My Thoughts On WWE Wrestlemania 28 – #WWEMoms

My very first Wrestlemania was Wrestlemania 18, the main match? The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me, it was a huge match and amazing to see one of my childhood favorites vs. my favorite wrestler at that time. It was a huge match, it was a match that would be the passing of the torch so to speak. One legend passing it down to the next in line. That’s how I expected Wrestlemania 28 to be. A win for John Cena over The Rock, The Rock passing the torch to the next in line…..

We decided to purchase Wrestlemania 28 from the live stream from, however we ran into a few situations trying to do so. I love the new website, it’s more tablet friendly to navigate, until it comes to playing videos which just wouldn’t work. Even using my net-book to try to stream from was a bit of a pain trying to get any video started on the site. We almost missed the pre-show, however we finally figured a way out for it to work and once we did, we attached a cable to my net-book to have it come up on our big screen. Once we were hooked up, the stream was flawless!

I myself was in for many surprises that night.. The first to be the pre-show match which would be a tag team match to my surprise. Questioning why there wasn’t a tag team title on the line for Wrestlemania and being very dispointed in that, it was nice to see a tag team match actually on the card to begin with, but it would have been nicer to see it as part of the main show rather than the pre-show match. None the less, it was nice to see tag teams represented since it’s something that’s lacking in WWE right now. This would be a match between current champs Epico and Primo vs. The USO’s vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel… A three way tag…. I’m a big fan of The Uso’s so I was hoping they would take over those belts, however, I’d be disapointed by the end to see Epico and Primo retain their championships. This was a live match though and definetly deserved to be on the main card seeing as how well these guys put on a show.

Time for Wrestlemania 28 to finally begin! The first match would be Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus. The crowd was ALL about Daniel Bryan (me not so much) with their YES chants, but as he leaned over the ropes to give his girlfriend AJ a good luck kiss, he’d soon realize that kiss was the unluckies thing he’d do all night, because as soon as he turned around, the match was over and Sheamus had one the World Heavyweight Championship! Yup, it was a match that was over before it even started, and honestly we figured by the end of the night, we’d see a rematch of sorts, but we were wrong… A match done way too quickly to make time for I might just say ‘time wasters’ later on in the night.

Kane vs. Orton – Not really a match that was Wrestlemania worthy. Randy Orton was expected to win, but Kane prevailed and won his match.

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship – Good match, however all the hype and Cody’s mouth didn’t stand up to the Big Show who stomped Cody Rhodes down and took that Intercontenental Championship away and seemed forever greatful and emotional for it as he kissed his wife in the crowd on the way back up the ramp to the stage once the match was over.

Next was what I like to call “The Bathroom Break Match”. Ok seriously, I love the WWE Diva’s but I’d like them even more if they’d actually wrestle instead of just being sex objects. The match also was featuring a ‘celebrity’ of sorts as well, it was Kelly Kelly, Maria Menounos vs. Eve and Beth Phoenix. I honestly didn’t watch this match, I literally took a bathroom break. The dancing with the stars contestant Maria Menounos pinned Beth Phoenix for the win.

The best match of the night…. Triple H vs. The Undertaker. Here’s my thing, I’m not a Taker fan, I never have been so seeing his Wrestlemania streak end would have made my night. And honestly to see him retire would make me a VERY happy woman. I was SURE that Triple H would have been the one to end this streak and leave it at 19-1 rather than 20-0. For two ‘older’ wrestlers, not in their prime, this match was amazing! They held their own, they had a decently long match, and you would have never have thought there was two ‘older’ guys in the ring. The match kept you on the edge of your seat, there were a few times you thought for sure the match was over, yet they kept going! Shawn Michaels the special guest Ref seemed to be conflicted a lot of times as well. It was an emotional match, that The Undertaker unfortunatly won to keep his streak alive at 20-0. The show of respect helping each other out of the ring and up the ramp was truly memorable and nice to see.

Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy – I was Team Teddy all the way, and honestly this was one of those ‘time wasters’ I was talking about (besides the Diva’s match). It wasn’t a great match, it was over not quick enough, and Team Johnny was the winner…. Honeslty, this match would have been better if all of these guys were used properly, a Money In The Bank match would have been better suited.

Jericho vs. CM Punk “The Best In The World” Match – This was one of my other favorite matches because of who it was. I’m a huge Jericho fan, always have been and have only recently become a CM Punk fan, but I was rooting for Jericho all the way, even with that obnoxious jacket he’s been wearing. The match was a great match, two top guys fighting it out and proved that they were BOTH the best in the world, however CM Punk won with the anaconda vice by making Jericho tap out.

Before I go on….. The BIGGEST time waster of the night, which honestly didn’t need to be on Wrestlemania at all was having Brodus Clay come out and dance with his “Mama” and The Bridge Club… Yea, picture at least 20 women dressed up as old ladies with huge asses dancing on the stage… Honestly? I would have rather seen Daniel Bryan and Sheamus have more time on their match.. I didn’t pay $55 bucks to see this…Which also brings me to the concerts before The Rock vs. Cena match… Machine Gun Kelly (who apparently doesn’t know a thing about wrestling) sang his song for Cena’s entrance, and then Flo-Rida sang his song for The Rocks entrance… Yea, disapointment … There were matches that could have used the time better, if I wanted to see a concert I’d tune into something else….

Now was the match I was waiting for…. The Rock vs. Cena as I said, entrances were a disapointment, especially for Cena since he usually has some great Wrestlemania entrances, but this isn’t what we wanted to see anyways. It was the match between the two ‘greats’. The Rock being my all time favorite wrestler was the one I was rooting for, I’m not really a John Cena fan. However, I fully expected The Rock to loose this match and be passing the torch down to Cena… Boy was I wrong! It was honestly in my opinion a super disapointing match.

Yes I’m a HUGE fan of The Rock, and super happy that he came back after years of me asking when he would, but John Cena held this match together. Within the first few minutes of the match you could tell The Rock was over it, he was sweating up a storm, out of breath and totally out of ring shape, he couldn’t hold up to wrestling John Cena. Instead of this being a match that had great wrestling and drama, it ended up being a lot of big moves, rest hold, big moves, rest hold so it was super hard to get into, it just seemd there was a lot of stalling and not a lot of wrestling. I really expected more from The Rock. I expected to see The Rock and not Dwayne Johnson playing a wrestler for a new movie role. He had an entire year to prepare, just as much time as The Undertaker, who proved to be in better ring shape than The Rock.
John Cena surprisingly ended up loosing the match, which was a kinda of WHAT THE?!?! Moment… Why the rock won over John Cena is a question I can’t answer… Why the torch wasn’t passed on to the newer, younger generation, I can’t answer… What I can answer is that The Rock has already signed on to be at Wrestlemania 29 so we have another year of seeing him pop up here and there, mostly via Satalite and hoping he’s in better shape the next time he steps into that ring.

Overall, it was a great night of good wrestling except for a few things here and there, I did expect a little more since it was Wrestlemania, but hey, I don’t book the matches, and I’m not part of the WWE staff… I’m just part of the amazing group of #WWEMoms who I’m glad to have met and now have some more women on my side to chat with during Raw, Smackdown and Pay Per Views.

With Wrestlemania 29 being in NY/NJ we’re looking into being there next year FOR SURE… I miss the excitement of being at a live show, especially Wrestlemania, and the WWE Smackdown taping I’ll be attending here in Toledo May 1st will just be one of many shows that will tide me over until then. Keep your eyes on my blog though, as soon as those Wrestlemania 29 travel packages come out, I’ll be sure to share the news!

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I have been compensated for this post and participating in the WWEmoms campaign by The Online Mom – all opinions expressed here are my own.

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