Wordy Wednesday

So I decided to start doing something a little different on my blog. I’m going to start doing something called Wordy Wednesday. Each Wednesday I’ll talk about a topic that one of my readers give me, so be sure to comment on each weeks Wordy Wednesday with a topic for me to write about the next week.

This week I’m taking a topic that my lovely friend Lauren gave me. My hatred for chest hair!!! It seems like an odd hatred to have but it’s one I have none the less. Where it stems from I have no idea, but just the thought, just the look of it turns me off and makes me gag.

Take for instance my friend Elijah. Before we became friends I had a huge crush on him, yes, he’s a former WWE Superstar. Anyways, his previous look was great, nice built body, soft, sleek and DAMN he looked good. Well since being released from WWE and him trying out a new ‘gimmick’ he’s transformed into hmmm some could say…. A Bear! I can’t even look at his pictures the same anymore. I haven’t said anything to him directly (and Elijah, if your reading this I do love you dearly), but that rug on his chest NEEDS TO GO!!!! Compare the following pictures….. On the left we have hot Elijah with a sleek hairless chest….On the right, we have MAN HAIR! A rug perhaps attached to this formerly fine man’s body…. You compare and let me know what’s more attractive, because the chest hair is just not.

I don’t see how some women can even bare to be around it. Running their fingers through some man’s chest hair ICK GROSS… I guess that rules out any kissing or licking of the chest, do you get it stuck in between your teeth? ~SHUDDERS~ I can’t do it ladies, I just can’t.

Lucky for me Rodney has VERY LITTLE chest hair. I have noticed though, as he gets older these little stray hairs seem to be popping up… I’ve requested nicely a few times that he needs to start shaving or waxing and if he doesn’t adhear to that request soon, I think he might find me on top of him with a bit of wax and some strips to get them off…..

What are your thoughts? Yay or Nay for chest hair? And don’t forget, leave me a topic for next week’s Wordy Wednesday!

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