Life just gets no easier does it….

You think once you hit a high, you’ll stay there for a while, but there always seems to be something (at least with us) that brings you back down again. We can’t win for loosing around here. We’re caught up on our bills, we’ve got some extra money for once in our lives and are living comfortably where we can have fun and have the extras, and then it starts….The downward spiral…..

The unsure time of life when we don’t know if my husbands job is stable again or not…. We’re STILL looking to find him something else, and we’ve been looking for what seems to be over 2 years now, but no one is hiring worth a darn around here for upper level management in the tech field (my husband works in the cell phone industry), so we’ve resorted to even looking basic retail management stuff now, and still nothing…..

My husbands company has a hiring freeze going on right now where they’re not hiring anyone new, not good….. Today, they’re closing 40 stores around the country and laying off all the employees in those stores…One of the stores closing is my husbands. The only good news that comes with this, is that he’s loosing the Dayton store (closing) and they decided to take away the New Paris store as well and give it to someone else, BUT they are giving him 2 more stores that are actually doing better anyways, and he’s happy to get the 2 new stores.

It just leaves a sense of ummmmm, so the company’s not doing well, they’re closing stores, great, no real job security it sounds like for the long term, it looks like they are trying to save the company so that’s good, but it still makes us worry. He was told by one of the guys at corporate yesterday that Dale (the CEO) really likes him so he has nothing to worry about…..That’s great, but if the company goes belly up they all have something to worry about…

Sigh…..So the hunt begins, yet again, and I’m sure we won’t get far because there’s no one hiring, every company is going through the same thing right now. Sometimes it makes me wish we were not home owners, we could then just pack up and move where ever the jobs were, which seems to be no where right now….

Maybe I should use my blog to find him a job and just publically post his resume here, maybe some of my great and lovely readers know a good place to pass it along…It’s hard not to just give up when things like this come along…

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July 31, 2008 – 10:32 AM - | Posted in daily life | 1 Comment »

One Comment to “Life just gets no easier does it….”

  1. jezebelsk Says:

    Good luck Gina! I’ll be keeping you guys in my thoughts!

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