Tat it up…

For some reason, (which is beyond me) my girls are in LOVE with tattoos. They have been for a while, it started with an obsession with Lyric where she just loved to write on herself and tell me it was a tattoo, or try to write on me to give me a tattoo and now it’s spawned off to Aria who also has the obsession. Once I got my real tattoo Lyric was just in awe of it, always wanting to look at it, to touch it etc. I swear one day this girl is going to be tatted up and have her own shop.

For now though, the ink isn’t really that pretty on her skin, you can’t really tell what the tattoo is, and I really don’t like pen all over me as well. She’s even had a Henna tattoo this summer and was sad when it finally washed off. What shall I do with her? Well, I’ve found the perfect solution to the pen at least, and it helps me teach her read at the same time. Yes I’m still talking about tattoos. They’re Tattoos for Tots!!! These are really cute removable tattoos for kids. These are the first of its kind with learning in mind, the designs combine printed words with pictures which engage children to make connections between letters and sounds, it’s a wear to learn sort of thing. The Tattoos for Tots was created by two moms, an elementary school teacher and a graphic designer, these temporary tattoos are made in the USA and contain only safe and non-toxic, FDA approved colors.

The tattoos seemed to last pretty good, they didn’t just come off after a day of normal wear and didn’t rip or tear or flake off. With just a scrubbing in the tub they came off, so when you want them off it’s pretty easy to do.

Visit www.tattoosfortots.com to view some more and order some for your little one, these would be great for stocking stuffers this Christmas season.

I have 4 packages of Tattoos for Tots to giveaway. Each package contains 2 sheets. So that means that 4 lucky readers will have a chance to win. All you have to do to be entered is head on over to the Tattoos for Tots website and take a look around, come back and let me know which tattoos you like best from which collection.

This giveaway is open to those WORLDWIDE!!! And is open to non bloggers, PLEASE just remember if your blog profile is private, or you’re a non blogger, leave an email address or your entry will be disqualified….Winner will be chosen via random.org

For extra entries (please leave each extra giveaway in a separate comment, each will earn you an extra entry):
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Giveaway Ends October 9, 2008 @ 11:59pm EST

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September 30, 2008 – 10:47 AM - | Posted in Children product reviews, removeable tattoos, tattoos for tots | 108 Comments »

108 Comments to “Tat it up…”

  1. kygirl Says:

    I like the dof from the pets collection

  2. myntric Says:

    I like the spider in the Halloween collection.

  3. pam Says:

    The reptile collection is cool!

  4. pam Says:

    I subscribe!

  5. Karen Says:

    I like the reptile collection 🙂

  6. gunzie Says:

    I love the pirate ship from the pirates collection, my son’s into pirates at the moment. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  7. gunzie Says:

    I’m a subscriber.
    ann dot guns at mac dot com

  8. PinkShoelaces Says:

    Oh these are cool, man its hard to choose, I think I’ll go with the classic collection: vehicles. Thanks

  9. PinkShoelaces Says:

    I have your button up too

  10. Mia J. Says:

    I like the Halloween pack from the holiday collection.

  11. ignoramoose Says:

    My kiddo loves tats, too! She also loves to look at my real one.

    I love the Hawaiian collection–sea life! yay!

    ignoramoose (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. cpullum Says:

    Tha Hawaii collection is awsome!!! love all the little animals!

  13. piece of me Says:

    I love the Sea Life 1 Hawaiian Words and I also like the Holiday collection.
    livlifelov at yahoo dot com

  14. Millie Says:

    Ok my sons would SO DIG THIS!! Thank for the chance to win they would love the reptile collection! Thanks again!

  15. Millie Says:

    I am a subscriber 🙂

  16. Millie Says:

    AND..I have your button on my blog 🙂

  17. lindanuts Says:

    I like the singles collection—a little of everything–for girls and boys!

  18. Sandy Says:

    sea life and pirate are fun

  19. mommyjen99 Says:

    Cute idea!
    My favorite is the hawaiian collection. Way cute.

  20. mommyjen99 Says:

    I am a subscriber

  21. Lisa C Says:

    These are too cute! But I love the fun pack singles!!

