I’ve shed some tears of joy today…

What an amazing time I’ve been having. It’s been fun visiting family and friends for a while up in Canada. I am glad to be home though, and especially glad to be part of the election celebration last night. I’m not a citizen, I cannot vote, but I have been so involved in this entire process with friends and family, doing debates online with people, reading and doing research. Last night was so amazing to see Barack Obama win the presidential election.

My husband by my side last night we watched this GREAT country (and for me to say that in itself is an accomplishment) do the right thing, and do something we never thought would happen anytime soon. Elect a man with African American roots. My husband as a black man, shed so many tears last night and was so proud, not only for him, but for his girls for the opportunity that he can now tell them that YES they DO have and have the proof to show them.

I don’t care who you voted for yesterday, but today, as an American you need to stand up proud for the country has come together for once. Racism is nowhere near an end, but for those children, my children and everyone else’s children who are children of color, we now can tell them with 100% certainty that they can do and be whatever they want in this world, and one day if they do want to they can be president.

Until this morning I’ve been so excited and happy but had not shed a tear until a few minutes ago. I can’t shut off the TV, I’m in awe of this man, and I’m in awe of this country and what it means for the world for him to be elected. I’ve become a mess this morning, thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream and what has finally come, to think of all the people who are so proud to see someone they can relate to finally running this country, and also to breathe some fresh air, with a fresh new face, fresh new ideas, someone who some say don’t have a lot of experience and to me, that is refreshing. Maybe what this country needs is someone who hasn’t been in politics for life. This country needs a change and needed to be able to have the children of this country say “YES WE CAN!” and now…….that can be done.

Congrats to Barack Obama and the Obama/Biden families, I see hope in my children’s eyes, I see hope in my own eyes, and I see hope in this country that there will be a change!

With all the excitement, the stress, the worry, the happiness…..We’ve been slacking on things around here, so now I have to go and pay the auto insurance before we see a ticket, and that’s a change we don’t want in our lives…..

I can say though, you really see what people really think, they’re true colors so to speak right now. I can’t tell you how many people have really just disgusted me with their comments, these people who I thought were my friends I now cannot have in my life due to their racist negativity that has shown through, their intolerance of things because of religion and race (which shouldn’t be a factor in the first place) is something that I don’t even want to associate with. So American’s be proud of our new president, be proud for those who can stand up and say they’ve voted for the right reasons, but please think and pray for those who need the help now more than ever, those who cannot be tolerant of the change, those who have gone back in time a step, those who have no open eyes, ears or thoughts, those are the ones who need your prayers, not America as a country, we’re ready for the change, we’re ready for the future…

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November 5, 2008 – 12:16 PM - | Posted in Barack Obama, daily life | 5 Comments »

5 Comments to “I’ve shed some tears of joy today…”

  1. Leslie Says:

    What a great post Gina. I agree that FINALLY the US pulled their heads outta their bums and did the right thing. This country needs a change and is finally getting it.

    Peoples true colors show in times like these. Don’t let it stress you too much, we can just move on.

  2. Petula Says:

    This is such an exciting time. I just hope that those who didn’t/don’t support or vote Obama will support him as our nation’s leader. What a wonderfully historic time that we should all be proud of.

  3. Tiffany Says:

    You make a good point about people showing their true colors during this election. I’ve lost many acquaintances this year, because of how they approached the issues and candidates. It’s such a shame that we still have people who think like that….but our country really let it be known last night, that those people are NOT the majority any more!


    Being a multiracial family myself, this is such a huge event in our history. I too shed tears on the night that Obama was announced president. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would have witness such a historical event in my lifetime. This is HUGE really, really HUGE and I can’t wait to see what he will do as President. This actually makes me excited about history and about politics something that I typically could care less about.


  5. Naomi Says:

    I know what you mean, this election has really been divisive in a frightening way.

    I am also optimistic about Obama and his multicultural background, although I relate with his Hawaiian upbringing more than African heritage. I’d love to see the country accept everyone as equals for once and for all. This is a great start.

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