Be Fashionable and Crafty at the same time.

A great way to be fashionable and have some fun and be crafty at the same time. Mugwaz is the place to help you do that. Trying to find the perfect pair of flip flops? That perfect bag or belt but just having the hardest time? Why not be crafty and do it yourself, get exactly what your looking for instead of depending on a designer to do it for you.

Mugwaz provides do it yourself kits for kids and parents a like. You have the opportunity to create your very own piece of fashion for yourself or even someone else. Recently me and my daughter Lyric got to try it out and we had so much fun doing this together.

We started out with our own individual Mugwaz Flip Flop kit in each of our own sizes, in the kit it besides the pair of flip flops, we found 4 tubes of various colors of glitter, joolz in both flower and heart shapes, a bottle of glue, an activity mat and Popsicle sticks.

My daughter just loves doing crafts and to be able to enable her to make something that she herself could wear was even more fun. Being 4 years old, she did need a little help to figure out where exactly to put some items, but she did great and was thrilled with the outcome of her shoes, and I found it fun as well. It was a great thing to do together to have some Mother/Daughter time. The kits would also be something great to use when she’s older and have around for some sleep over activities or even birthday activities for her and her friends to do. Mugwaz is something girls of all ages can appreciate and have a lot of fun with.

Mugwaz not only carries do it yourself flip flop kits but has a wide range of products from flip flops to tee’s, necklaces to bags and many more. They also sell their kits in Party Packs and Individual kids like the ones that we had our experience with. Mugwaz is one of the newly bookmarked sites on my list, I know my daughter will be thrilled to get more kits like this for her birthday or Christmas.

Check out today for more information and to view more of the kits they offer for fashionista’s that want to be crafty on their own terms.

Want to be able to make your very own flip flops from Mugwaz?
Or perhaps give them to someone else that can be a crafty do it yourselfer…Enter to win your very own individual Mugwaz Flip Flop kit in your choice of color and size, simply read the guidelines below for your chance to win!

To be eligible to win, you must do the following:
  • Visit the Mugwaz website and leave me a comment letting me know what products on their site you’d be most interested in. Also let me know what color and size of flip flops you’d like if you were to win.
  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, non bloggers can enter but if your not a blogger please leave your email address in the comment, if there is no way for me to contact you via a blog or email address you will be disqualified and your comment will be deleted. If you do not leave a comment with the above criteria and follow the guidelines your comment WILL BE DELETED and you will be disqualified.
  • This contest is open to those with a US Mailing address only.
For an extra entries (one extra for each done):
~ Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link in a separate comment
~ Add my button (or text link) to your blog/sidebar and leave me a comment letting me know where it can be found (if already added let me know and you’ll gain an extra entry)
~ Non Bloggers and Bloggers subscribe to my RSS feed and let me know you’ve subscribed (if you are a current subscriber let me know and you’ll gain an extra entry)

**Make sure you leave separate comments for each ‘extra’ thing you’ve done (makes it easier on me)**

Winner will be chosen randomly from

GIVEAWAY CLOSES August 6, 2008 @ 11:00 pm EST

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July 29, 2008 – 8:04 PM - | Posted in do it yourself flip flops, do it yourself kits, mugwaz, product reviews | 98 Comments »

98 Comments to “Be Fashionable and Crafty at the same time.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh those are too cute! me and my neice emma would love to do these together! i wanna try the belts and bags and flip flops! i cant wait to try them!

    love Sarah from mommies and babies

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ooh im so excited lol i just subsrcibed to your rss!! i love this place!! teehee


  3. Jenn S. Says:

    The flips party kits are great. My daughter and her friends would have so much fun.

    If I won, I would choose bubble gum pink, size 3.

  4. sandyuu Says:

    oh lovin it- love the kits in a box- who needs a birthday- just have a sleepover or a fun day- I would get large pink

  5. agordon10 Says:

    I like the Bagz party kits. Pink in size 6


  6. sweetsue Says:

    I love the Bagz kit, but I really like the flip flops too! These would be so much fun for my shoe-loving niece. Pink in size xl is the what I would choose.

  7. flchen1 Says:

    My daughter and her friends would love to do a Bags kit together! A very clever activity for a party, say 🙂

    And lavendar, size M.

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  8. Megan Says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  9. Maja Says:

    party kits are cool

  10. Maja Says:

  11. Melissa Says:

    I love the party kits, they would be great for a birthday party or just as a summer project. I know my nieces woud love the bags.
    As for the flip-flops… I’d go with pink in medium! jeepcutie82 at msn dot com

  12. Alice H Says:

    I love the funky diva tee – very cute. And for the flip flop I like the olive color in size small. Thanks!

  13. gkstratos Says:


  14. Mo Says:

    My seven year old would love the pink Bagz kit. She’s super crafty, and being able to make something, then wear/carry it and brag about it would make her very happy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Cortney Says:

    They have really cute stuff. I like the flower belt kit.

