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Niagara Falls Canada, the honeymoon capital of the world! Visiting ‘the falls’ can be breathtaking, a wonder of nature. But there’s so much more to do than just stare at some rushing water. As you’ve seen my previous posts for a wonderful boutique hotel to stay at, The Sterling Inn & Spa, a great place to have a romantic dinner AG Inspired Cuisine and now I give you the perfect place to connect and relax.

OneSpaRetreat is located within the Sterling Inn and Spa but is not only for the guests of the hotel. Located on the bottom floor the team of OneSpaRetreat will prepare you for your personal journey of spa bliss!

Now, I’ve never had a massage before, and neither has my hubby. With our Retreat package at the Sterling Inn & Spa we had a 30 minute couples massage at OneSpaRetreat. Walking in, I was kind of nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once we got there it was a calm that came over me.

The ‘waiting’ room of sorts is very dimly lit with ice water with lemon or herbal tea for customers waiting for their spa experience. Soft music and candles fill the room. Soft plush couches await you. We were greeted, filled out our paperwork, and given robes and flip flops to change into. I do wish the robes were slightly softer, they were kind of stiff and rough, for a spa I would have expected something a little better. You are provided with a locker to keep all your personal belongings and clothing in. Once you’re changed into your robe you’re back out into the waiting room.

Once we were called into our room, two tables were set up. I thought we would be side by side as I was told, but there was a pretty large gap between the tables, and one was higher than the other. I guess I just expected to be a little closer. The room had a shower, dim lighting, soft music and candles. The massage tables were so comfortable. Once inside they instructed us how to lay down, left the room so we could disrobe and get onto the table and under the nice warm blankets.

The massage was heaven! Back massage, arms, neck, and even scalp! 30 minutes was just not long enough. The music was so soothing, I thought I was going to fall asleep.

The massage was great, but it wasn’t really a connection or bonding I had hoped for being a couples massage, we just happened to simply be in the same room, at the same time, getting a massage, but, would I do it again? In a heartbeat! I was so relaxed afterward, hubby even enjoyed it.

From their website:
OneSpaRetreat is a complete Holistic and wellness Spa focused on providing individuals and groups with the various healing cultural arts from around the world. A combination of massage therapies, multi-cultural spa treatments, yoga, guided meditation, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and the “ I Ching” of inner change. Our Spa focuses on the needs of individuals searching for optimal health and vitality and for groups who require wellness experiences as a way of optimizing corporate productivity balance and harmony during any meeting, conference or special event. Allow OneSpaRetreat to assist you holistically to be the best you can be as you begin your inner journey within the world of wellness today!

OneSpaRetreat isn’t only about massages, it’s a full service spa where you can get just about any spa service available. If you want the full romantic experience of Niagara Falls, I highly suggest making a visit to OneSpaRetreat. That way you can have the beauty of the falls, the fun of Clifton Hill, the wonderful tastes of AG Inspired Cuisine and the relaxation of both The Sterling Inn & Spa and OneSpaRetreat. Your couples time away won’t be wasted but cherished.

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