Energy Efficient Living

When considering a refurbishment in any room of the house, a big aspect to bear in mind is the efficiency of the new appliances that will be donning the interior design. The main room for consideration is of course the kitchen, most of the appliances live in this room and is probably the heart of most homes therefor is more prone to wear and tear and could possibly benefit from more frequent refurbishment.

You really need to make sure that all of the kitchen appliances are as energy efficient as possible. If you are thinking about remodelling the whole room, but have a kitchen planner in to do the work, more often than not new appliances will be added within the cost. This is great, but you need to make sure all of the appliances on offer are as energy friendly as possible. A newer model of any appliance will automatically be more efficient than an older one because its design and wiring will be newer and generally more proficient. But there are some smart-appliances out there that are super energy efficient. For example, you can now buy a fridge that although running constantly at maximum efficiency, is still uses less energy than a 75 watt light bulb.

Think about other aspects of efficiency, do you really need a cubic meter’s worth of space in
a dishwasher in a household of only two? This can apply to other appliances too like washing
machines for example, if you are in the habit of only doing small loads, a giant drum would be
rendered completely redundant. If you are serious about saving money on your utility bills, make sure you examine the exact needs of your household before purchase.

An energy smart appliance is only as good as the person who is using it though; you will need as much instruction as possible to make sure you are as efficient as your new appliance, so make sure you go to the experts. A tumble Dryer from, for example will come with a multitude of expert advice you may not get from another high street store.

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