What a way to wake up….

Waking up to the screams of a child saying “Oh my god there’s water everywhere” isn’t something you hear often, nor is it something as a parent you want to hear at all. The unthinkable pops into your head, what were these children doing while we were still asleep?

As my hubby got up to see what was going on, the thoughts in my mind were that these kids got up out of their room earlier than normal and proceeded to play in the sink. Not an unusual thing for kids to do, they’ve been yelled at about playing in the skin before. However, this time it wasn’t their fault, after hearing my husband scream “Oh my god” I knew something was up.

I woke up to a wet carpet in the hallway, a flooded bathroom and the toilet running with water (clean thank goodness). I ran downstairs to grab some towels from the laundry room only to find it raining in my kitchen!!! I screamed the kitchen was flooded and there were cracks in the ceiling with water coming out of them, as well as water coming out of the light fixtures as well. It literally was raining in the kitchen.

After getting the upstairs bathroom mopped up we waited on the kitchen to stop raining and got to work getting the water out of there as well. All over my clean dishes on the drying rack, all over the floor, behind the stove, all over my wood table….Water just everywhere! When my husband went into the basement he was surprised by more water which had leaked into the basement from the kitchen, not as much as was in the bathroom or the kitchen itself but water non the less.

So now, we sit here with all the windows open, used the shop vac to get most of the water out of the carpet upstairs, my children wanting to know what’s going on, wanting to help clean up which of course I’m trying to keep them OUT of the areas by shoving the tv in their face for once and of course they want nothing to do with it. I wait here for my husband to get back from Menards because of course this is the time where I am out of bleach to clean and sanitize with.

I decided to call my brother since he does this type of thing for a living. Cleaning up flooded/damaged homes, and he’s also going to school for insurance. His suggestion was to call the insurance company because more than likely it will be covered as we’ll need to rip out the sheet rock from the ceiling, probably replace the floors as well as the carpet because of mold..

I am not looking forward to this. My husband was supposed to work today but he’s since called in because this is too much clean up for me to do alone while attending to the girls. So we’ll call the insurance company and see what happens, at least I need to get this mess cleaned up.

What a start to a weekend…..

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