Monitoring Your Home Computer

We all know that in most houses, the home computer is now the hub of family activity. Whether it’s your 8 year old or your husband, everyone uses it for work, socializing, gaming and learning, along with thousands of other tasks. In fact, computers have become integrally woven into our lives, that it’s sometimes easy to forget about the dangers, that come along side its many benefits.

Those dangers come in many forms, whether it’s the rare case of adultery, facilitated by the computer or the inappropriate content that pops up in front of your kid when they’re innocently surfing. Older children and teenagers may also use the computer in a way that you don’t find acceptable. Too many games and not enough homework, or chatting to strangers online are two examples of this.

Most worrying of all are the recent statistics that show that 28% of children aged 10-17 that have used the internet, have been emailed or instant messaged by a stranger. Not only that but more than half of that number are said it have replied. While 62% of them say their parents know little or nothing about the websites they visit. This goes hand in hand with another survey that shows that 20% of parents don’t keep an eye on what websites their children are visiting at all.

All of this leads to the obvious answer of more hands on monitoring. While you can’t be checking up on the families computer habits 24/7, there are tools that can help make the job a lot easier. Tools like Net Nanny, the parental control software, enables parents to block and filter dangerous and unwanted websites, either by keywords or categories, meaning you block out any page with certain language.

While this can be beneficial for young children, older children and of course spouses and adults may come to resent being blocked and filtered. Of course, there comes a point where trust has to prevail. That being said, situations may arise that mean you need to know what exactly has been going on while you’re away, or behind closed doors. This is where monitoring software can come in.

Gecko Monitor is an easy to set up monitoring application that allows you to monitor all aspects of computer activity when you’re not around. Once installed the software runs in stealth mode, meaning only you know it’s silently running in the background. You can un-hide the software using a secret key combination and password.

The software will monitor everything that happens, including all websites visited, keystrokes typed, applications used, files saved or opened, and any documents that have been printed. Gecko Monitor will also take screenshots when new windows are opened or a new web page is visited. All of this can be sent to you remotely via email, or you can look through the results for yourself on the home computer.

If you’re in a position that you think monitoring software would be helpful, you can download a free trial of Gecko Monitor from

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One Comment to “Monitoring Your Home Computer”

  1. Thomas Murphy Says:

    thanks for the tips.

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