It’s more than a photo….

It’s more than a photo, it’s a cherished memory that you’ll forever remember. Why just keep a photo in an album when you can bring that photo to life by putting that memory on so many other things rather than just hiding it away in a book, or in a frame on the wall.

More Than A Photo helps preserve those memories so that they can be included into your daily life. They can take any of your photos and transform it into a great family heirloom that you can hand down and cherish forever.

With the ability to move your photo onto a custom throw, a beach blanket, sweater, or even a hand painted oil painting More Than A Photo wants to be able to take your photos to the next level. They want to make those photos something that can be a gift and handed down from generation to generation. Whether it be a gift for a holiday, birthday, wedding, new baby, graduation, or simply to pay tribute to someone, More Than A Photo can help you make your photos larger than life.

At More Than Photos they believe in the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words” but want to go beyond that and say that at More Than A Photo they believe pictures are worth so much more.

Visit to view their many products, and make your photo worth more than a thousand words today.


More Than A Photo have generously donated a $75 gift certificate to A Wrestling Addicted Mommy’s Blog to giveaway to one of my readers!!!

To be eligible to win, you must do the following:

  • Visit the More Than A Photo Website and leave me a comment letting me know what you would buy if you won the $75 gift certificate to More Than A Photo.
  • Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, non bloggers can enter but if your not a blogger please leave your email address in the comment, if there is no way for me to contact you via a blog or email address you will be disqualified and your comment will be deleted. If you do not leave a comment with the above criteria and follow the guidelines your comment WILL BE DELETED and you will be disqualified.
  • This contest is open to those with a mailing address in the US/Canada!!!

For an extra entries (one extra for each done):
~ Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link in a separate comment
~ Add my button (or text link) to your blog/sidebar and leave me a comment letting me know where it can be found (if already added let me know and you’ll gain an extra entry)
~ Non Bloggers and Bloggers subscribe to my RSS feed and let me know you’ve subscribed (if you are a current subscriber let me know and you’ll gain an extra entry)

**Make sure you leave separate comments for each ‘extra’ thing you’ve done (makes it easier on me)**

Winner will be chosen randomly from

GIVEAWAY CLOSES July 21, 2008 @ 11:00 pm EST

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206 Comments to “It’s more than a photo….”

  1. KLM39 Says:

    I would buy a photo throw!

  2. mar Says:

    I would buy the Merry Christmas throw and the Happy Holloween throw if I won the $75.00 gift certificate. Thank you for the “More than Photos Giveaway”.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I would put the GC towards a Color Photo Throw.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    would buy Original Photo Throw
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  5. gibson777 Says:

    A photo throw.

  6. AmandaK Says:

    I would buy the Original Photo Throw. Me and twin my sister are leaving on our own, and I would get this so my mom knows we’re always near!

  7. Stacey Moore Says:

    what a great site!! we would get the Stork Boy Throw for my best friend that is expecting in a couple of weeks!
    thanks so much!
    moore.g at

  8. Stacey Moore Says:

    we are also subscribers ๐Ÿ™‚
    thanks so much!
    moore.g at

  9. jceko77 Says:

    I would get the Lil Rembrandt throw if I won. My four year old does some amazing artwork, and this would be a great way to make it a keepsake for a lifetime.

  10. jceko77 Says:

    I’m a subscriber

  11. gkstratos Says:

    No question…I would buy the Lil’ Rembrandt Throw. Love it.

  12. gkstratos Says:

    Also a subscriber. Thanks.

  13. Sonya Says:

    I would get a color burst throw with my daughter’s picture on it. Thanks for the chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Sonya Says:

    I have your button up on my sidebar at

  15. misty Says:

    I really like the Color Burst Throws, and the Holiday throws. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    BTW, I won a contest a week or so ago… and I was not sure of your rules. I know some blogs will not allow you to enter giveaways for a month or so after you’ve won. So if that rule applies here, just delete my comments and let me know.

