Kiss can Kiss my ….

Thursday ended up being a REAL BAD DAY for me….

Hubby was off, so we decided to go shopping after we picked up my daughter from school. It was around dinner time when we went so we decided to stop off at IHOP to get a bite to eat. Thing was, I was attentively listening to the local radio station Kiss 92.5 because I had got a text message a few hours before, letting me know that at 5pm they were going to be giving away tickets to WWE RAW that’s coming to town in May! Hell if I was going to miss that chance! They were giving away tickets before they were available to purchase to the general public.

Lucky for me, Kiss 92.5 is available on Iheartradio on my Blackberry, so as we’re in IHOP I was sitting there with one earbud in my ear listning for my chance to call in, hubby’s phone in my other hand, and trying to call and eat at the same time….

A few times I got rings and then nothing… They ended up giving the first pair away to some chick, this is what the DJ wanted, someone upbeat, someone who could say they were a huge wrestling fan, um HELLO!! A Wrestling Addicted Mommy!! There’s no one in Toledo who’s a bigger fan than ME! (ok hubby says that’s not true because he’s a bigger fan than me but I disagree! Lol)

They announce that they’re going to give another ticket away and you have to prove that your a huge fan, so I continue to call and call and call. We get into the car and it rings… BOOMER the DJ picks up and I ask if they’re still giving them away, he says yes! I SPEW OFF at 859034850 MPH how much of a wrestling fan I am, why I deserve the tickets, mention my blog, my twitter name, the websites I’ve ran etc I wasn’t telling him abut any diet pill reviews or anything, I was mentioning wrestling things and proving why I’m a huge fan, even the amount of years both hubby and myself have been fans… I get the tickets right???


Jackass (excuse my language) Boomer says he doesn’t believe that I”m in Toledo! Um HELLO?!? Yes I called the 877 number because whenever I call the local number it tells me the number has been disconnected or changed… No big deal…Not ONCE did anyone say you have to be a Toledo resident to win anyways! So I tell him yes I am, I tell him where I live, he says no I don’t believe you, I said dude I’m at the IHOP and told him what street right now, and he said no sorry I don’t think you’re in Toledo and he HUNG UP ON ME!

This had me FUMING MAD for the rest of the day!!! I’m still so mad that I”m not even listening to that station anymore! But screw you Kiss 92.5, I got myself some better seats than you were probably giving away anyways!!

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