Ever Been To Vegas? I Want To Hear From YOU!

2012 marks a significant anniversary. It will be my husband and myself 10 year anniversary!!! I can’t believe 10 years have simply flown by so fast.

Since we didn’t get a honeymoon, for years we’ve been saying for our 10 year that we wanted to go on vacation, together…WITHOUT CHILDREN! I’m crossing fingers and praying that this actually happens this year.

I’ve been doing some research and looking around in different places for a really nice place to go, we’ve looked everywhere, even for a Los Angeles accommodation as that was a though, but we think we’ve decided to head to Vegas. I’ve never been, hubby has never been and I’m so excited to go! However, hubby isn’t really a gambler, so I’m wondering if this is the best spot for us to go?

I’m sure more than a handful of you have been to Vegas at one time or another, what do you say? What else is there to do in Vegas besides gamble? I know there’s some great shows, but is there anything else? A good place for a couple to spend their 10 year anniversary?

I’d love to hear from some of you Vegas non-virgins. What are some good places to stay? Tips? Anything that’s a MUST DO when you’re there? Let me know, we haven’t decided WHEN we’re going to go yet, but I’d like to do my research before we put some money down and decide this is a go for sure.

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4 Comments to “Ever Been To Vegas? I Want To Hear From YOU!”

  1. Casey Says:

    I went last December, but I went without the hubby. He’s not a gambler, either. I went with my sis and her hubby. Does Rodney like to hike? Eat? Those are my best memories besides winning enough to pay for my whole trip! Yes, that does happen. We went hiking at Red Rock Canyon. Words cannot say how beautiful it was to me. I’m from the flatlands so to me it felt like I had landed on the moon. Other than that, when you do gamble I 100% recommend the blackjack tables. It’s a super easy game to learn the rules of. You just have to follow them! I also recommend not getting too drunk if you’re gambling. It is not good luck. LOL

  2. Sharon Says:

    I’ve been to Vegas three times. I am not a gambler, but still loved it! My favorite thing was the dolphin habitat: http://www.mirage.com/attractions/secret-garden.aspx I’m sure I only paid like $5 to get in when I went, looks like prices have gone wayyy up. Just walking along the strip and looking at the hotels (inside and out) is fun. I went on a tour of the Hoover Dam, but I don’t think they allow you to do that anymore. One time I went with a friend who went golfing while we were there. There’s the waterfall show (put to music) outside the Bellagio hotel (free). There’s a free show outside of Treasure Island, too. But, seriously, just seeing the hotels is amazing in and of itself. I stayed at the Excalibur hotel two times. The first time it had just opened. The second time it wasn’t as exciting. The third time, I was there for work and stayed at a Marriot, but they had a shuttle that took you to the strip. BTW, I think the buffets are supposed to be good deals.

  3. Sharon Says:

    P.S. If you are into WWE, they have an annual meeting in Las Vegas that my Dad (a wrestling fanatic) has attended for many, many years. Here’s a link to the organization that puts it on: http://www.caulifloweralleyclub.org/reunion-news/2012-reunion/

    Neither of my parents are gamblers, but my Mom attended this event for the first time last year and had a blast looking around the city. In fact, she plans to go again this year.

    lyricsmama Reply:

    Did NOT know about that, will have to check it out 🙂 Thanks!

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