I’ll huff and puff all the way there….

October 17, 2009 is my goal date. By that day (and loosing at least 2.5lbs a week) I should hit my goal of 150. Not to say that that’s where I’m going to end my goal, I hope to move forward on from there but if I hit 150 and stay there, that puts me back into my size 13’s and (is it sad to say?) that’s where I’ll be HAPPY at. That date seems so far far away, but I am determined to huff and puff my fat self all the way there shedding all the extra pounds I can.

I talked with Rodney last night, we both agreed that if it was something I wanted to do, that I can go back to Weight Watchers. I really felt that going to the meetings and being held accountable for my weight on that scale in front of someone helped me tremendously! Before our wedding 6 years ago I joined weight watchers and lost over 30 lbs, too bad that I have 70+ more pounds than that to loose now…. How did I let things get this bad, this far?

I’ve also made the decision that I need to, no I have to, go back to my old eating habits, meaning…. NO MEAT!!!! I’ll start out slow, no more red meat after today, strictly chicken/turkey and then eventually down to nothing again. I think that’s been one of my major downfalls with things (besides the obvious junk food/fast food)

I was a vegetarian until I got pregnant with Lyric and that’s when I started craving meat and never went back, Rodney’s a HUGE meat eater so I just never bothered going back to eating no meat….

That’s a MUST on my list of things that need to change, hopefully I’ll have the support and the will power to do all this….

I do have to say, I’m pretty dang proud of myself today. I’m not feeling the greatest and telling myself to get on the Wii Fit for AT LEAST 10 minutes today worked. I got a 30 minute aerobic/balance/strength training session in, as well as 5 games of tennis. I’m pretty proud of myself…. Now just to keep this going and going and going, hopefully the huffing and puffing will end.

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5 Comments to “I’ll huff and puff all the way there….”

  1. jamaise Says:

    Good for you! I wish you loads of will power & rock star metabolism! I need to join ya – we'll see.
    I was a veggie for a year.5 until my doc told me it wasn't good for my hypoglycemia (getting to much carbs). I could do it again in a heartbeat if I went to PETA and watched a video there. So if you ever fall off the wagon – just head over to PETA.
    Best to ya!

  2. mom2anutball Says:

    Good for you! It sounds like your on your way to your goal, and quick like!! I need your willpower! Good luck hun!

  3. jessilynn Says:

    Good for you Gina and I know you can do it! I normally don’t set New Year’s resolutions but I did this year and that resolution is to lose the 30 pounds I need to get back down to my normal size. I can’t wait to get the extra weight off just so I will feel better. I am 43 so it seems the older I get, the more I feel it and the harder it is getting it off.
    You say you were or are a vegetarian…so you must know how to make some really great salads, huh? Maybe you could share some with us sometime? I also am trying to find a salad dressing that is low cal and all but tastes good. I am not really into italian dressing..do you have any favorites? Ok, I am writing you a book here so I will stop now..lol I will just end this with I know we can do it and we will be very succesfull and 2009 will be are best year yet!! Take care, Kristi

  4. ._. Says:

    you can TOTALLY do it. I’ll be here to kick you into gear if you want ^_^ .. woo on being a vegetarian again- for real LOL. You’re gonna rock :] I still have like.. 20-30ish I want to lose.. so….. yeh.. wOOOoooo! here for you babe 😀


  5. Regina Bertrand Says:

    Good for you! I hope you lose it fast. Gosh, I love the WII.

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