Weight Loss and Grocery Shopping…

Yesterday I wrote a post about how hard grocery shopping is, and how finding healthy affordable foods, and meal ideas are also hard for me. I’ve gotten some great tips thanks to a few people both in my comments and email and I’d like to thank you for that.

Grocery Shopping is still a topic on my mind, and thinking there’s got to be a trick to getting the grocery shopping down to a science, especially when it comes to weight loss. I know there’s no magic pill or any magic cream that I can find like from www.msmcream.net that’s going to make this weight disappear; it’s about focus and hard work, eating right and exercise.

But I think that the grocery store is where it’s going to start to get me on the right track. I have to learn to NOT go down the dreaded snack/pop isle, and learn to spend more time in the produce section. I’ve got to learn to shop with a list! This is one of the hardest things for me. I recently just started couponing and that’s enough, a list is harder for me to not only write out but to remember as well. If I want to have a healthy diet though, I need to learn to plan out my meals, and shop by the list!

Another flaw, going grocery shopping hungry! This is a big NO! With my stomach growling, the smells from the bakery and the deli are oh so tempting and it makes you shop like you hungry, not shop for the healthy things I need to be looking for.

Planning out my trip may be the way to go. Coupons, shopping list, and the attack I’m going to go for, like shopping around the perimeter of the store first and foremost where I can find all the produce and fresh foods, and staying away from the inside isles where all the processed foods are.

I really do need some help with my lists though. Sometimes I have a plan to make x, x and x recipe and once I have the ingredients on my list, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of stuff on my list and then still have to include the normal every day stuff.

How do you organize your grocery shopping trips? Any tips on making a list, meal planning? Do you have any go to healthy items?

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