    I’d love to win the pink flops size XL.

    thanks for the giveaway

  16. Nikki Says:

    I would get the pink flip flops in size medium for my daughter! I also like their funky diva tee!

  17. gunzie Says:

    We would love to try the Bagz as another choice. These kits look fantastic! We would choose the lovely lavender color in a large (size 4). Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  18. chris Says:

    love the flip flop kits
    bubble gum pink
    size 10

  19. Staci Says:

    I love the Beltz. So cool. I would even have fun doing them. I’d take the flip flops in Olive Green extra large.

  20. Sunnyvale Says:

    I like the Glam Teez

  21. paula h Says:

    The Linkz are cool looking.
    Pink in size small. Thanks.

  22. samsakara Says:

    I love that they have party size kits! My daughter i know would have a blast making any of the projects. I would love bubble gum pink in size medium for my daughter.

  23. Kari Says:

    pink flip flops size large – thanks!!

  24. Ribbon Rock Star Says:

    What a great site
    I would love to try one of the belt kits. As for the flip flips I love the bubble gum pink in size M.


  25. jepnet Says:

    In addition to the the flip flop kits (which I really like)I am interested in the Funky Diva Teez kit. It looks like great fun to make. If I am chosen, I would like the lovely lavendar shoe in size small. Thanks

  26. semtaylor Says:

    Color bubble gum pink, size large
    New Mugwaz Bagz is another product I like. semtaylor(at)

  27. susan1215 Says:

    I would get the purple flip flops in size large for my daughter

  28. blueviolet Says:

    I think the kit for Linkz–metalz is really fun!
    I’d choose pink size M for the flip flops.

  29. Liz Says:

    The Glam Goddess Tee Shirt
    Large lovely lavender

  30. windycindy Says:

    Hi, The “Bagz Kit” is what we would try first. How fun to have a small friend party and buy the package of them! I am a subscriber and I would love to be entered in this fun drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

  31. - Marybeth I. Says:

    Single Pack Beltz

    size 13 or 1 girls

    thanks for hosting

  32. vboackle Says:

    i like the party size 8

  33. Betsy Says:

    I like the New Mugwaz Bagz! Olive green size small please!

  34. Kimberly Says:

    LOVE the T-shirt kits! Those are too cute (like the one with the tie).

    My daughter would be an XL (7) and pink would be her favorite color.

  35. mogrill Says:

    The glam tee is very cute!

  36. bison61 Says:

    the kits to make bags is nice-I’d pick olive green in XL

    tiramisu392 (at)

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Very Cute idea. I love flip flops! Thanks for the contest! (

  38. DOODLEGIRL Says:

    Beltz kit looks like fun. Pink size small in the flip flops.

  39. Ginny Says:

    The belt kits are really cute!

    I’d like to win the pink size L

  40. cstironkat Says:

    If I win I would like blue, with shoe size is six women’s. I like the T-shirts that come with markers. I know Alison would love to decorate her own shirt

  41. Kyra Says:

    I like the fnky diva tee and the party kits! I would choose bubble gum pink in XL if I won!

  42. Audrey Says:

    I like the make your own bags.
    My shoe size is a women’s 6 1/2.

  43. kamewh Says:

    I would love to try the Pink Bagz Kit- Thank you for the giveaway!

  44. Kathleen Says:

    I love these decorate-it-yourself kits! I think my daughter would like a pink pair, probably in small but maybe medium.

    I also really like the Bagz kit! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  45. Lori Says:

    my favorite item is the flip flops. I am a total flip fop girl.
    I love the green in size XL

  46. Mary512 Says:

    I’d like the bubble gum pink mugwaz in size XS. I also like the bagz. Great giveaway, thanks Gina!

  47. Mary512 Says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  48. Mary512 Says:

    I have your button on my sidebar:

  49. Mary512 Says:

    Blogged ya:

    Thanks again!

  50. Brooke Says:

    Flip Flops in size XS! LOVE the party pack!

  51. Carolsue Says:

    The Beltz and Bagz are cool.
    If I win, I’d want Lavender in a size Small (for shoe size 1)

  52. Carolsue Says:

    Blogged ya here

  53. Carolsue Says:

    And your button is on my Blog!

  54. Uniquely Yours Says:

    Love their party packz for a b-day party art idea. I’d like a size XL in pink. Thanks! Make sure you stop by my site to enter for a personalized Princess Bracelet entries are accepted through August 9th.

  55. crystalf Says:

    I think the tees are so funny! I can imagine my 8 yr. old decorating one of them and wearing it around. I would choose bubble gum pink in xl. Thank you!

  56. louiseb130 Says:

    The make your own bag is cute

  57. Kimberly Says:

    I like the Silver Bagz Party Pack. If I were to be chosen I would like the Lavender in size Large.

