Best Guilty Pleasure TV For Sick Days

If you’ve got a cold and there’s nothing for you to do but sit around eating chicken soup and rating the best credit cards for airline miles, you should consider dialing up some guilty pleasure TV, past or present. If you’ve got a good wireless Internet connection, you can tap into a treasure trove of old cheesy TV shows that could save you from the doldrums. Or just tap into Hulu or Netflix and watch the old classics or the new kids on the block, no pun intended:

American Gladiators

You guys already know what a big wrestling fan I am.  This old school show was like a drug for me in the 90s and it even made a comeback recently (though it wasn’t as good as the original). Shows where contestants are up against brutal odds are big these days with programming like Boot Camp and the Gauntlet, but nothing beats the original American Gladiators

The Bachelor

I know it’s not the Book of Love but this show pulls me in every time. It’s been an ABC staple since 2002 and while I haven’t watched every season, I can’t deny it brings out the high school kid in me—in a good way.

Hell’s Kitchen

I love watching food being prepared. I also love the sound of Gordon Ramsey cursing with a Scottish accent. Add those two together and you’ve basically got Hell’s Kitchen, in which contestants compete for bragging rights and the ultimate prize of being an executive chef. Gordon Ramsey’s other show, Kitchen Nightmares, is good too, although maybe not for when you’re sick!


This early 90s classic is memorable for its awkward clothing, hummable theme song, and Joey Lawrence saying “whoa”. Good enough for me! You also might want to revisit The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, although that’s a little more obvious.

Mama’s Family

From the goofy opening song to the funny antics of Thelma Harper, this show is oddly addictive. I’m not sure exactly what the reason is but it has a lot to do with the opening song and the wholesome look to Mama’s Midwestern home that’s perfect for being sick.

Judge Judy

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching a stern middle aged woman tell you what’s what. Of all the TV judges, no one beats Judy.


I think this show is still syndicated, or maybe I’m thinking of Blind Date. Either way, both shows are good for belly laughs—both intentional and unintentional—if you’re looking to fight off a cold.

The Price is Right

The Bob Barker ones are still in re-runs and probably will be for hundreds of years, which is good, because he was pretty much the only reason to watch the show. I love that old man. Another example of a show with a priceless theme song.

There are hundreds of other guilty pleasure TV gems I could list here, but I decided to go with the best of the best and a few surprises. These shows are great to watch anytime, but especially if you’re sick.

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November 17, 2011 – 8:06 PM - | Posted in daily life | 1 Comment »

One Comment to “Best Guilty Pleasure TV For Sick Days”

  1. Jan Fowler Says:

    while i don’t ever advocate ‘judge’ shows there are some classics on here. I think the price is right is probably my favorite.

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