Everything Comes In Three’s…

I’ve been so out of it lately. Blogging, House Keeping, LIFE! Things went from being great, to going downhill last week and I haven’t been around here lately because of it.

At a time I should be online constantly, updating my blog, shopping online looking for great holiday gifts like tungsten rings, I’ve been cleaning up a hell of a mess, that of course all came in three’s.

First, my daughter was outside playing with her friends, they were playing tag in the neighbors yard, and my daughter decided it would be a GREAT idea to go somewhere she really had no business going, behind the neighbors garage. Next thing I know, she’s coming in the house shoe off, bleeding foot and crying. It wasn’t anything good she found back there, no magical land, not a pile of tungsten wedding bands, no magical unicorns… Instead, she found a board with a bunch of rusty old nails on it, and stepped on it! Hubby spent the entire day at the ER with her.

What else could go wrong right? How about me, waking up, grabbing my Netbook to get online early and do some blogging. To my surprise, I open up my Netbook and what do I find? Nope, not a beautiful surprise, no black tungsten rings sitting inside my keyboard, but a lovely cracked screen. I freaked!! There goes getting any work done at all, time to find a replacement screen or a new Netbook. UGH!

Thankfully, due to a friend letting me know that CashLand is basically now a pawn shop, I headed over there to take a look to see what they had. An exact model of my HP Mini for only $150!!! Thankfully I was able to just swap out the hard drives and now I’m back in business!

Oh, it soooo doesn’t end there though. We had a pretty bad rain storm a few days ago, normally we get a little water in our basement, nothing major, nothing to worry about… Not this time… This time we were up to our ankles in water because the floor drain refused to drain the water out… UGH!

All cleaned up, I’m HOPING that this week is a better week and things can get back to normal around here, we have a successful Thanksgiving, and no major issues!

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