YouData gives you extra cash…

Seasoned readers of my blog know that I’m all about finding ways to make money online and all about finding those freebies. Normally my means of making some quick bucks is by selling on eBay, or by doing some paid surveys (which I’ve given you a list of before here). I’ve now found a new place to make some extra bucks, and it’s legit!

Within the span of maybe 20 minutes (taking the time to sign up, answer the survey questions and then viewing ads) I’ve made about $5 bucks through a place called YouData. I know, viewing ads for money? How 2000ish! But really, it’s quick and simple and easy to do and takes up only the amount of time you want to spend doing it, or well, until you run out of ads to view.

I’m online anyways, why not use some of the time to make even more cash into my pockets, er um into my Paypal account instead of wasting away paying bills online like my auto insurance I can now make some extra cash!

Here’s how it works:

• Visit

• Set up your own YouData account. The only information you’ll need right now is your gender, date of birth, email address and a cell phone number. This is to receive your activation codes. YouData will not spam you at your email or cell phone number so not to worry.

• Once you’ve done this, you now have a MeFile on YouData. Don’t forget to put in your activation codes, you’ll need both of them.

Once you’ve done those simple steps you’ll need to do the following:

• Fill out your MeFile with things like your zip code, marital status, employment status, education level, income level, etc. You don’t have to fill it all out, but the more information you provide the more targeted ads you’ll see.

• You’ll also have to have a PayPal account to collect your payments. Payments are made each Friday.

• Finished all your surveys and information? Head over to your Adgets where you’ll see your ads which are worth about 20 cents a piece. You don’t have to install their software, I didn’t (always a little worried about spyware etc) so I just view mine via the YouData website. Tell it to Reveal Ads and you’re off.

• Once you’ve viewed the Revealed ads, you collect and then reload and you’ll have a few more things come up. This time you Jump to collect and a webpage opens up for each advertiser. You’ll hear a little chingy nose each time you do.

• You reload again and again until YouData runs out of advertisers to show you for that moment.

• You’re done, just keep checking back every day and let that easy money roll in!!!!

Going through ads, I’ve found a few places that I’m familiar with, as well as a few new places to check out. You’ll see ads from such places as furniture, blogs, clothing etc. Some which you’ll probably find familiar as well, or like me, you’ll find interesting as a potential review for your blog.

So far, I love YouData and haven’t found anything negative about it. So be sure to check out YouData today, fill that PayPal account up with some extra cash!

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