Keep it dust free…

Most of us probably have a lot of wood surfaces in our home, and are constinatly trying to keep them looking great and dust free. I’m sure a staple in a lot of homes is already Pledge, I know for us it is to keep my wood tables shiny and protected, but did you know that pledge also removes 84% of the allergens that can be found in dust? That was news to me but something I love to hear as me and my husband both have a lot of dust allergies.

Pledge Anti-Dust Formula not only keeps your wood surfaces looking great, but it keeps them dust free longer than other anti-dust products which means less work for you when it comes to cleaning.

How would you like to have a bottle of pledge in your home to keep your surfaces looking shiny and dust free? Just be sure to pick up a bottle of Pledge Anti-Dust Formula the next time your out on your shopping trip. You can also find out more by visiting the Pledge website:


Want to win a bottle of Pledge for yourself or someone else? Just leave me a comment letting me know what wood surface you desperately need some pledge for.

For extra entries (please leave each extra giveaway in a separate comment, each will earn you an extra entry):
• Blog about this giveaway and leave me the link
• Bookmark this giveaway somehow be it stumble, digg, etc just let me know which
• Add my blog to your blogroll or my button to your sidebar
• Follow me on Twitter (lyricsmama)

This giveaway is open to those with a US mailing address ONLY!!! And is open to non bloggers, PLEASE just remember if your blog profile is private, or you’re a non blogger, leave an email address or your entry will be disqualified….Winner will be chosen via

“This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.”

Giveaway Ends Jan. 2, 2009

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December 26, 2008 – 10:49 AM - | Posted in cleaning product reviews, Family Review Network, Pledge | 111 Comments »

111 Comments to “Keep it dust free…”

  1. jceko77 Says:

    my china cabinet

  2. valerie2350 Says:

    kitchen table

  3. valerie2350 Says:


  4. valerie2350 Says:


  5. Jackie Says:

    The coffee table in my living room constantly needs to be cleaned because of the dog hair and kids’ fingerprints (not to mention the dust!).

  6. bison61 Says:

    I have a large china cabinet and book case that both need dusting

    tiramisu392 (at)

  7. judybrittle Says:

    My bookcase really needs some Pledge.
    Thank you!

  8. Think about it Says:

    my wood bed, and also a piano my mom has.

  9. chromiumman Says:

    side table in the living room

  10. 1stopmom Says:

    I need it for our t.v. stand in the living room. It collects lots of dust.


  11. Bloggy Finds Says:

    I need it for the coffee table

  12. Bloggy Finds Says:

    I’ve blogged about the giveaway

  13. Bloggy Finds Says:

    I’ve stumbled

  14. Bloggy Finds Says:

    On my blogroll and button on sidebar

  15. Bloggy Finds Says:

    Am following on Twitter

  16. Greg R Says:

    The computer desk I am writing this from

  17. llinda29 Says:

    my coffee table

  18. myntric Says:


  19. Shannon Says:

    an antique hutch

  20. Jenn S. Says:

    My china cabinet could use some Pledge.

  21. mrs.mommyy Says:

    was just thinking those pesky fan blades up above accumulate alot of dust- maybe this would help mrs.mommyyatgmaildotcom

  22. mommync3 Says:

    Fireplace..Thanks for the chance to win.

    mommync3 at yahoo dot com

  23. Stephen Says:

    I have an old Pioneer woodgrain stereo that’s ancient by today’s standards, but still rocks the house… Pledge keeps it purdy. 😉

  24. Anonymous Says:

    My coffee table could definitely use it.

  25. Terri Says:

    My bedroom dresser needs Pledge.

  26. cmgnbox01 Says:

    Actually, I have a few wood surfaces that could use some Pledge…dressers, nightstand, headboard, tables, chairs, desk, etc., etc., etc. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. cmgnbox01 Says:

    I blogged:

  28. cmgnbox01 Says:

    I stumbled: cmgnbox01

  29. cmgnbox01 Says:

    I added your button:

  30. cmgnbox01 Says:

    Are you still on twitter? I tried to follow you (, but it says page doesn’t exist…

  31. toughturtles Says:

    our living room furniture

  32. idahomom Says:

    My antique oak roll top desk.

  33. VIVI7729 Says:

    We have a coffee table in dire need of some tlc…my boyfriend made it over 20 years ago in his shop class.

  34. denyse Says:

    My kitchen table desperately needs some TLC!

  35. mverno Says:

    my china closet

  36. Andria Says:

    Most of my furniture is wood, but my bookcases always need care

  37. Anonymous Says:

    My desk. Then maybe I would clear my desk off.

  38. paryjeja Says:

    My knickknack shelves could use some dusting

  39. Tamara Says:

    My coffee table sure went through alot during the holidays and it desperately needs some pledge to bring back it’s beautiful shine. Thank-you.

  40. Beverley Says:

    The vanity and dress in my bedroom! It is the dustiest room in my house, no matter what I do…

  41. Shelley Says:

    I desperately need some Pledge for my beautiful Cedar Lane hope chest.

    (I have used Pledge–practically since birth, it seems 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  42. Shelley Says:

    I follow you on Twitter (vegasweep)

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  43. Shelley Says:

    Stumbled (kalikrush)

    tskrush (at) cox (dot) net

  44. Helen S Says:

    My entertainment center needs some pledge.

  45. Jenna Says:

    My bookcase could use some attention. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Angela Says:

    My picture shelves. I hate having to dust them because I have to remove all the pictures and then put them all back. Anything to help me not have to dust as often would be great!

