Interesting School Fundraising Ideas

I am currently part of my daughters school’s PTO team. We are ALWAYS looking for new, fresh ideas when it comes to fundraising that will actually turn a profit, we’re looking for better more interesting ideas other than the usual Cookie Fundraiser or candy bar sales.

I recently was introduced to some new fundraising ideas that I’m sure we’ll implement in the fall for the next school year. The internet has been a huge source of help for us to come up with new and fun ideas that the kids and parents are proud to get behind.

Many websites today don’t just offer School Fundraising ideas, but also free kits and ideas that they’re willing to send you so you can get a better idea of how they work, and how you can run a successful fundraiser. There’s no real reason that you can’t be successful or find fundraisers that work within your school community. There’s a variety of different ideas and strategies for running a successful fundraiser you just have to look and find them. We’re pretty clued in to what will work with our school community and what won’t so we don’t waste our time even thinking about doing something that’s just going to be a huge flop in the end.

One of my favorite and most helpful sites has been PTO Today where you can join other PTO members from around the country and bounce ideas off of each other, as well as find amazing articles on how you can get your PTO running smoother and more efficiently. PTO Today has message boards, and even files to help you be successful in raising money for your child’s school.

Are you a part of your kids school’s PTO? What sort of fundraisers does your kids school do? What has been successful? Do you have a favorite fundraiser that they do? I’d love to hear some more ideas from other parents!

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2 Comments to “Interesting School Fundraising Ideas”

  1. Nancy Says:

    The best fundraisers we ever had totally excluded any middlemen.
    (1) At 1 elementary school there were several levels of PTA/PTO membership. For the Golden Jaguar (school mascot) level, you paid $100. and were not asked to fund-raise. It was worth every penny: no junk to sell at inflated prices, no pestering friends, family, or neighbors, or buying junk yourself and no loss of your family time selling junk.
    (2) The other elementary school simply asked for a certain amount per family. I forget if there were levels in giving.
    It is so smart to get rid of the middleman in fund-raising!

  2. michelle r Says:

    One of my favorite fundraisers is Kids Kreations The kids do the artwork at school and then you get a catalog of different items you can put the artwork on. It’s really cute.

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