Lady Gaga Has Gone Too Far?

The latest Lady Gaga drama! Do we really care? Not normally but I had to weigh in on this one. This video was first brought to my attention while I was browsing my favorite blog Necole Bitchie.

Fox News aired a news report recently which was named “Has Lady Gaga Gone Too Far”. Have you seen the latest video called Telephone with Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce? If not, check it out below before you see the news story (beware its the explicit version):

Fox News claimed that the video Telephone was “pushing what critics call twisted sexual fantasies to children…” Um WHAT?! I didn’t know that Lady Gaga and this video was aimed and geared towards children..

Sandy Rios says:

“You think you’ve seen it all and then ‘wait it’s more’. This time we have to speculate if she has a male member or not. Whether it’s been cut off or not. Then they do a mass murder at the end and then you have Beyonce and Gaga as gay and lesbian lovers. It’s disgusting Megan, I don’t like it and I would not under any circumstance allow my children to buy Lady Gaga’s cds or listen to them and I would explain to them why, this is just poison for the minds of our kids and for our minds for that matter.”

Check out the news report in full below:

Here’s my take…. Lady Gaga is an ADULT!!!

As a parent myself, it’s MY RESPONSIBILITY to know what my children are watching and listening to. Lady Gaga may not be the best artist for some children, and as parents that’s up to US. If you child is looking to pop stars to influence them in their behaviors and how they’re going to act in life, then you as a parent aren’t doing your job CORRECTLY!

I hate when the media gets all up on ‘celebs’ of any sort saying this this and that are not good images for children. Here’s the thing… These ‘celebs’ that are normally talked about like that are ADULTS they’re not teens, they’re not kids, perhaps parents should be doing their job and letting their kids listen to KIDS and TEENS music and brush up on their parenting skills… Heck half the time you see some of these ‘celebs’ endorsing adult acne products, yes ADULT not teen products…

Otherwise…. Like myself don’t censor a lot with my children when it comes to music and whatnot, they can listen to what they like, watch what they want within reason, I believe that I myself as a parent am doing and have done a well enough job for my children to know the difference between how to act in life and society and what entertainment is!

I’m not a big Lady Gaga fan by any means, I do like some of her music but I’m not an all out huge fan, however she’s an artist, she’s an entertainer, people have choices to listen to watch and to TEACH and DIRECT their children as to what’s right, and what’s wrong. Blaming this that and the other for the way people are going to ‘react’ is just wrong. Videos, music, games etc are NOT what should be influencing your children or anyone for that matter, you teach them properly that’s not what happens…

I don’t see the video as a big deal at all…. It’s a music video, it’s entertainment, it’s no difference than watching SAW or other horror movies which in my opinion can be much worse than this unique, weird music video, heck I’ve seen a lot worse in male dominated hip hop videos with ‘video girls’ shaking and prancing around in barely nothing, that I can find more offensive than this video, sorry the “lesbian” relationship doesn’t bother me, nor does it bother me for my children to know about that, that’s life!

What are your thoughts???

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