Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries *Giveaway* #Rafflecopter

How many times to you buy that new and improved new line of batteries, just to be disappointed in the long run that they’re really no different than the last brand! Well, from now until June 15th Energizer wants you to tell them exactly what you think about them and their new and improved batteries, and if you do, you can be entered to win an Energizer Ultimate Lithium prize pack!!

If you’re like me, and have a lot of ‘tech gadgets’ or toys in the house, you know that batteries are a hot commodity and the longer they last the better! Well, the improved Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries claim that they’ll last up to 9x longer in digital cameras (vs. Energizer MAX), they weigh 1/3 less than the standard alkaline batteries, perform in extreme temperatures (from -40F – 140F), they also have a leak resistant construction as well as are able to hold power for 15 years when they’re not in use!

I admit, I was a bit skeptical of all of this, in fact I’ve bought Energizer MAX batteries for my digital cameras and have always been disappointed with the lack of longevity they have. So it will be nice to see just how long the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries do, and with our upcoming family vacation, it will be the perfect time to try them out!

How would you like to try the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries too? One lucky reader will with two 4 packs of energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries. Please use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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June 14, 2012 – 1:04 PM - | Posted in Giveaways, Reviews | 98 Comments »

98 Comments to “Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries *Giveaway* #Rafflecopter”

  1. Lynda E Says:

    Definitely the game controllers.

  2. Melinda T Says:

    My wireless mouse, my girls’ toys and my dh’s remote!

  3. Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com Says:

    Oh, they’d go in my camera for certain! Lately, I’m taking so many pictures as I create recipes that I’m lucky if a pair of regular batteries lasts more than a couple of days. Ugh!
    Katie B. of HousewifeHowTos.com´s last blog post ..How To Eat More Vegetables: 10 Ideas

  4. Kiara Says:

    The remote controls.

  5. Marianna Says:

    Remotes controls – TV, radio, video game

  6. debbie Says:

    My computer mouse, my son is always forgetting to shut it off.

  7. Ann Fantom Says:

    My daughter’s toys always need batteries.

  8. Cynthia C Says:

    My camera uses a lot of batteries.

  9. Kathleen Says:

    digital camera

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  10. carol Says:

    The toys of my nephew needs a batteries.Energizer was the best.
    carol´s last blog post ..here

  11. crystle tellerday Says:

    computer mouse and keybourd

  12. Sammi Says:

    the xbox controllers – they go through them like crazy!

  13. Amy S Says:

    The video game controllers eat the batteries in our house.

  14. Susan Smith Says:

    My camera and mouse

  15. Yona Says:

    My Wii and TV remotes.
    Yona´s last blog post ..Giveaway: 2 Packs Trident Layers Peach Mango Gum (ends 6/25)

  16. Jenna Wood Says:

    Video game controllers eat up so many batteries!

  17. corrie Says:

    i always need batteries for my tv remotes on 3 tv sets we have.

  18. Karen L Says:

    I need batteries for the controllers so I can watch HBO Go on my son’s xbox.

  19. brandy g. Says:

    I am always needing batteries for my Digital Camera. I take so many pictures!

  20. Stephanie Gregory Says:

    For the Xbox controllers!

  21. Serge B Says:

    I always need them for game controllers and remotes!

  22. Troy B Says:

    My digital camera eats a lot of them.

  23. Amanda Says:

    my wireless mouse, my nephew’s toy’s remote control, on my game controllers too. I really want to try it! 😀
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Online Forex Trading

  24. Renee Richardson Says:

    I always need batteries for my children’s toys. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  25. melissa pruitt Says:

    my radio always needs batteries lol

  26. Denise B. Says:

    We need batteries mostly for the Leapster Explorers.

  27. Linda Lansford Says:

    I need batteries for my camera

  28. David Basile Says:

    My camera uses a lot

  29. Lara Says:

    Such a great giveaway, thanks for sharing the opportunity, I suffer always because of the lack of batteries, although I use the wireless things for my laptop.
    Lara´s last blog post ..Mein neues Liebling: der ungarische Vizsla

  30. Kristy Thiel Says:

    definitely our camera. thanks for hosting!

  31. Peter Schott Says:

    Our camera – takes good pictures, but eats batteries pretty quickly.

  32. lauren knott Says:

    We just ran out of batteries for my sons Yo Gabba computer.

  33. Janna Johnson Says:

    my mouse!
    Thanks for a great contest! janna johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com GFC: janna@feedyourpig
    Janna Johnson´s last blog post ..25 Disney Reward Points!

  34. Katie R Says:

    We always need batteries for our television remotes

  35. Joy F Says:

    Wii remote and board.

  36. Jennifer B Says:

    remote and cordless mouse

  37. Valerie Taylor Mabrey Says:

    vmkids3 at men dot com

  38. debbie jackson Says:

    our remotes
    debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  39. Jeffrey Baldessari Says:

    Wifes toys, my camera, flashlight, camping gear

  40. Diana Stanhope Says:

    My camera, it likes to eat batteries.

