Hogan Meets Medical Malpractice

Let’s talk about Hulk Hogan for a minute. Even though he’s not currently with the WWE, does anyone remember back in January when he filled a law suit against the Laser Spin Institute in Tampa for something like $50 million in damages? He claimed that he had unnecessary surgeries that prevented him from wrestling Cena at Wrestlemania.hulk_hogan09

Hogan never seems to give up. When does one realize that enough is enough? He needs to keep his old butt out of the ring…FOR GOOD! His back is shot, he’s had multiple surgeries of his spine, heck he even had to have back fusion surgery in 2010.

Hogan just doesn’t get it though, he keeps getting into the ring and doing things he just shouldn’t be doing anymore.

Does the fact that Hogan still gets into the ring and puts himself into harms way maybe disregard his credibility when it comes to filing a medical malpractice claim? Suing the Laser Spine Institute for medical malpractice and seeking so much money in damages, claiming that the clinic’s procedures on his back were harmful and useless. Claiming they damaged his body, had him loosing money. But what about his own choices? Don’t they matter? Don’t they get taken into consideration?

Hogan seems to have a thing when it comes to suing people though. Seems to me that Hogan thinks that he isn’t making enough money with TNA/Impact wrestling and just looks for a quick fix out of a situation.

Time to pull up those boot straps and hang out on the sideline Hogan! I’m not sure what exactly happened with this lawsuit, but upon searching the internet, I couldn’t find a single post giving the outcome, all I could find was Hogan ranting on TMZ calling the Laser Spine Institute a bunch of frauds.

Anyone know what happened with this lawsuit?

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