Appropriate Or Not?

I don’t write about ‘celebrity’ stories much, but this one I couldn’t help but post about. Those of you who know who Ice T is, know his wife Coco. Well yesterday she tweeted a photo of herself lying in bed with her nephew, her completely naked!!! Understandably people went crazy letting her know how inappropriate it was. Now Coco posting naked photos of herself isn’t what was inappropriate, that’s a pretty common thing, however with a child in her bed…VERY INAPPROPRIATE!!

I have no issues with being naked in front of your own kids, there’s a time and place and Twitter isn’t the time or place to be posting photos like that. With all the sick people in the world who will get their jollies off this pic, it’s disgusting!

Coco decided to let people know why the photo was taken and why it was posted to Twitter:

“Wow! I need to take a moment & speak my mind about the pic I posted with my nephew that people are making it a bigger thing than it is. I took the pic down because people were twisting the story & makin it into something that wasn’t.I’m gonna repost so u can see 4 yourselves. At 1 am I was sleeping with my sisters baby (the one I help delivered on my show) I had no clothes on because that’s how I sleep….. It was a beautiful,natural moment..I had no makeup on just caring for my nephew & my sister saw how precious the moment was & took a pic…..When I look at the pic I see how I love to spend time with my family in a nurturing way but people turned it into a gross thing…… Shame on all of u..Since when is naked gross!Its completely natural!Thats how we were born,plus my family knows me and accepts me for that. I think its funny how a simple pic can start such an up-roar.”

“I done w/ this subject! My sister loves that I’m so loving & affectionate w/her kids.I have none so I spoil them.She’s Ok w/it.This is the pic that people were talkin about with me & my sisters baby.This is such a beautiful,sweet & natural sight…”

I’m sorry but you have to think of the things you post publicly. I’m 100% positive it was harmless her being in bed naked with the baby, BUT you keep that to yourself, to your personal photos and don’t go tweeting it for every child molester on the net to get off on! I don’t care if it was your own child or not, it’s just WRONG!

You can see the uncensored photo here.

What do you think? People making too much of a big deal or is it wrong in your opinion too?

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February 10, 2012 – 4:45 PM - | Posted in daily life | 1 Comment »

One Comment to “Appropriate Or Not?”

  1. Toni-Lynn @ Says:

    I think people are blowing it up. This kind of stuff is expected from people like her. If Barbara Walters posted it then I could see it making an up roar lol

    As for being naked in front of other people’s children… #1 it’s her nephew and #2 it’s a baby. It’s not like she was laying with a toddler or older. Yea she could have covered the nipples up but… I think people in this country are to up tight.


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