My Mommy, the Juggler

Have you ever seen old videotapes of “The Ed Sullivan Show” with the juggler who spins the plates on tall sticks?

If you are a harried mother who juggles finances, you probably wish you could spin the plates like the juggler did. More likely, the plates end up crashing to the floor one by one until there are no plates left.

It isn’t a surprise. If you are active in the juggleDallas-Fort Worth area, juggling a home and career with civic participation in Texas is enough to make any mommy tear her hair out repeatedly. It can be done, but it takes practice and many years of experience being a mother and a career woman.

As you start out in a career and spend several hours in traffic to and from your job, many thoughts go through your mind. On the way to work you often think if you’re doing a good enough job to please and satisfy the bosses, or at least your head honcho. At your job you juggle multiple tasks. You spin the plates just like on Ed Sullivan and hope they all stay on the sticks – the equivalent of doing a great job.

Then you leave the office for the long commute. On the way home you think about how the kids were today at school or in day care, depending on how young they are. You think about how your husband’s day went at his job. You think about what should be made for dinner. It’s all about choices. It’s all about juggling decisions. Admittedly, these decisions are a little easier, but it is all about choices.

As you start out in a career with children involved, finances might not be the best in your family. You might have cash-flow issues. It might not be living paycheck to paycheck, but you may need to finance a few purchases here and there via credit. As a mommy who wants to save money, this is where low APR credit cards are key. If you do not have credit cards as of yet but a clean-enough credit record to qualify, make sure you find low interest rate credit cards so you don’t drown in APR debt down the road.

This situation should improve as you gain stature in your company. The plates should stay on the sticks more often. You should get raises in your job for strong performance. Money issues should go away or lessen, depending on how you and your husband’s careers go and how well you manage the checkbook.

Sometimes, later in life, these choices may involve moving around in your job, to other companies or to other careers. How easy will it be to switch? Of course you want to think about a number of different things in regards to a career choice, such as personal happiness, work environment, and financial stability. You might be even asking yourself, what happens when I roll over my 401(k) without a penalty?

When some doors close, others open. Soon you may get bored in your job and want to move on. Discussions with your husband might involve careers instead of children. You may realize it is time to make some hard choices.

As a wife, mother and hard worker, these choices will jump out at you over the years. It is how you manage these choices that will make or break the plates on the sticks.

Don’t worry if you misstep and one plate falls to the floor. It is all about picking up and starting over. Soon you will spin the plates on the sticks, and you will get the applause. It may not be from a large audience, but it will be from an appreciative family.

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