  41. Angela Says:

    We always need batteries for Wii Remotes.

  42. Chel Pay Says:

    I ALWAYS need batteries for my kids’ toys! Especially their music table. I swear that thing goes dead every week!!

  43. Cheri Anne Says:

    I always need batteries for my remote controls and video game controllers.

  44. Barb K Says:

    The items I use the most with this type of batteries is digital cameras. They use up battery power very quickly.

  45. laurie Says:

    my mouse uses alot of batteries

  46. Marie C Says:

    Digital camera. With 3 grandkids, I’m always taking pictures and videos!

  47. s riches Says:

    My camera always needs new batteries

  48. tallcapp Says:

    My wireless mouse is always hungry for new batteries.

  49. Chrystal J. Says:

    I always need batteries for my digital camera.

  50. Jason Says:

    My Xbox 360 controllers

  51. Amy Woods-Smith Says:

    I always need batteries for my wireless mouse and portable speaker for my mp3 player.

  52. Jennifer C Says:

    The camera takes the most batteries.

  53. Kelly McGrew Says:

    I have a star wall projector in my room for late nights when I can’t fall asleep — this always needs batteries

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. Tom Shewbridge Says:

    Definitely my wireless mouse and keyboard, also the wii remotes use alot!

    Tom Shewbridge´s last blog post ..Welcome to A Medic’s World (and contest!)

  55. Marci Says:

    I use my digital camera so much that I always have 8 batteries in my camera case just in case I need them. It takes 4 at a time.


    always need batteries for the kids toys

  57. Debra F Says:

    we go through a ton of batteries for the wii controller

  58. Lucy Schwartz Says:

    We are a battery driven world. we use batteries for remotes , our mice ( that sounds strange), my husband’s hearing aides, flashlights . And then there are the rechargeables for the lap top, nook .

  59. Tiffany Says:

    The Nintendo Wii.

  60. Bryanna Pavlish Says:

    The computer mouse!
    Awesome blog and thanks for the giveaway!
    Would love, love, LOVE to win this!
    iplaytrack1224 (at) (hotmail) (dot) (com)

  61. April V. Says:

    Our camera ALWAYS needs batteries!!

  62. Tim Stephens Says:

    My xbox controller eats batteries like my two year old eats strawberry puffs…

  63. KJ Skib Says:

    All these kids toys that make noises!

  64. Kayla Says:

    We always need batteries for the digital camera!

  65. Jeremy S Says:

    I’m always needing new batteries for my camera. It takes two and it usually drains the batteries within two hours.
    jjsell76 at yahoo dot com

  66. Laura M. Says:

    Camera for sure!

  67. Rachel Says:

    I need them for my TV, DVD, and stereo remotes.

  68. melina r Says:

    I need batteries for my tv remotes

  69. Miz Vickik Says:

    My camera eats batteries like crazy!

  70. chadro Says:

    camera, remotes, clock

  71. trisha mckee Says:

    the wireless mouse always eats up batteries!!

    trisha ridinger mckee

  72. R Hicks Says:

    seems like our camera is always needing new batteries

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  73. Courtnie Miller Says:

    I need batteries for my camera!

  74. Sylvia Ortiz Says:

    I always use batteries for; the remote to our t.v., flashlights and a weighing scale we use for shipping.

  75. Julie Lynn Bickham Says:

    We always need them for Wii remotes!

  76. Teresa Moore Says:

    Always need batteries for the wii and my daughter’s LeapPad

  77. amy marantino Says:

    the Wii-mote. i swear that it eats batteries.

  78. Britt Brill Says:

    I am always needing batteries for my camera to capture our families moments!

  79. Harold D Says:

    I’m always needing batteries for my XBox 360 Controller.

  80. amy deeter Says:

    tv remotes most definatly

  81. meghan Says:

    I need batteries for my camera flash!

  82. lisa lo Says:

    My camera needs them.

  83. Ed Nemmers Says:

    Batteries are always needed for the portable radio!

  84. Gianna Says:

    My digicam eats batteries like crazy.

  85. Erica C. Says:

    I always need batteries for our Xbox controllers.

  86. Kayley B Says:

    I need batteries for flash lights and remotes of course!

  87. Bridget Merker Says:

    For our TV remote

  88. jessica schueler Says:

    My 3 boys’s xbox controllers and my camera

  89. Ebie Says:

    the Wiimote, sigh
    Ebie´s last blog post ..My Doggy Obit

  90. susan smoaks Says:

    we always need batteries for our wii remotes

  91. Amy DeLong Says:

    my digital camera

  92. Diane Says:

    The wireless mice!
    Diane´s last blog post ..Cats Have A Rough Life

  93. Breanne Says:

    xbox controllers

  94. Michelle Spayde Says:

    I always need batteries for my cordless mouse.

  95. Tina D Reynolds Says:

    toys, toys, toys, toys, and more toys

  96. Christy Weller Says:

    I always need batteries for my camera


  97. ReggieMann Says:

    Always need batteries for my digital camera

  98. brian e. Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…our garage door remotes are always in need of a new set of batteries.

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