    Thanks, again.

  16. misty Says:

    I am a subscriber.

  17. misty Says:

    Your button is in my sidebar.

    planetmisty at gmail dot com

  18. Sonya Says:

    I blogged your contest at:

  19. Sandy M Says:

    I would get a Color Photo Throw and pay the difference. Great giveaway!

  20. rachel Says:

    I would buy a baby throw for my little guy that is coming to this world soon!

  21. Meg Says:

    I would get a photo puzzle and some photo ornaments. We love puzzles!

  22. kara Says:

    I would buy a baby girl throw for my niece who’s on the way! click on contact

  23. sphinx63 Says:

    I would get a photo throw, of the grandkids for my Mom. Thanks!

  24. Megan Says:

    I would love to put it toward an oil painting, but that’s not quite in our budget even with the GC, so probably puzzles for us and the grandparents.

  25. mverno Says:

    the photo throw is very appealing

  26. Annette Says:

    I would absolutely get the Little Rembrandt throw. Very cute!

  27. LINDALSHOT Says:

    Color Photo throw. What a great prize!

  28. windycindy Says:

    Hello! I would have aprons made and give them as Christmas gifts to an Aunt, Grandma and myself! Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  29. ziggy789 Says:

    Definitely the Photo Throw.. my son would love looking at his picture on a blanket.. and we have a 2nd on the way.. so this would definitely be a cherished MEMORY!

  30. chromiumman Says:

    love the photo throw

  31. Margaret V Says:

    An oil painting of my new little family. I’ve love to capture my hubby and 11 wk old son on canvas!

  32. JenO Says:

    I would get a photo throw of my baby girl, probably a color one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Melissa Says:

    I would get the original photo throw. I’ve looked at them before and love the idea! The only hard part would be picking which photo to use! jeepcutie82 at msn dot com

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Color Photo Throws is what I would love.


  35. Uniquely Yours Says:

    I would definitely get a Original Photo Throw. I’ve always wanted one. I’m subscribed and I have your button.

  36. margaret Says:

    I would definately get the Color Burst Throw

  37. mannequin Says:

    The Little Rembrandt throw is marvelous! My son would love to have one of his artworks “featured” on a throw! What kid wouldn’t?

    Thank you for the giveaway and helpful review.

  38. Sara G Says:

    I’d probably get the puzzle or apron for grandma, she’d like that!

  39. Cassie Says:

    I would get the Little Rembrandt throw. I love to display my son’s artwork.

  40. Julie Says:

    I would buy photo aprons for all the grandparents.

  41. Mary512 Says:

    I like the photo beach blanket. Great giveaway, thanks!

  42. Mary512 Says:

    Blogged ya:

  43. Mary512 Says:

    Your button’s on my sidebar:

  44. Jenna Says:

    A color photo throw of my beautiful daughter, for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. The Mama Hood Says:

    I would get the Original Photo Throw, also loved the Photo Apron!

    thank you!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  46. The Mama Hood Says:

    I am an email subscriber!!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  47. The Mama Hood Says:

    I have your button in my sidebar!!

    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  48. bubblewrap Says:

    I would buy the colour throw

  49. Anonymous Says:

    I would get a photo beach blanket/towel.

  50. Kari Says:

    I’d love to win a photo throw for my parents!

  51. Stacy Says:

    Love the photo ornaments!

  52. Buki Family Says:

    i would either get the throw or the christmas ornaments

  53. Claire Says:

    A photo apron wouldb e a great gift!

  54. sweetsue Says:

    I would get the photo sweater-it would be so much fun to have pictures of my grandchildren on it.

