Anti-Bullying Campaigns Across America

If you turn on the news, bullying has become a big issue across schools in America. What was once accepted as a traditional hazing process for young people is now being treated as a serious problem. Many different organizations are beginning to implement campaigns that encourage parents, students, teachers, and school administrators to be more mindful of the bullying problem and take proactive steps in order to curb it. Here are some of the diverse groups who are trying to change the way we think about the traditional “rite of passage:”

President Obama

The Obama administration is teaming with the social media website Facebook in order to get the message of bullying heard throughout the country. When bullying doesn’t just include the real world, but cyber-space as well, kids who are part of family plans or prepaid phone plans can send pictures through their Facebook apps or cause bad rumors about other students. The White House has launched a website in order to gain support for their cause.

Lady Gaga

In response to the suicide of a gay teenager who was a victim of bullying, the popular performance artist Lady Gaga is launching her own campaign in order to promote the tribulations many gay and lesbian students face across the country. Her goal is to raise awareness for constant taunting and name calling that can wear down the psyche of anyone.

Sesame Street

It is never too early to address the problem of bullying. Sesame Street will air a special where Big Bird is not allowed to join a club because he is too large. The episode hopes to teach preschoolers that those who bully only do it to make themselves feel better by making others feel bad. It hopes to help preschoolers identify bullying patterns and get adults to help them combat it.


After WWE superstar John Cena started using homophobic slurs to denigrate another wrestler, the WWE started the Be a Star anti-bullying campaign in order to curb their image as a bastion of harmful insults and violence. Star stands for “Show Tolerance and Respect” and WWE talent and personalities are all contributing their off-screen personas in order to get the program resonating with fans.

All of the anti-bullying campaigns are important steps to take for raising a more sensitive and reasonable generation. There will always be bullies and troublemakers, no matter what point of life we are in. By spreading the message that this is destructive behavior we can make the impact of it less severe.

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