Green Energy

In today’s economy, it is imperative to find the best savings you can in all aspects of your life. Whether you are couponing, sales shopping, or just looking for that really good deal, we are all very much alike. Teaching your children about finances early on can help significantly. It doesn’t mean that you are poor, if you teach your children not to waste resources and money. It is simply prudent planning. After all, they will need these skills when they grow up and the younger they learn, the better off they will be.

The first thing we teach our children are to turn off the lights, not to keep the refrigerator door open and not to leave the water running. Three golden rules that kids learn from an early age. (so we hope)

Picking out a lower cost energy provider is another way to save money on your bills. I found my electricity provider here and was able to get a company that deals in green energy as well. I feel much better knowing that the company I use does more to lower their ecological footprint. There are a great deal of small things you can do around the house that can save you money:

• Put new weather stripping around the windows doors

• add insulation

• Don’t over load your dryer. It takes twice as long to dry them and cost twice as much.

• turn down the temperature on your water heater

• use cold water to wash your clothes

I have always tried to be conscientious about saving energy and money. By doing so, I am able to do more for my family and have a more active lifestyle. Recycling is a great way to teach kids to be green. There are three rules;

• Reduce

• Recycle

• Reuse

Reduce the amount of stuff you throw in the garbage. Even food can be reused, as well as all of that unnecessary plastic we get from the stores when we buy food and such. Instead of plastic baggies for sandwiches, you can use a Tupperware container that you take home and wash. Two liter bottles can be used to garden with, or refilled with water for ice to be used in coolers and such when you go for a picnic.

We like to take our own bags to the grocery store, so we don’t have all of those plastic bags that end up in the garbage. Many stores have a recycling bin for you to bring even those plastic bags back to help keep our environment clean.

The kids are happy to put the plastic bottles in their bin, the aluminum cans in their bin and the paper in it’s bin. If you accidentally put something that can be recycled into the garbage, kids are the first ones to pipe up and let you know that you have put that in the wrong place. We take turns making sure that the bins are taken out to the curb for pick up as well.

It doesn’t really take much effort to make a difference in your world, if you only try. Once step at a time, one green project at a time and you can be energy efficient and living green in no time at all. Good luck with saving energy and being environmentally green.

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