sweetie”. The Diva’s all made sure to say Hi to the girls it was cute, Eve (the newest Diva Search Winner) also came over to talk to Lyric and asked her if she was going to be a future Diva, Lyric said Yes, lol Eve was like well let me shake your hand I look forward to seeing you in the ring one day… Lyric was excited.

We also got to meet The Big Show… OMG THAT MAN IS ENORMOUS!!!!!! He was so tired, and so nice tho. I asked if he could take a pic with the girls he said sure and he signed an autograph as well.

Lyric LOVES John Morrison now, so when he came around she kept SCREAMING!!! lol… She kept yelling at him “JOHN MORRISON WILL YOU BE MY BOYFRIEND” lmao.. He was in character so he yelled back LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH KID!! OMG!! So awful! But he was in character lol, Lyric yelled back “YOU SUCK!” lmao…

Shelton Benjamin and MVP came out and I freaked cause I love them BOTH and have never met either of them…. They said Hi to us and Shelton came over after. He saw Lyric’s Diva shirt and said Diva? you’re a Diva? I said yea she wants to be a wreslter when she grows up, he was like NOOOOO you don’t LOL… He came over and talked to her he was such a sweetie. Then we asked for a pic with the girls and he said “I’m supposed to be being a pretend mean guy” LMAO “I said I won’t tell lol” so he took pic’s and signed autographs….

Edge was a BUTT lol in total character, I wanted to meet him SO BAD… :( But I didn’t. He did a stop like he was gonna come out then he said NAH and went back in… ASS! lol but it was good.

Lyric enjoyed the show, she threw up the Matt Hardy sign, she cheered, she clapped she had a BLAST!!!! I didn’t think she would enjoy it so much but she did, she said she wants to go again already lol…

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