  55. Crystal Says:

    I would buy the I love my mommy throw.

    cristalic2003 at hotmail dot com

  56. Samantha Says:

    I might be tempted to get the Lil Rembrandt Throw…such a neat idea for preserving a child’s art work! I’d probably end up getting a regular photo throw, however, since my toddler is so young. Thanks! uke9000 (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. intensev5 Says:

    I would definately use the money towards an oil painting —- I have always wanted one!!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  58. jodi b Says:

    I would use it towards the oil painting….I have one of my older child, but not one of my younger child yet! Would love that

  59. toughturtles Says:

    A Photo Beach Blanket would be really fun

  60. jessilynn Says:

    I would buy a color photo throw..thank you!

  61. Katie Says:

    I would buy a photo throw. Thanks katie_mmartin at yahoo dot com.

  62. Sunnyvale Says:

    The photo throw, I’d like to gift this to one of my daughters.

  63. tarahsrecipes Says:

    The Army throw – perfect Christmas gift for MIL

  64. Heather Says:

    My kids love photo mouse pads so I would order one for everyone!

  65. kdkdkd Says:

    I would make a bunch of Photo Ornaments

  66. Christian Kay Says:

    I really like the color throw and would like to have our family portrait put on it. Then to decide whether to keep it or give it to my great grandma as a gift. Hmm…

  67. jepnet Says:

    We have a memory tree in our dining room for the holidays. The Photo Ornaments would be a great addition.

  68. emsever Says:

    I’d get the color photo throw or the original throw.

  69. Megan B. Says:

    I would choose the original photo throw, or maybe the sweetheart (I love you) throw! Thanks for a great contest.

  70. ~Kristen Says:

    I’d buy a photo poncho! Thanks

  71. TheAngelForever Says:

    Love the photo throw ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the fun giveaway.

    the_angel_forever at yahoo dot com

  72. TheAngelForever Says:

    I am a current subscriber to your RSS feed and read it via my Google Reader ๐Ÿ™‚

    the_angel_forever at yahoo dot com

  73. NateAndJakesMom Says:

    I would do the oil painting. What a fabulous gift – oh, who are we kidding – I would put it up in my living room!

    nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

  74. Mike Says:

    photo throw

  75. Victoria Says:

    I’m getting married in a couple of months, and this would make for fantastic gifts for our parents! All of the throws are neat, but I think we would go for the oil paintings. Very cool. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  76. Katy Lin :) Says:

    i love the original throws and the photo beach blanket! so fun!

    i’ve also added your button to my right sidebar ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. E. Cooper Says:

    I would use it for the Photo Throw – what a great idea (and great gift idea too!)

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. janetfaye Says:

    I would buy the Color Photo Throw that is personalized.

  79. mogrill Says:

    The photo throw is really cool!

  80. kerri69 Says:

    the photo throw and the rembrant throw would be great gifts cool site thanks

  81. Michele P. Says:

    I love the Te Amo throw…perfect for hubby and I. And I would also get photo Christmas ornaments for the kids. Thanks!

  82. paula h Says:

    I would have Photo Ornaments of my kids made to give as Christmas Gifts.

  83. vboackle Says:

    photo throw.

  84. Amber Says:

    I like the original photo throw! That’s a neat idea!


  85. Tonya Says:

    I would put it towards a color photo throw with a pic of my three little girls.

  86. Ginny Says:

    Love the color photo throw.

  87. mjenningsdesigns Says:

    I love these! I would put the gift certificate towards a color throw!

    I have your button up on my sidebar ๐Ÿ™‚


  88. melonkelli Says:

    I would get Photo Ornaments for our tree as well as Grandma & Grandpa’s (and Aunts & Uncles, too). Not to soon to think about holiday gifts.

  89. Sherry R Says:

    I would just love the Original Photo Throw!

    jnkrim (at) cableone (dot) net

  90. Naomi Says:

    I’ve actually been wanting to try a photo throw for my mom…

  91. โ™ฅtnchickโ™ฅ Says:

    I would buy either the Lil Rembrandt Throw or the Original Photo Throw – I’m not sure which – I’d ask my kids (and they are sleeping now).