  58. jenesparza Says:

    i would most interested in party packz for a get together for my daughter to have. sounds so fun. I too like the bubble gum pin in medium so my daughter can create some shoes. she loves flipflops

  59. Stacy Says:

    The kits are really cool and look super easy.
    Pink in size M.

  60. Princess Golden Hair Says:

    what a great idea for a party. I just love pink and if i won i’d love to have pink in size large. this is just too cute an idea.

    teechbiz at yahoo dot com

  61. Christy Says:

    What cute crafts. My daughter would love them all. My favorite is the Bagz Flower kit. So cute. We would love the Bubble Gum Pink in a size Medium. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  62. Anonymous Says:

    love all the crafts
    bubble gum in large

  63. micaela6955 Says:

    We also liked the pink bagz kit, my daughter would love to make that! Great giveaway as the flip flops are adorable too!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  64. micaela6955 Says:

    I am a subscriber!

  65. Storm Says:

    The Bagz party packs look like fun! If I win, we’d like the flip flops in lavender in an XS.

  66. Molly C. Says:

    The Party Kitz are really cute. I wish they had these when I was younger. I would love to win the olive green in a size XL

  67. Stephen A Says:

    the bagz!

  68. Heather Says:

    My 10 yo daughter would love to make any of these projects! She is really into flip flops right now so, I would pick those in XL.

  69. carol drury Says:
    the party kits are great
    for me it would be purple in 9

  70. Amber Says:

    I love the bag kits! If I win I would want a size XL (7) in the pink.

  71. idahomom Says:

    The party kits look like fun. Thanks for the chance.

  72. yellowlabs Says:

    party kits-pink size 8

  73. idahodad7 Says:

    The party kit would be great for my soon to be 7 year old niece. Please and thank you.

  74. Jodi Says:

    I love the Funky Diva Teez, so cute.

    if I win I would love the lavender in a size Medium.


  75. Erma Says:

    Flip-Flops kits are my favorite.

  76. Tiffanie W. Says:

    I’m torn between loving the bag kits and the party sized kits. Both are nifty ideas. If I won, I would love pink size nines. My sister would enjoy decorating these!

  77. kristen Says:

    the kits are cool, but my fave color are the bubblegum pink ones. i tried to get the size chart, but it wasnt working so, im not so sure about the size.. 😀

  78. jceko77 Says:

    I like the pink bag kits. My daughter would love the pink flip flops size XS. Thanks:)

  79. jceko77 Says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    Bagz Party Kits; XL

  81. CHERYL Says:

    i love the flip flop party kit, what a great activity for a slumber party. if i win, i want the pink flip flops in an extra large.

  82. Michelle B. Says:

    I visited the site and I absolutely love the Linkz – Metalz Necklace/Bracelet Kits and the charms that come with them are super cute. I love these DIY Projects. The Flip Flop kits are also adorable and I love the XL Olive Green. Thanks so much for the wonderful information on products…

  83. kananee Says:

    Pink in XL for my daughter!

    lokeelanee (at)netzero(dot)com

  84. kananee Says:

    I’m also a subscriber!

    lokeelanee (at)netzero(dot)com

  85. bndraldy Says:

    We would love to try the Bagz (silver)as another choice. I would love to win the olive green in a size XL. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  86. purango Says:

    I am interested in Bagz. I would like the flip flops in Bubble Gum Pink XL

  87. klp1965 Says:

    I LOVE THE Mugwaz Teez DIY Shirt Funky Diva L(12) and i would get the pink in xl

  88. dolls123 Says:

    I like the Pink Bagz Party Pack
    Large Olive Green flip flops


  89. Susanne Says:

    I love the Flip-Flop Party Packs…my daughter would love this.

    If I win…Bubble Gum Pink, size S.

  90. carissaad Says:

    The Flip Flop Party Packs are my favorite.

    I like the Lovely Lavender in XL.


    carissaad at aol dot com

  91. carissaad Says:

    I subscribed.

  92. Heather Says:

    The Beltz kits are so cool!
    Small Olive Green, please! 🙂

  93. memetu Says:

    Flip-flops rule the pavement. Bring on the flip-flop kit for the entire family.

  94. lilyk Says:

    The Bagz look very cute! Please enter me into the contest for the Bubble Gum Pink Flip Flops in size XL. Thanks!

  95. lilyk Says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  96. jo1brat Says:

    I love them in size lg would be great – but I think I like the flip flop kit in all sizes for all the girls would be my favorite.

  97. Xenia S Says:

    The Flip-flop party pack would be a blast for any sort of get-together! I’d love the Olive Green in XL for myself, thanks!


  98. Rockin' Mama Says:

    I like the Beltz party pack

    I would choose the Lovely Lavender, size XL!

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

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