He’s a man, he’s part black he can’t keep it in his pants…

For a few days we’ve been talking about Tiger Woods on a message board I’m a part of called The Lily Pad, and if he deserves to catch a break, there was a poll and a few answers, it was pretty light hearted until some bitch girl decided she’d put in her two cents….Oh yea, there will be some cussing and choice words said so please beware of that….

And I quote….

Well he’s a man and he’s part black. neither one can keep their stuff in the pants. No i’m NOT racist my dd is half black, and i’m mexican so i’m allowed to crack on beaners and black’s i have a card. lol.

Now… Most of you know that I’m married to a black man, have been for the past 7 years, we also have two bi-racial children, regardless of that fact that statement quoted above has no business ever leaving a persons mouth! I went OFF on the bitch girl and in my opinion rightfully so! Heck, even just because you’re of one minority race, it does NOT give you the card not to be racist. I know lots of people who race hate on their own race and using a derogatory word towards ones self, still isn’t right!

Members who rarely speak out about things they don’t agree with even spoke up in light of this. I admit I called her a bitch, I used a few choice curse words, I called her ignorant, racist and trash. I was FUMING!!!! NO matter what, statements like that coming out of your mouth are RACIST! And just because you’re part of one minority race, and have a child of mixed race DOES NOT give you the ‘card’ to say such HATEFUL, HURTFUL, DISGUSTING things….

She then retaliated with another post….

I am sorry if i hurt anyone’s feelings u too Gina. I was merely making a statement and You blew it out of proportion. As for calling me a bitch and trash that was totally uncalled for and truly hurt my feelings. I am also not a “troublemaker” (sounds so childish doesn’t it?) Look at my posts and see all the “trouble” I cause. As for teaching my child bad stuff, my daughter is the most respectful child, and loves everyone, she lights a room wherever she goes. Oh and she goes to church twice a week , once is a club that has the kids memorize bible verses and do volunteer work.guess that makes me a dumb, trashy bitch doesn’t it.

What that has to do with anything I’m not sure….. Church, ok, that’s great I hope she gets much better views than her mother there…..

After her ‘apology’ she then decided to make another lovely statement….

So ppl can just call each other dumb bitches and that’s excused?? I don’t care how long she’s been on here that was just down right low and dirty. Besides are any of you black males. Everyone go home and ask your bf/husband if he agrees with my statement and i bet you he will. Post a poll on your fb or myspace and i bet you 90% will. If she wouldn’t have said anything no one would care.

Way to show your colors… This now gives me 100% belief that you’re really not apologizing and really do think the way you do.

I hate that my daughters have to still grow up in IGNORANCE! I’m sad that at 6 years old and 3 years old I’ve had to already teach them about racism because people like this still breed hate…

I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad run with men, black men, and any men. But honey MOST men CAN keep it in their pants, most black, Latino, white, Asian, pink, purple, blue men CAN keep it in their pants it’s about character, it’s about who they are NOT about RACE….

This spilled over onto today and I’m still FUMING MAD at her statements, I had to get it out…
So what do you think? Any comments on statements like this? I refuse to let myself, my family or my children associate with people who dare to still think like this if I can help it.

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December 16, 2009 – 10:57 AM - | Posted in daily life | Comments Off on He’s a man, he’s part black he can’t keep it in his pants…

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