  92. โ™ฅtnchickโ™ฅ Says:

    Hello – again

    I am sub’d to your feed, via bloglines, for an extra entry. Thanks!

  93. โ™ฅtnchickโ™ฅ Says:

    Me… one last time. I have your button displayed on my blogspot sidebar *here* for an extra entry. Thanks! =)

  94. dhunt Says:

    I would buy the Original Photo Throw.

  95. CJW's folks Says:

    One of the oil paintings!

  96. Alexia Says:

    I would buy a few photo ornaments – I’ve wanted to have ornaments for the boys for each Christmas they’ve been around, but haven’t quite gotten around to it, this would be a great way to start!

  97. lilaura5 Says:

    I would buy the Plush Singing Bear. I love the fact that it personilizes a song for my child. Such an adorable little teddy to.

  98. noreen Says:

    Lil Rembrandt Throw, I have just the drawing

  99. eloise Says:

    I would get the Girl Baby Throw or the Plush Singing Bear. Such a nice site! Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. Heather Says:

    If I won I would put the GC towards the Navy throw for my Mother with a picture of my Gather, who is retired 22 years Navy.

  101. Mary Says:

    I would love a photo throw if I won.

  102. kaylee8 Says:

    I would get a color photo throw of my kids!

  103. darryl Says:

    the color photo throw is just too beautiful

  104. RobynLynn Says:

    I would get the photo sweater for my mom (she is always cold) with a picture of her new Pug on it (they ADORE that dog). Boy I wish I would have known about these sooner because her birthday is in 2 weeks and I would have gotten this. Maybe for the holidays this winter I will do it instead.

  105. RobynLynn Says:

    Extra entry please – I blogged about you:


  106. Amanda Says:

    I would order a photo throw. They are gorgeous. Thank you for the giveaway.

  107. agordon10 Says:

    the Holiday throws

  108. donna444444 Says:

    I would like the Portrait Oil Paintings from Your Photos.

  109. donna444444 Says:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed.

  110. donna444444 Says:

    I added you to my blog at

  111. llinda29 Says:

    I would get a photo puzzle

  112. montegirls Says:

    I would buy one of the baby throws for my sweet baby boy

  113. Babalu Says:

    The photo throw is really stylin’.

  114. Jinxy & Me Says:

    I would choose the original photo throw. Very neat!

  115. Jinxy & Me Says:

    I also blogged about your contest here:

  116. DePro Says:

    I like the Holiday Throws

  117. Julie D Says:

    A photo throw would be cool!

  118. cdrury Says:

    Would love to win this – thanks!!!
    the photo throw!!

  119. Shannon Says:

    I would purchase several ornaments with the gift certificate for family and friends!


  120. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway. If I won, I’d buy photo ornaments to put on my Christmas gifts.

  121. Michelle ~ [ real neat ] Says:

    I would likely buy a Logo Throw in honor of my new business! Thanks fr sharing!

  122. Stanza Rae Says:

    I would buy a bunch of ornaments of my new granddaughter and give them to her mommy, other grandma, aunt etc.

    Thank you for the contest.

  123. Tammy Says:

    I would get the lil’ rembrandt throw. Thanks for the chance.

  124. Tammy Says:

    You’ve been blogged at

  125. dogmadre Says:

    Oh, so much to choose from ! But I think a throw from a photo of my dear golden retrievers. Thanks much !

  126. Stacey Says:

    I would get a photo throw of my two girls!

    staceyheneveld AT mac DOT com

  127. twistinggooch Says:

    I would buy an oil panting of my girls on the beach dressed as fairies.

  128. forgetfulone Says:

    An oil painting would be nice, but more practical for me would be photo mouse pads to give as gifts. I also like the ornaments. I’ve subscribed to your feed. Thanks.

  129. Madonna Says:

    I love the color burst throw so would probably choose that.

