Nutrisystem Week 1 Score: Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNation

nutrisystem logo Nutrisystem Week 1: Score   Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNation

I couldn’t be more thrilled right now! Nutrisystem is WORKING!!!! I just finished my first week, and lost 4lbs!!I’m now down to 221 lbs!! I’m so excited!

I thought this was going to be really hard truthfully, and I’m still struggling a bit, but with some help from the Nutrisystem community, other bloggers in the #NSNation and help from Nutrisystem staff, I’m on my way!

water hate taste plain water 1.3 800x800 Nutrisystem Week 1: Score   Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNationMy biggest challenge was drinking water at first. I don’t drink enough as is, I can go an entire day with maybe 1 glass of something, horrible I know. I was struggling with water, and didn’t really want to use Crystal Light as it counts as an ‘extra’ because it does contain calories. So, I got the great suggestion of putting fruit inside my water bottle. Lemon, Lime and Orange, I’ve also put strawberry, and it’s working WONDERFULLY! I can get though my 64oz a day no problem now!

I’m also learning to add to the Nutrisystem meals. I’m eating a TON of veggies! But finding new and great ways to incorporate them into each meal, especially at dinner time.  Did you know that on Nutrisystem you don’t just eat their meals?  This was a misconception I had from the beginning.  You do add grocery items like dairy, protein, fats and veggies as well as other condiments etc.current nutrisystem offer 300x283 Nutrisystem Week 1: Score   Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNation

My big surprise this first week was how good the meals actually were. I don’t think there’s anything yet that I’ve turned my nose down at. I was a bit apprehensive with the burger, I mean um taking it out of the box (because it’s shelf stable) and adding boiling water to it didn’t sound like it was going to be even a little appetizing. But to my surprise, IT WAS GREAT!!! I added my whole grain bun, some veggies to top it off (mushrooms, onions) and a bit of ketchup and YUM! I was eating an actual burger! And it was GOOD!

I’m also loving their pizza’s and desserts. I can have things like cookies, and brownies and not feel guilty!

The Nutrisystem community and message boards are also a great help. Reading about what other members to do spice up their meals is just amazing, there’s some great recipes to stay on Nutrisystem, incorporate your Nutrisystem meals and enjoy a great meal! You’d be surprised what some of these guys come up with, Strawberry Shortcake, Spaghetti Squash added to the NS ravioli. It’s amazing, I’ve found some great ideas!

One thing I did slack on this week was exercise. I’ve been so busy with other things I didn’t get any in. So I’m telling myself, Monday morning 9am to the gym I go! If I can loose 4lbs in a week with just eating better, imagine how well I can do when I bring exercise into the mix as well!

 Nutrisystem Week 1: Score   Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNation

Keep an eye out for my next update where hopefully I’ll have even better news by loosing some more weight!Thank You Nutrisystem!!!

Want to lose weight and get healthy with me on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by

Post is only by the opinion of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy, other views and opinions may vary, please see my disclosure policy for more information. I am a part of the Nutrisystem Nation with the Nutrisystem program being provided to me at no cost.

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One Comment to “Nutrisystem Week 1 Score: Me 4 Fat 0!! #NSNation”

  1. Virginia from That Bald Chick Says:

    You are doing so well!

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