Thinking Of Giving My 7 year old Botox Injections

You know, because she wants to be a model and actress when she’s older. Why not start out now? Why not make sure she doesn’t have the wrinkles, cause you know, a 7 year old has those horrid crows feet and laugh lines. Why not get my 7 year old ready for the ‘real world’ and make sure that she makes herself perfect and plastic at the ripe old age of 7? Let’s be real, she’s going to end up self conscious about her looks at some point, so I might as well get her ready, the sooner the better right?

For real? I think not….. But seriously when I was watching Good Morning America this morning, I heard about this mom who is DEFENDING her reasoning for giving her 8 year old Botox Injections… YES 8 YEARS OLD?!?! Are you kidding me? Is she MENTAL? I think so!!
Read the full story.

8 Year old Brittany is a pageant kid who apparently wanted the Botox according to her mom, she had wrinkles she said, because you know the other pageant moms do it, they said she had ‘lines’ on her face. Cause you know, 8 year old’s definitely have WRINKLES…. Um crazy lady, you need your head examined! I get pageant girls have to have that ‘perfect’ht britney with mum preparing treatment mw 110511 wg 300x168 Thinking Of Giving My 7 year old Botox Injections look, I never understood this but whatever, I’m not in pageants neither are the girls, but really? Your daughter says she wants botox for her ‘wrinkles’ an you say OK? Your daughter wants to do coke so she can be skinny too you want to grant her permission to do that too?

Lady, do you not know how to say NO to a CHILD that YOU are a PARENT of?!?!?!?!

Never-mind the fact that this woman is injecting her daughter HERSELF. She says she’s a part time esthetician but um, should a DOCTOR be doing this???? TO ADULTS????? She also wouldn’t ‘give up’ who she gets her Botox from, but he’s a ‘trusted doctor’. Yea, I’m gonna trust a doctor that sells Botox on the black market so that I can inject children with it… WTF!!

I’ve pondered the thought of Botox, yes at the age of 32 er um 25 but really, um no thanks, the pain and needle is enough to scare me out of it, I can’t imagine how an 8 year old child would take it. She was asked if it hurts, and she said a little, and she has cried. This child has also waxed, yes WAXED!

Ok, my oldest is hairy! Lol I feel bad for her, I know she’s going to shave pretty young, but she’s got that Italian blood in her poor thing, I know how she feels, but um, would I allow her to wax her legs at 8? Let me yell out a big HELL NO!

This mother just made my jaw DROP! She doesn’t see it as ANYTHING wrong and her daughter seems to be OK with it too, but um if her mom says its OK, why wouldn’t her 8 year old say it’s OK?

What made me think was the long term effects. Who the heck knows what they are for a child having Botox injections, never-mind the long term effects of her own self esteem as she gets older. Someone needs to get into this mom’s head and FAST. Brittany is still so young and impressionable, someone could get her thinking right before it’s too late…

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May 12, 2011 – 3:45 PM - | Posted in daily life | 3 Comments »

3 Comments to “Thinking Of Giving My 7 year old Botox Injections”

  1. Stefanie H. Says:

    Wow…speechless. People never cease to amaze/disturb me


    Ditto, bcuz is you believe this, then yet again another lame to add to the world!


    Just a quick note..
    It is amazing how many people in the world would believe such BS..
    This is all Fake.. Did you see how the little girl answered all the questions?
    She didn’t have a clue on what to say.
    The mother stuttered and didnt know what to say.
    And the fake pictures of the injections, did anyone actually see her stick the needle in the child?
    All signs are pointing to BULLLL!!!

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