  130. Natalie Says:

    I would get an original throw with our girls on it to give to my husband. ๐Ÿ™‚

    scblog at hotmail dot com

  131. Natalie Says:

    I have your button in my scroll list on my sidebar.

    scblog at hotmail dot com

  132. Sara Says:

    I’d get a throw also.

  133. the4moyers Says:

    I like the Color Burst Photo Throw. The border color adds a neat touch! Great giveaway! Thanks for offering it!
    the4moyers at msn dot com

  134. Jane Says:

    I love the color burst throw. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the contest!

  135. ChristiS Says:

    I think I’d use the $75 toward turning a picture from our cruise this summer into an oil painting! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  136. aharris007 Says:

    I would have to say I would use it towards an oil painting of my children..This would be fantastic

  137. dolls123 Says:

    I like the Photo Sweater


  138. dolls123 Says:

    I subscribe to your feed


  139. trisha Says:

    OMG! PICK ME! I have admired these blankets for YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to use a GC on a blanket. The thing is, I really should make it of my daughter and gift it to her great grandmother, but I would love one to curl up with myself that has my beautiful family and 5 cats. Do you think I could fit them all? LOL

  140. Katy Says:

    I love, love, LOVE photo throws!!!! I would love to have one with a pic of my beautiful kiddos on there. Yay!!!

  141. Smooshy Says:

    i think i’d get an oil painting

  142. Marla Says:

    I would buy the Heart throw. I’m getting married in October and would love to put one of our wedding pictures on it. Thanks for the entry –

  143. M.A. Says:

    An Army Throw would be my choice.

  144. zeitersouth Says:

    The Lil Rembrandt Throw would be great! I would let my boys create the picture together!

  145. blueviolet Says:

    I’d get a bunch of photo mousepads for all of our computers and the ones at work too!

  146. Nikki Says:

    Definitely put it towards a Color Photo Throw and I want the biggest size!

  147. Mark Says:

    Definitely the Color Photo Throw! Amazing!!

  148. Ardy22 Says:

    The Lil’ Rembrandt Throw is my fav and is adorable!

  149. Mortgage Information Says:

    I’d like a Throw with a family picture on it. I think that would be great in my family room.

  150. melissa Says:

    I would use it for the aprons and give one to myself my mother and my sister and my daughter as every holiday we all get together and cook in the kitchen we have done that since I was a little girl and I hope my daughter will continue it into her adult life

  151. Garden Gnome Says:

    I have a great photo for the photo beach towel!

  152. Anonymous Says:

    Definitely an original photo throw. What a great idea. I love pictures so having them in this form of a gift is fantastic!
    Danielle De Vizia

  153. - Marybeth I. Says:

    Original Photo Throw – I liked the black and white. very cute. I would be taking pictures like mad until I took the “perfect shot”

  154. - Marybeth I. Says:

    blogged about it!

    so tired tonight I almost said I globbed about it….

  155. lsl_53 Says:

    The photo throw would be fabulous!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  156. monky Says:

    I’ve never seen anything like the Original Photo Throw I would love to buy that!

    How amazing!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  157. Heather Says:

    a throw for sure

  158. penguin28 Says:

    I like the Original Photo Throw.

  159. Anonymous Says:

    A holiday throw ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. idahomom Says:

    I love the photo puzzles.

  161. yellowlabs Says:

    I love the Color Photo Throw.

  162. Tracy Says:

    I would purchase an oil painting of my brother. He died 11 years ago and it would be a wonderful gift to give to my Mother to cherish.

  163. pitaharmon Says:

    I would have a puzzle made for each of my kids with our new puppy on it, or if I had the extra money, I would put the prize toward an oil painting of my father who recently died.

  164. arvard Says:

    I like the photo throw.

  165. zwriter Says:

    I would get two Photo Beach Blankets. One would be for my husband and would have my photo on it. The other, you got it, would have my husbandโ€™s pretty face on it and would be mine to use!

