Fight Obesity with Weigh Loss Programs

In recent years, government has become aware of the various health problems attributable to obesity. Diabetes and heart disease have always been associated with weight problems, but recent research shows a myriad of other diseases and ailments brought on by being overweight.

The problems not only limit the productivity of obese individuals, but also add to healthcare costs. The RTI International says that medical expenditures attributable to obesity have doubled in the last decade, and they are expected to reach $147 billion in the near future.

Causes of Obesity

Surgeon General Rear Admiral Steven Galson attributes childhood obesity to improper diet and lack of exercise. Most researchers would be content to believe that by controlling these two aspects of our lives, we could control our weight problems. However, a research group at the University of Alabama at Birmingham suggests ten other causes as follows:

Sleep Debt

Getting too little sleep

Pollution Hormones control weight, and pollutants affect hormones

Air Conditioning

Calories are burned in environments that are too hot or too cold.

Decreased smoking Nearly everyone gains weight when he or she quits smoking

Medicines Various medicines cause weight increases.

Population Age, Ethnicity

People tend to gain weight as they get older. Hispanic Americans tend to be more obese than other ethnic groups.

Older Moms

Research indicates that the older a woman is when she gives birth increases her child’s risk to be obese.

Ancestor’s Environment

Environmental changes that made a grandparent obese may cause a grandchild to be obese

Obesity Linked to Fertility

Obese people are more fertile than lean people. If obesity is genetic, obesity will increase in the population.

Unions of Obese Spouses

Obese women marry obese men. If obesity is genetic, obesity increases in the population.

Methods of Treating Weight Loss

Some people are able to lose weight by exercising regularly. Others may be successful by limiting the portions of food that they eat. Many combine diets with regular exercise.

Unfortunately, many other people must use a weight loss program in order to lose weight. You have many choices.

Some weight loss programs require that you give up the foods you love, and purchase their expensive foods. How long will you need to buy their products? Will you regain the weight when you return the foods you love?

The FDA has approved some medications that suppress the appetite. Although the FDA has not approved the HCG diet, many people currently participate in it.

Sensa is an ideal program that lets you eat the foods you love, and lose the weight you hate. If you must consider a weight loss program, you should be certain that you have the self-discipline to succeed in losing weight. Check the cost, time required and success rate. Try to determine if you will get hungry using the program. Check programs like Sensa that lets you lose weight while eating the foods you love

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    i really wanna try this!

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