An Open Letter To Mayor Mike Bell, City Of Toledo & Gleason Construction

Dear Mayor Mike Bell, the city of Toledo and Gleason Construction workers,

I understand that our sewers need to be replaced, I understand that construction must be done, but it’s been MONTHS and I now live on a street that looks like a war zone!

The dirt/gravel road isn’t what I wanted for a street when I bought my house 6 years ago. The ruined sidewalks, lawns and driveway wasn’t what I wanted either. The cracks in my foundation that I’ve found is going to cost me money to repair, and no one seems to care.

Why? Because the workers of the city of Toledo, the workers of Gleason construction are inconsiderate to the residents of this street!!!

Driving and leaving your trucks parked on our lawns, in front of our driveways, dumping equipment and dirt, stones and whatever else you have in front of our driveways forcing us to be blocked into our own homes, or having to drive across our own lawns and sidewalk further destructing them is NOT considerate!

It’s not considerate just to block us into our own homes, without a knock on the door, a warning allowing us to park somewhere else so we can get in and out and on with our daily lives! Oh wait, we can’t even park on the road on our own street because of the temporary no parking signs you put up everywhere and disregard yourselves!

I understand construction has to be done, but there’s a way the workers could just be a little more considerate! Not block us into our own home, or ruin our property! Since they’re not going to fix it in any way.

This project has gone on too long, Gleason said the city ran out of money so they had to stop working for a few weeks? Now they’ve started again? I just want my street back to normal, before the snow hits! I want my pavement back, I want my driveway back, I want the cracks fixed, I want MY PROPERTY back to normal before this construction went on.

I don’t understand how our beautiful TREE LINED street has now gone to be baron with no trees and a dirt road. I hate living here, I can’t even sell my house if I wanted to right now because who in their right mind would even purchase a home in this war zone right now, with no room to even move in?  Residents weren’t even told WHY the trees had to go except that they were in the way, which I don’t see how, and to wait 2 years for them to be replanted just doesn’t stick well with me, or any of the other residents on this street who know it may or may not happen!

City of Toledo, Gleason Construction, get it together, finish this project and be mindful of the residents on this street during this construction project. How would you like it if you were blocked into your home, had your property ruined? I bet you wouldn’t!!

A very pissed off resident!

**Edited To Add**

Let me say a quick THANK YOU to one of the construction workers who for ONCE in the months that this project has been going on said I’m sorry as I drove onto my lawn to move my car to let my husband out so he could get to work.  At least there’s one considerate worker…

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October 10, 2011 – 9:31 AM - | Posted in daily life | 1 Comment »

One Comment to “An Open Letter To Mayor Mike Bell, City Of Toledo & Gleason Construction”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I feel your pain! They’ve been doing construction on the street near my house for months now! Throughout all of August, they worked all night (like midnight thru 6am) so I couldn’t sleep. No fun!
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Halloween costume procured! I’m so ahead of schedule!

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