  166. Anonymous Says:

    Photo Beach Blanket

  167. mich0825 Says:

    I would get the photo beach blanket- there’d never be a quandry over whose beach towel it was again ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. bison61 Says:

    I’d get the baby throw

    tiramisu392 (at)

  169. Cuddle Cottage Says:

    So many great ideas to choose from! Today I’m thinking I’d get the photo beach blanket. I’d have a big photo of my daughter put on it and give it to my mom:) I’d also like to get the photo puzzles. Again, I’d put my daughter’s picture on them and give them to the cousins she has yet to meet. What a great product:)

  170. Cuddle Cottage Says:

    Your button relaxes on my blog sidebar:)

  171. Cuddle Cottage Says:

    And I’m subscribed via email to your feed:

  172. pierce Says:

    If I won I’d either get the Original Photo Throw or a puzzle.

  173. NesieBird Says:

    I would buy holiday throws, especially the Christmas throw, to use during that season.

  174. sabb266 Says:

    WOW! Great site, wonderful idea for a gift for my sister-in-law! The photo throw will be awesome for her. She is one of those people who is really hard to buy for and this would be truely unique!

  175. jennmalan Says:

    would buy a oil painting

  176. Sarah Z Says:

    Oil painting would be first on the list!!

  177. DANIELLERX Says:

    I would get a color photo throw.

  178. Amanda Barrett Says:

    I would get the photo throw! My email is:

  179. jo1brat Says:

    Definately would love to get the Lil Rembrandt Throw for my little artist.

  180. strawberry3d Says:

    if i won i would buy the color photo throw.

  181. Bakersdozen Says:

    I love the baby throws. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  182. Samantha P Says:

    i really like the lil Rembrandt throw, that is such a great idea!

  183. purango Says:

    I would purchase the Original Phot Throw 30′ X 40′

  184. gunzie Says:

    I would buy the color photo throw, what a fantastic idea!! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  185. Carolyn Says:

    I am torn between getting the photo throw and the photo ornaments! What a great way to display our vacation pics!

  186. Dianne Says:

    I would get a puzzle for my grandpa and ornaments for the rest of the family – there’s my holiday shopping done!!

  187. Dianne Says:

    your button is on my blog

  188. Gus, Clay and Mommy Says:

    I love the color burst throw, or I might put it towards an oil painting!

  189. Starshine3 Says:

    I would purchase the Original Photo Throw, and have it made with a picture of our 3 kids. This would make such a great gift, thanks!

  190. Eileen Says:

    If I won it, I would put it towards a color photo throw, or the ones that say "I love Mommy & Daddy" and put a picture of my boys.

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  191. Eileen Says:

    Your button is on my blog.


  192. bndraldy Says:

    I would definitely get a Original Photo Throw. I have a picture of 4 generations (great grandmother, grandmother, mother, child) that I would have made for my daughter.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  193. Lisa Says:

    oooh, I would get a poncho. they are so handy for nursing in public.

  194. wigget Says:

    i like the oil painting portraits most

  195. Karen Says:

    I really think I would get the Holiday Throw – beautiful !

  196. carissaad Says:

    I would buy a color photo throw.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    carissaad at aol dot com

  197. penguin28 Says:

    I like the Original Photo Blanket

  198. Becca Ann Says:

    I would buy the beach blanket and the mouse pad and some Photo Ornaments.

  199. Sylvia P Says:

    the lil Rembrandt throw is really cute!

  200. Sylvia P Says:

    i’m also a subscriber!

  201. ldrnc2000 Says:

    Great items! I would buy ornaments of my children for out-of-town family! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  202. lilyk Says:

    I love the CT2 Holiday Throw!

  203. lilyk Says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  204. Deb Says:

    Cool giveaway. I would get 2 photo aprons with my kids on it. One for me, and one for my mom!

  205. Susanne Says:

    Boy Baby Throw for my girl friend who is having her first baby!

  206. Trish Says:

    the original photo throw!

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