Tweeting your personal views…

My political views are defiantly not the same as some people; my religious views are much different as well. Most of my life views are going to vary from other people on this planet. Although this is a personal site, this is my personal blog, because I do tend to have some sort of professional relationships with readers and sponsors alike, I choose for the most part not to push, or post a lot of views on where I stand, especially when it comes to politics or religion or anything that could in fact upset and/or offend anyone.

Although this is my personal blog, I could choose to speak my mind on some debatable issues but I don’t want my blog to be about that. Using my own personal Twitter account I choose not to get into heated topics or debate or especially send out political messages via my Twitter account. My Twitter account is linked to my blog, my Twitter account is heavily associated with A Wrestling Addicted Mommy therefore anything spoken about on my twitter is going to have a direct effect to my ‘brand’ so to speak.

People on Twitter need to realize this. I ran across Joey Styles (Former WWE ECW Announcer) Twitter account today (@wwejoeystyles) with him doing nothing but bashing President Obama and those quote “misled Americans who voted for him”. I realize not everyone likes President Obama or the things he’s doing in office, we went through the same thing with President Bush, who I myself disliked VERY much. Although I am an Obama supporter and am happy with most of the things he’s doing in office, I do realize there’s always going to be haters, and everyone has the opportunity to speak their minds about it, freedom of speech right?

Well, does this stand true when you have a Twitter account solely used to promote the company you work for? Joey Styles has a Twitter account that is made with full WWE support, logos and links to the company he works for. I know Joey Styles is one person, but when you’re signed up with an account that is not your own personal account but rather an account aimed to inform fans on the on goings of WWE, an account used to promote the WWE Brand and Company should you be spewing off your personal political views/beliefs to the fans around the Twitterverse who follow you solely on the main reason because of who you are within a company? What if it wasn’t WWE and what if it was your local life insurance company or representative on the company twitter account voicing their personal ideals and beliefs?

I’m slightly disturbed at the fact that WWE would allow Joey Styles to venture off into his personal political views via his WWE Twitter account as he represents their company to the thousands of fans on Twitter. Does WWE realize they’re now associated with Joey Styles political views therefore loosing countless WWE fans who are now unfollowing @wwejoeystyles? Do they not realize the consequences this could cause them as a company? It’s not like Joey Styles is a wrestling character or persona who’s looking to be a heel and get the fans to hate his persona, he’s a former announcer, he’s now only a Director of Digital Media Content for, he’s not one of the entertainers we watch weekly and love to hate.

So what do you think? When your twitter account is linked to your company or representing a company when your twitter account has the company’s name in your twitter username should you be voicing your personal beliefs on t hat account? Should @wwejoeystyles have another more personal account not associated with WWE if he’d like to ‘tweet’ about such things?

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