Looking to Save Money on Entertainment?

Cutting expenses is a priority of many families, and while it is somewhat easier to save and control expenses like groceries, cell phone bills and gas, saving on entertainment costs can be a major hassle and a way to surely break the budget. Entertainment expenses include trips to the movies, dining out, and other outings to concerts or amusement parks. Families can still enjoy many forms of entertainment without having to overspend if they plan carefully and creatively.

Dining out should be limited to once or twice a month if a family is looking to save money. Being a little adventurous and trying some ethnic restaurants will not only introduce the family to new cuisine, but will also often offer additional savings. Another way to save when eating out is to avoid alcoholic drinks, since these can be quite expensive. The same applies to desserts and specialty coffees, which can become very costly.

Going to the movies, a traditional family outing, has become so expensive in some places that it has turned into a luxury many families cannot afford. One way to save on a trip to the movies is to attend a matinee instead of an evening show, or visit a second-run theater, which has much lower ticket prices. During warm months, many parks offer free evening movies. Many libraries also have free family movie nights scheduled regularly. One way to save even more is to have at-home movie nights, renting a family movie and making a night out of it, serving popcorn, soda and candy bars.

Concerts can be expense for the family, but since these are limited to one or two a year, the family can save on tickets by planning ahead of time. For popular shows, the family should shop around for the best price. For example, if your family wants to purchase Alanis Morissette tickets for her new tour they can find these online without too much trouble. Morissette is actually a very popular pick for family-friendly concerts and for good reason. Her lyrics speak to a variety of intense but constructive emotions.

Online tickets can be purchased without spending gas money to drive somewhere to buy them and pick them up. Once at the concert, the family can save additional money by not purchasing t-shirts and other promotional items and limiting their food and drink intake.

Another way to save money on entertainment for a family on a budget is to take advantage of all the free and low-cost activities that are offered by different organizations. During warm months, some theater companies offer free outdoor performances. Churches and other community organizations also offer low-cost performances. For classic theater lovers, obstructed-view seats in the theater are often half-priced, and matinees, like in the movies, are also often less expensive than the evening shows. Similarly, day-of-show tickets are usually lower in price than those bought in advance.

Families can enjoy many fun activities without worrying about overspending. There are many whole-family activities that can be planned ahead so that every member of the family will have a good time. For the more expensive activities, the family can save over time and still enjoy the event without sacrificing the budget in the process.

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One Comment to “Looking to Save Money on Entertainment?”

  1. Paul L Says:

    Yes, drinks can be very expensive and the highest in margins for a restaurant. It can be difficult to resist sometimes though.

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