Family Vacation – Day 1

5am alarm… Time to get up!! Time to load up the 2013 KIA Sorento with our luggage and we’re on the way, except there’s one problem….SPACE!!!

The KIA Sorento comes equip with 3rd row seating, however, small, but easily my two kids could fit back there, the only downfall, is that with 3 adults, 2 kids and a dog, lifting up the 3rd row, means loosing trunk space. Unfortunately with the Sorento you need to decide, do you want the extra seating, or do you want the trunk space. With the 3rd row up for seating, all I could get into the trunk area was a case of pop, 2 reusable grocery bags, and some shoes. That wasn’t going to fly!

We had decided that since the 2013 KIA Sorento does have roof racks, we’d store all of our luggage on top, but my oldest daughter fixed the situation for us by asking to ride with her Grandparents! GREAT!! The 3rd row can stay down, and now we have PLENTY of trunk space for all of our luggage. The 2nd row bench fits my youngest daughter in her booster seat, my dog in the middle and one adult (my best friend) on the end. Lots of room for everyone!

Gas along the way wasn’t too bad, the highest we’ve encountered so far was $3.49, to fill up, the 2013 KIA Sorento at that price is probably about $55. I’ve been keeping the car topped up whenever we see a cheap price though so no real fill up for me, close but not to empty. Although it’s been pretty hot and humid outside, everyone in the Sorento has been nice and cool! The back seat has their own A/C, the front seat has their own A/C and even the passenger can adjust their own setting so if hubby is too hot or too cold, he can change his side while I enjoy the cool breeze at my set 70 degrees.

We headed out on the road, for an almost 12 hour ride. Florida the destination, and being 18 hours away, we decided we should stop for the night, so we made plans to stop in Locust Grove Georgia at the Red Roof Inn. Where I’m now writing you from. The Red Roof Inn was chosen because they’re pet friendly!! They accept all pets, any size for NO EXTRA FEE!! And this is a NexGen Red Roof Inn meaning it’s been renovated and its BEAUTIFUL!

It’s 5am, everyone’s asleep, and I’m awake… maybe I’m just excited because today, we make the 7 or so hour trek down to Florida and start our Disney Vacation!!!! A 12 hr drive alone, you’d think I’d be tired out of my mind. Its been a smooth comfortable ride though, and I’m ready to head out and start my day!  Onward to Florida for some Disney Fun, Sun and maybe all the adults will get to play some Gala Bingo while we’re down there, Florida is infamous for Bingo games isn’t it?  My mom would be thrilled as it’s one of her guilty pleasures…

Wish us luck and safe travels, we’re on our way!!!

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