  47. Alli Says:

    I desperately need some for my bookshelf. They are the last place I ever get to!

  48. msrodeobrat Says:

    my bed and dresser, i just moved in and the new carpet dust is everywhere! but particularly bad there

  49. Kimberly L Says:

    A desk that I inherited from my grandmother. I could use the Pledge for my bedroom and living room furniture as well.


  50. Karen Says:

    My player piano.

    ktgonyea at

  51. drming Says:

    My Baby Grand Piano

  52. toohotforturtle Says:

    My bookcase could use some Pledge

  53. toohotforturtle Says:

    Your button is on my blog

  54. LIDARKSIDE Says:

    Our bedroom furniture.

  55. cdziuba Says:

    All of my wood furniture, and with special attention to my dark pine bedroom set, where Pledge makes it shine!

  56. cdziuba Says:

    I subscribe via Google Reader.

  57. Renee G Says:

    My piano could really use some Pledge and a little TLC.


  58. Alexis Says:

    You mean I’m suppose to dust those surfaces? Oh geez in that case, it would be every room and every surface. I guess the adam’s family look isn’t working :).

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Kitchen table.

  60. Jason Says:

    The entry room floor trim could really use this

  61. janetfaye Says:

    My desk needs Pledge.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  62. yellowlabs Says:

    My piano needs Pledge very badly!

  63. PowerSweepstaking Says:

    fish tank stand

  64. PowerSweepstaking Says:

    ooops, guess I’m not following on twitter, it returned:

    couldn’t find anyone named lyricsmama

  65. sachidewey Says:

    My coffee table is in constant need of dusting.

  66. wgbc1446 Says:

    My china cabinet could use some Pledge!

  67. Living in Alaska Says:

    I went to dust the furniture, the other day before company showed up, and ugh…no pledge.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    We have a mahogany dining table and we need it! Go Pledge!

  69. Anonymous Says:

    I need Pledge for our endtables in the living room.

  70. danmrobbins Says:

    My dining room table and hutch.

  71. Lisa C Says:

    This would be great for my dark bedroom furniture!

  72. MCJunkie Says:

    My coffee table really needs a Pledge Waxin i tell ya. I know that stuff makes things look brand new, maybe i outta use it on myself too.

  73. lisalmg Says:

    My entertainment center and dining table. Thanks!

  74. kohndr Says:

    My desk. My whole family works on the computer there and it always needs dusting

  75. jessilynn Says:

    My desk for sure..what a mess! Thank you for the giveaway.

    PS> I am following your blog but not sure if that means twitter I still have to make my own blog and have so much to learn. 🙂

  76. ms-texas Says:

    i use pledge for dusting my bedroom furniture!

    debbiebellows at gmail. dot com

  77. Allison Says:

    My entertainment center is one big ball of dust!

  78. Anonymous Says:

    So need this for my piano and bench!

  79. jnmacdonald Says:

    My TV console table desperately needs a good dusting.

  80. Mama Hill Says:

    My bookshelves are looking pretty skanky!

  81. jennifer57 Says:

    end tables

  82. Kari Says:

    my console table always seems to need dusting!

  83. Kari Says:

    I follow you!!

  84. blueviolet Says:

    I’d really like using it on my dining room set.

  85. blueviolet Says:

    I stumbled it (bluevioletof2)

  86. Steph Says:

    My bedroom dressers.

  87. crystal Says:

    I really need some Pledge for my night stands. They are always dusty! Yuck!

  88. Jennielee Says:

    my kitchen cabinets and my picture frames

  89. maddgiggler Says:

    On the wood trim around my doors and windows.

  90. princess210 Says:

    My coffee table and end tables need pledge very badly!

  91. Anya Says:

    My coffee table needs the pledge. Thanks.

  92. nickyle Says:

    My baseboards, my mantle, my door frames, my end tables, my table, my carved bear sculpture, so many objects in my house are wood so a can of Pledge would really come in handy.

    Thank you and Happy New Year A Wrestling Addicted Mommy

  93. MommaGambini Says:

    My doors and stairs could definitely use a good Pledge wipe down.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    katco64 at aol dot com

  94. amyd29 Says:

    my tv stand needs it badly!


  95. klp1965 Says:

    my bedroom set could really use this 🙂

  96. klp1965 Says:

    following u on twitter klp1965

  97. 1agordon Says:

    my coffee table

  98. Noggy Says:

    I have a grandfather clock that could use some anti-dust formula and the lemony scent of Plege.

  99. Noggy Says:

    I’m a follower on Blogger.

    And I’m subscribed to your email updates.

  100. Susanne Says:

    We have antique end tables that need lots of TLC.

  101. masonsgranny59 Says:

    My computer desk needs the pledge. Thanks.:)

  102. angie Says:

    my dresser seems to collect dust quickly

  103. tigger210 Says:

    My house is dusty! I have alot of woodwork and a piano that need some Pledge. Thanks!
    skstigger (at)

  104. Janice Wright Says:

    I’ve noticed my dining room table has some fine scratches. I’m thinking Pledge could help this.

    jwright (at) iowatelecom (dot) net

  105. Candie Says:

    We have a shelf in our living room that always seems to find all of the dust in the house. It desperately needs some Pledge


  106. leah Says:

    I have a bookshelf with tons of knick knacks [and books!] on it that needs a good dusting!

  107. Donna Says:

    I need it for my dining room table.

  108. Donna Says:

    I follow you on twitter.

  109. lilyk Says:

    I desperately need some Pledge for my nightstand.

  110. Timster Says:

    My china cabinet.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    the bedroom furniture could realy use this. thanks

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