*Knock, Knock* Honey it’s the news station at the door…

Well, here’s a lesson to be learned….

If you blog it, tweet it, and email it… THE LOCAL NEWS STATION WILL SHOW UP AT YOUR HOUSE!!!!

If you read my post about the Trash Issues we’ve been having here, you’ll know what I was trying to tell everyone I could about our issue here in Toledo, which included me emailing all the local TV stations as well as the Mayor. Yesterday was Day 4 of no pickup for the larger/extra items. Hubby finally called AGAIN last night and spoke with a supervisor, after we had been promised it would be picked up in 24- 48hrs of the last time we called, and again it wasn’t. The supervisor PROMISED that it would be picked up in the morning….

Well the supervisor didn’t lie. This morning a PRIVATE COMPANY garbage truck (not waste management that the city normally uses) came and pulled up to our house and started to load the garbage into the truck. Unfortunately for them, they were not alone. The local news station WTOL 11 was right behind them taking notes, footage and pics loading up the truck, and even came out and talked to the garbage men as well asking WHY they wouldn’t be picking up the other piles in the neighborhood if they were already out here, their answer, we can only do it if we’re told to…..

So we didn’t know the news crew was out there with them at first. Once the truck left hubby went outside to go put the cans away and there was a white truck outside our house, I said who’s that… Hubby came back in and said it’s the news; they want to talk to you about the trash situation!!!


It’s 9am…. I’m still in my PJs no hair done, no makeup no NOTHING!!!! I run upstairs yelling NO NO NO YOU GO TALK TO THEM!!! And run and hide!

The thoughts run into my head to get ‘presentable’ and tidy up a bit, oh no there’s a child with nutella all over her face and in her pj’s with messy hair, what if they come in the house ACK!!! Lol I’m a nutcase apparently! My next thought… Get a picture and tweet! Which I did…

I seriously can’t believe they came out here, but our garbage is picked up, and hopefully the city will rectify this HUGE problem going on in this city! Thanks WTOL for actually LISTENING and wanting to cover this story.

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February 25, 2010 – 10:46 AM - | Posted in Automated Trash System, Toledo, Trash Issues, WTOL | Comments Off on *Knock, Knock* Honey it’s the news station at the door…

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