The Fat Won’t Budge! #NsNation

Well, I guess I can be happy. I totally was expecting to see a gain this week when I weighed in. In fact, I wasn’t going to weigh in at all and just skip it!

Being as I’ve not been doing well this week on my Nutrisystem. Cheating, eating out horribly because of cravings, and to top it off, got my period this week. Yup, not a good weigh in week for me at all, the fat just didn’t want to budge (and I didn’t help it either)…

I’m down to 211.5 this week. That’s a .5 difference from last weeks weigh in at 212. Oh well, I guess it’s not a gain so that’s good…

I vow from today though, that I’m back on track with my exercising, my Nutrisystem D Diet and making sure my pounds and blood sugar levels stay LOW and keep going lower!

I admit, the Nutrisystem D plan for diabetics has been working great up until this week, and you know what, it’s not the diet that didn’t work, it was ME giving up will power! Not drinking my water, eating things I shouldn’t be, having a hot dog with all the fixings and sweet potato fries on the weekend, yup, not a good plan Gina, not a good one at all…

Water intake will be up this week, veggies will be up, no/low carbs, and eating all that Nutrisystem food that sits in my freezer and pantry.

One cool thing though, since I finally hit 10lbs lost last week I got my first Nutribear sent to me from Nutrisystem!

How cute is that? Getting a little bear to mark my 10lbs lost! Love it! I hope to continue getting my Nutribears even if I screwed up this past week…

Anyone have any tips for struggling during ‘that time of the month’? Motivation? Tips? Tricks? You name it I want it because I want this month to be the only time I struggle, I need to keep my motivation, keep my willpower! Thankfully I have you guys to cheer me on, as well as the message board with others who are on the same program over at Nutrisystem.

Now, I’m off to go fill my 30oz water bottle with water and limes, have one of my Nutrisystem cereals for breakfast with some fat free milk, and some fat free yogurt and start this day off right, because next weeks post I WANT to be a LOSER again!

Want to join me losing weight and getting healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visiting

Post is only by the opinion of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy, other views and opinions may vary, please see my disclosure policy for more information. I am a part of the Nutrisystem Nation with the Nutrisystem program being provided to me at no cost.

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June 15, 2011 – 10:44 AM - | Posted in Nutrisystem, Reviews, weight loss | 6 Comments »

6 Comments to “The Fat Won’t Budge! #NsNation”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Hey, a hslf pound loss is still a loss! You’re doing awesome. Just pick yourself up and get back on the wagon! I need to do the same thing!

  2. Jo Says:

    Half a pound is still a loss! You’re doing great. It’s really good to know the cause of cravings at that time of the month. I know I like my chocolate then – and I freeze my Nutrisystem chocolate bars, snuggle in bed and treat myself each night that week 😉 I think the key thing to getting rid of cravings is to make sure you are drinking your water. If you are constantly drinking, there’s no time to snack as well! I’m sure you’re going to have a brilliant week! Looking forward to your next post!

  3. Karen Says:

    You are doing great! I agree with previous commenter, that it is still a loss.

  4. Laurie Says:

    Weight loss is tough no matter what, kudos to you for sticking with things 🙂

  5. Paula @ Frosted Fingers Says:

    I’d be interested in trying Nutrisystem. You’re doing great, keep it up!!

  6. Sue E Says:

    A loss is a loss, keep up the good work! It’s funny when I saw your weight loss ticker, that was my starting weight, I’m down to 1/2lb more than you. I’m not doing Nutrisystem, just cutting back.

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