Oh My!!

I was going to save this for my next Wordless Wednesday, but I just can’t, it’s way too funny.

We’re still at my parents place in Canada and yesterday my mom got the girls some scissors and craft things (markers, construction paper, glue etc). Well Lyric decided it would be a good idea to do some drawing and cutting this morning. It was all well and good until she came up to me and said: “Mommy do you want to see what I made you?” I said “Sure”.

I almost laughed so hard I choked….I had to grab the camera, she wasn’t sure what was so funny. I asked her what it was. She said “I traced my scissors all by myself and then colored them”. All I could say was “Wow, good job, let mommy take a picture because you did such a great job”.

How do you think she did? LMAO

She’s my daughter, that’s for sure, at least that’s what everyone is telling me now LOL….

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October 30, 2008 – 11:21 AM - | Posted in daily life | 11 Comments »

11 Comments to “Oh My!!”

  1. Suzi Homemaker Says:

    Hilarious! I guess she senses you are missing Rodney…?

  2. RebekahC Says:

    ROTFLMAO Now that’s priceless!

    Don’t ya just love the crazy stuff our kids can come up with?! LOL


  3. Lisa C Says:

    Gina that is hilarious!! I love it though. Innocence is priceless.

    Thanks for checking on me girl while I was holding it down. Things got so hectic for me.

    I love love love what you’ve done to the place, it’s so you 😉

  4. Mommyhood is Thankless Says:

    I am positive that I would die laughing 😀

  5. Jenna Says:

    LMAO!! I would have been rolling!

  6. Petula Says:

    Yes, that is a priceless moment. You’ll have to save that one and show it to her when she’s older. LOL… I am sure she’ll be mortified. But it’s oh so cute and innocent now.

  7. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife Says:

    OMG LMAO! Yeah, I see future blackmail here for when she’s older!

  8. Mary512 Says:

    hmmm… is anyone thinking what I’m thinking?

  9. carissaad Says:

    She’s going to be so “glad” you have that picture someday. 🙂

  10. Hagleticia Says:

    Somehow I don’t think she’ll be grinning so pretty when she’s a teenager and you threaten to show it to her friends. I agree with Petula.

    Kids… gotta love ’em.

  11. Natalie Says:

    Oh my gosh! She most definitely is your daughter. LOL! I’m laughing so hard here.

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