Bounce Your Photos Around Safely With FotoBounce

I’ve been sharing photos online for what seems to be forever!  Ever since I had my first camera phone and digital camera.  Printed photos and photo albums are of the past with us, I don’t even think we have any photo albums besides our wedding one.  EVERY single picture I’ve ever taken is online.  I have baby pictures of my oldest that I have online and if I lost them I’d freak out, so I do keep a backup of all my photos at home on an external hard drive, but it haunts me if something were to ever happen to it.

The program I currently use to store my photos isn’t that great, I can’t upload easily from my phone, and even uploading from my computer takes forever, so I barely use it.  Facebook seems to be the place where I store most of my photos online now.  But, I’ve currently found a place to help keep my photos safe and backed up, Fotobounce software!

Fotobounce is a free software download (with ads, they do offer a paid service without ads for $49) which you can get for both your computer and your smartphone.

Downloading the software onto my computer was super quick, and installation was easy.  Adding photos to Fotobounce was easy as well, it will scan your computer and run in the background if you’d like to find all of your images.  Once you have your photos on Fotobounce you can share them with a select few but adding people to your own little private network which are called bouncers, your then doing private sharing rather than public.  You must invite these people to your network, and only those invited by you are able to view your photos.

Having the Android App on my phone is great as well because I can easily take my photos from my Fotobounce and access them directly on my phone no matter where I am, I can’t do that with my computer and Facebook can be a pain to do that with on a phone!  My ‘bouncers’ can view them as well on their computer or phones too.  Fotobounce is a great program for us as most of my family and friends are scattered around the country and in Canada, some of which don’t use Facebook as frequently as I do, plus this way, I don’t have to ‘block’ people from albums, I don’t want them to see my photos I don’t invite them, simple as that!

Fotobounce is a lot more than just digital photo management software, it’s more of a peer to peer network.  You want to add your friends and family so they have access to your photos as well.  How great for Grandma and Grandpa to see up to date photos of their Grandkids in an easy way either on their computer or their phone without having to mess with other things around it, it’s strictly photo sharing!

Another cool feature that Fotobounce has on their software is face recognition technology.  This is where the Fotobounce software scans photos you’ve added and tagged and finds other photos with the same faces and tags them for you instead of doing each photo individually.

If you do have photos on Fotobounce that you do want to share with Facebook, Flickr or Twitter you do have the ability to do that as well with a simple transfer and connection to your accounts.

Once I was registered I set up my Fotobounce Android App and was quickly able to view photos in my albums by people, dates and more.  I’m also able to share exisiting photos or new photos from my phone and have them emailed directly to my Fotobounce account.

I am in love with this new software Fotobounce has created, it’s time saving and an easy way to view and share photos with family and friend.  I also love it because it’s secure and private, no public sharing of photos I don’t want.  Invites are easy through the Fotobounce software and emailed directly to the emails you provide.

You can check out and download Fotobounce for free by visiting or connect with them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Post is only by the opinion of A Wrestling Addicted Mommy, other views and opinions may vary, please see my disclosure policy for more information. Sponsored post from Fotobounce, compensation was made for this post.

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3 Comments to “Bounce Your Photos Around Safely With FotoBounce”

  1. Stefani Says:

    I have this program installed on my computer and LOVE it. I like that I can transfer photos from this program to facebook with just a click or two. I love being able to share pictures over something secure too!
    Stefani´s last blog post ..Family Fun In The Sun: Chef Locke BBQ & Oven Planks Review

  2. Dealectable Mom Says:

    It’s great to know that it’s secure and private as this is always a big concern for me. Thank You for sharing!

  3. Stefanie H. Says:

    I love that there is an adroid app for this, and that you can transfer photos to facebook and twitter! Also, what a great way to back up your photos! So many of mine have never been uploaded simply because I don’t want them to be public but I always worry that my computer will crash and I will lose them all.

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