  22. mverno Says:

    like the holiday collection and hawaiian collection

  23. taysmommy Says:

    How cute are these! Tay picked out what she likes which was the truck from the vegicles collection ans she was also a big fan of hte butter a fly from teh insects collection.


  24. danosor Says:

    The Reptile collection is my fave.I am a subscriber.

  25. Stacy Says:

    The Hawaii collection.


  26. corey Says:

    Love the Halloween Pack


  27. rosannepm Says:

    I like the Hawaii collection

  28. Jenn S. Says:

    I like the nature tattoos in the classic collection.

  29. Rebecca Says:

    I like the strawberry from the Classics Collection.


  30. Rebecca Says:

    I have your button on my blog:Here


  31. Rebecca Says:

    I stumbled this. Username: wastebasketsa

  32. judybrittle Says:

    I really like the insect collection. Those are really cute. Plus my granddaughter and grandson could share. Thank you!

  33. judybrittle Says:

    I’m a subscriber

  34. bluenude3 Says:

    The pirates collection is the coolest, while the pets collection is definitely useful. Thanks!

  35. toughturtles Says:

    The Reptiles

  36. hminnesota Says:

    Lion tatoo

  37. Mama Zen Says:

    I like the bat from the Halloween collection!

    kelli at pfrog dot net

  38. Sara Says:

    I love the Rose tatoo!

  39. Sara Says:

    I added your button to my blog!

  40. littlelatina Says:

    the halloween collection

  41. Alice H Says:

    It has to be the Halloween collection – although the Christmas ones are great too! Thanks for the chance! afdr3d@umkc.edu

  42. Roberta Says:

    HI, I liked the FUN PACK SINGLES, because the truck is in there and my boy is crazy for them.

    rhubbert at socal dot rr dot com

  43. Roberta Says:

    I subscribe.

    rhubbert at socal dot rr dot com

  44. cathyhall Says:

    HI, I love the classic collection please.

  45. cathyhall Says:

    I subscribe, thanks.

  46. Dee Says:

    Well i’m teaching him animals right now…SO i like the animal ones! Either the zoo or farm animals would be so cool!
    On a side note…these would make my dad’s day! For as long as i can remember when he sees some in those vending machine type things, he gets a “tat” and wears it PROUDLY! LOL..even if us girls pick a butterfly to put on him! He would get a kick out of my one year old wearing a “tat”!

  47. Dee Says:

    AND i just subscribed! Thanks again!

  48. faith Says:

    It’s gotta be the Dinosaurs, although we would also love the Reptiles. Thanks.

  49. Buki Family Says:

    i love the zoo animals!

  50. melanie Says:

    My 2 year old loves tattoos too- and she loves to draw them on me and tell me, “it’s a heart tattoo!”

    But, I love the princess ones, the pet ones, the farm animals and the zoo animals. They are all adorable!


  51. Sara Says:

    I love the zoo animals from the classic collection and the sea life 1 from the hawaiian collection

    this is a really great giveaway

  52. Fishin' Mama Says:

    I love NATURE in the Classic Collection…these are adorable!!
    Hmmm…they would make great stocking stuffers!!

  53. vboackle Says:

    i like the halloween pack.

  54. caseydeuce Says:

    The excavator tattoo is too cute!!

  55. caseydeuce Says:


    I blogged you!

  56. Becca Ann Says:

    Since my daughter thinks shes a priness…I would choose

  57. mogrill Says:

    The zoo animals are my favorite!

  58. gkstratos Says:

    Love the Halloween collection.

  59. janetfaye Says:

    I like the Snowman from the Holiday Collection.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. janetfaye Says:

    Your button is on my sidebar:


    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  61. janetfaye Says:

    I faved you on Technorati.

    My username is janetfaye

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. Kari Says:

    the pirate collection!! Fun stuff!!

  63. Kari Says:

    im a subscriber!

  64. Smooshy Says:

    i like the vehicles in the classic collection

  65. bison61 Says:

    I like the sea life 1 from the Hawaii collection

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  66. Anonymous Says:

    I’d love to win the alphabet ones- my 4 year old is forever writing her name so she would love this!
    mmd1027 at aol dot com

  67. Nance Says:

    I like the reptile collection.

