Excuse my bitchieness!!!

Do you ever find yourself getting really irritable for almost no reason? Or suddenly feeling like being a plain ol’ bitch? Well, that’s me today……

I’ve actually been feeling like this for a few days now, I have been sick, but today I’m feeling much much better and today is probably one of the worst days I’ve had. Not only are my kids getting under my skin and making me want to run away forever, but it seems like anyone and everyone could just say HI and I’d jump down their throats today.

It’s probably just my usual case of PMS creeping up on me, but it’s been so annoying all day. I’ve tried to work out multiple times today, and am either interrupted by my children or the phone, this literally pisses me off!!!

My new neighbors, I can’t STAND them. They must be the loudest people on earth during the day. Never mind that they had their music blaring out of their house yesterday so the entire neighborhood could hear it while I was sick in bed with my girls trying to get some rest. I almost climbed out my bedroom window ready to bust their stereo system in half. I also have to deal with their driveway being right beside my living room window and them BLARING their music in their car night and day or honking for absolutely no reason other than their just too damn lazy to get out of the car.

If I wanted to deal with BS like this I’d be living in apartments. This street seems to be getting worse and worse and worse since we’ve moved here. It was a nice tree lined quite street when we moved in, but it seems as the stupid city of Toledo decides to cut trees down, it brings in idiots to replace them. Just plant some more trees and tear down the houses that are for sale.

On top of that, my laptop is acting all wonky, Twitter is pissing me off with the slowness, the not fully loaded pages, and the over capacity page, my Wii Fit batteries are either not fully charged something is wrong with my Wii Fit, or it just gets a kick out of fucking with me and teasing me that I’ve lost over 50lbs. Yea. RIGHT!

Yup, I sure do have some reviews and giveaways to write. I have some winners to announce, but honestly I.AM.NOT.IN.THE.MOOD today….Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight when there’s some piece and quiet around here, maybe after I’ve stuffed my face with a few brownies will I feel better…..

Irritation, it’s on my mind today. Technically I shouldn’t be allowed online or near a phone or person today for this very reason that I’m about to lash out on anyone and everyone, but hey that makes it just a bit more fun for me, right? Now excuse me as I go yell at my children for yet again not cleaning their room as they’ve been doing since they woke up this morning, promising me they’d get it done……

Some days, I hate being a mom, I hate being a woman, I hate being ME! A nice small vacation would be great, but that’s never going to happen for a million years. Heck even the cruise that I won turned out to be bull shit… I can never win… EVER! And again go the neighbors with their damn loudness……sigh….

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