My exciting news…

So the other day I said I had some exciting news to share about myself. Are you curious to what it could be? I’m sure a lot of you will be shocked, proud, and thinking this is something I would never do….

Yes, you read that right; I finally took my driver’s test! On November 24th I got up in the morning, took a deep breath, and marched into the BMV. I was so nervous!! I mean it’s not like this was my first time ever driving, or even taking the road test, but it’s been a LONG time.
The testing dude was super nice! He first asked me, “Is this your first time doing the test and driving?” I said no, explained the situation to him, how I had had my license since I was 17, but moved to the USA 8 years ago, let my Canadian license expire since I just didn’t want to be bothered with starting all over again.

We proceeded to the driving portion of the test. In Ohio there’s 2 parts, the road test and then the maneuverability test, which is the one I was most nervous about, and I told him that too. I said we don’t do those back home, he asked how they tested us back home and was so chatty through the whole thing. It was barely like a test at all actually, we just talked and chatted about things. Then he said most times people who have had their license before are more nervous than our first time teen drivers because you’ve already got bad habits. I said “Well I haven’t driven in 6 years, I hope my bad habits are gone”. We got to the first stop light and he said “Bad habit #1, stopping at the cross walk” and he laughed. DAMMIT! That was 5pts off my test…

We then proceeded through some residential areas and I had to ask him a few times which way because he was so involved in talking to me about his first time parallel parking. We headed back to the BMV parking lot and he had me head over to the maneuverability area. This consisted of 4 cones with poles that I had to drive though, and then turn to the left or the right around a cone and pole and then backing out the same way.

Pulling in, I was fine, it was backing out I was afraid of.

Did perfect pulling in and to the right of the cone, backing out, not so much I had to redo it twice. He told me you can start over again, that’s no problem but you get 2pts taken off your test every time you have to start over, but if you hit or knock down something it’s an automatic fail. GREAT! I did it though, had 4pts knocked off my score because I had to stop and straighten out again twice.

So there you have it! I’m now officially a driver again! Get out your party dresses and tuxedo jackets we can go out on the town and PARTY now!!!

I can say, I LOVE DRIVING once again, I’ve already been out a bunch of times and it’s so nice to have the freedom of going WITHOUT husband and children in tow. Now all we have to do is get a second car, which will have to wait until after tax season, but YAY!!! I CAN DRIVE!!!

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