  68. Amy - Mom Spark Says:

    My son would LOVE the pirate collection!

    Thank you for your consideration!

    momspark [at] gmail [dot] com

  69. heppy3 Says:

    I like the Holiday collection. The Halloween tats caught my eye.

  70. karen and co. Says:

    I love the Halloween tats. I also like their vehicles. They have so many great tats for boys!

  71. Kelly Says:

    These are so cute. My son would love the digger, dog and train tattoos. 🙂

  72. Sarah Says:

    Definitely zoo animals from the Classic collection. I have one monkey obsessed girl.

  73. onangelwings Says:

    My kids loved the Halloween tats.

  74. Sarah Says:

    My daughter would love the Christmas tattoos! I’m the Queen of Christmas and she is the Princess of said holiday. She wears a special Christmas outfit every day in December so this would be perfect!!!

  75. Christine Says:

    I like the big mix set.

  76. Kate Says:


  77. Molly C. Says:

    I like the tats in the Halloween & Pirate collections.

  78. crystalf Says:

    I love love love the dress up collection in the classic collection.

  79. jennem Says:

    Adorable! I like the Insects in the Classic Collection, especially the ladybug.
    Jennifer, jennem22 at yahoo dot com

  80. Erma Says:

    I like the Halloween pack from the holiday collection. Thanks

  81. Tipper Says:

    I would love to get the Halloween Holiday tatoos. Too neat!

  82. tlcfromtn Says:

    I like the Christmas and Halloween tattoos. They would be great for the upcoming holidays! Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  83. MageMorgana Says:

    I like the Pirates set from the Classic Collection 😉


  84. Christine Says:

    I like the snowman from the Holiday collection. thanks, justicecw@hotmail.com

  85. stokesmichellebrandy Says:

    My 4 boys love tats! I like the Big Mix.. it has the pirate ship, shark, tractor, and dino!! Thanks

  86. Anonymous Says:

    How cute! I love the pirate.


  87. Sahm Lee Says:

    I love them all! too cute! I think I would have to say the reptiles and dinosaurs are my big favs at the moment! Thanks for the contest!

  88. Anonymous Says:

    I like the dolphin from the first Hawaii collection.


  89. Lori Says:

    I dig the shark from the fun pack singles collection!


  90. Jen Says:

    I liked the deer in the christmas collection

  91. Lenora Says:

    I think the Hawaiian collection is so cute. johnlenoraplus2@yahoo.com

  92. Yasmine Says:

    i liekthe flower from the nature collection and Baseball from the baseball collection!!
    thank you!

  93. masonsgranny59 Says:

    Ocean Animals

  94. baby Says:

    like the hawaiian collection and holiday collection

  95. Xenia S Says:

    My daughter would have a blast with these. My favorites are the Zoo Animals and Birthday tattoos from the Classic Collection.


  96. Brooke Says:

    I definitely like the Vegetables best. Anything to make them seem cool is TERRIFIC!!

  97. Julianne Says:

    I like the Princesses or Baseballs depending on if it is for my little girl or my little boys.


  98. Anonymous Says:

    my favorite is princess tattoo’s
    hope to win

  99. Shannon Says:

    animal mix in the singles, my daughter loves dolphins and lions, she also is addicted to tattoos and stickers.

  100. Crystal Says:

    I like the pink mix collection, my girls would love it.


  101. Crystal Says:

    Your button is on my sidebar

  102. fancyfeet48 Says:

    I love the halloween pack

  103. purango Says:

    I like the Ocean Animals from the Classic Collection. garrettsambo@aol.com

  104. rgbchic Says:

    My godson loves cars so the vehicle tattoo sheet would be great. Thanks.

    klainejm at yahoo dot com

  105. Rockin' Mama Says:

    Zoo animals for my son would be fun

    jasonncaryn at yahoo dot com

  106. Casey Becher Says:

    I love the princess collection! It would be great for my daughter.

  107. lilyk Says:

    I love the Cupcake tattoo from the Fun Pack Singles collection!

  108. lilyk Says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

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