Spread Wonder this Father’s Day with OREO *Giveaway*

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and to be honest, I almost completely forgot it was this upcoming Sunday (June 16th), oops!!! image001

We all know of a Father that deserves to be celebrated this June, whether it be your own Father, your Husband, another family member or friend, there’s at least one Father you know who’s there 24.7 for their kids. OREO wants to celebrate all the dads out there who go all day, every year without fanfare.

My hubby is a huge Oreo fan! He’s also an amazing dad to our daughters and would give up anything for them. This father’s day, he’ll be getting an amazing package from Oreo and I’m sure it will be one of the highlights of his Father’s Day!

Help your special Father twist, lick and dunk his Oreo cookies in style! Watch the super cute video below, Wonder if a girl gave an Oreo to her Dad – would he let her stay up past bedtime? See how sharing an Oreo can let wonder loose in their latest Wonderfilled commercial.

Who’s the Father in your life that you’d like to celebrate with Oreo?

If you’d like to be entered to win a special OREO Father’s Day package, which will include Oreo Cookies, a #1 Dad glass, and a grocery card for milk, just leave me a comment below letting me know who deserves the title of a “Wonder”-ful Dad. After that, check out the giveaway widget for even more ways to gain entries.

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96 Comments to “Spread Wonder this Father’s Day with OREO *Giveaway*”

  1. Mami2jcn Says:

    My husband deserves it!

  2. sara graff Says:

    My husband could so use this, it would be great
    sara graff´s last blog post ..Chili’s Free 1,000,000 Flatbread Giveaway

  3. Kate F. Says:

    My grandfather deserves it.

  4. Lisa Brown Says:

    My dad deserves the title: he is kind and works hard.

  5. Ann Fantom Says:

    My dad deserves the title of “Wonder”-ful Dad because he is the most honest and trustworthy person I know

  6. Heather @ What Does She Do All Day? Says:

    My husband is a Wonder-ful dad. He loves his two daddy’s girls.
    Heather @ What Does She Do All Day?´s last blog post ..Snip Snaps

  7. latanya Says:

    I would say my husband

  8. soha molina Says:

    my husband deserves that title.

  9. Jessie C. Says:

    Hubby deserves the title by supporting the family and being so kind and generous to us.

  10. Amanda Sakovitz Says:

    my dad deserves it!

  11. Carmen S Says:

    My own father deserves it! He has always been there for us no matter what.

  12. Danalee Davis Says:

    My wonderful dad. He is not my “blood dad” but he took me in at the age of 7 as his own and has always treated me that way. I love him and respect him.

  13. Amanda Kinder Says:

    My own father definitely deserves it.

  14. Elena Says:

    My husband deserves it

  15. Thomas Murphy Says:

    My dad deserves the title of “Wonder”-ful Dad!

  16. Denise Says:

    Well, of course I’m going to say my dad does, I’m a little biased that way! 😉

  17. Dana West Says:

    My husband deserves the title! He is selfless and giving. He always makes sure we are taken care of and feel confident no matter what! He is a great man!

  18. Margaret Smith Says:

    Both my Dad and my Husband.

  19. debbie Says:

    My dad was a great dad. I miss him since he passed away.

  20. chris z Says:

    my dad deserves it

  21. Nancy Says:

    My husbans is a “Wonder” ful Dad!

  22. Nicole Newby Says:

    My fiance deserves the award! 😉

  23. steve weber Says:

    my dad definitely deserves the title.

  24. McKim Says:

    My son, for being a great dad to my little grandson.

  25. Susan Chester Says:

    My dad has the most wonderful sense of humor-even with cancer he keeps us laughing.

  26. D Schmidt Says:

    My Husband for being the selfless, hard working Father he is

  27. Kim Henrichs Says:

    definitely my dad!

  28. Katie K Says:

    my own father of course!

  29. Katherine Says:

    My husband for sure

  30. Beckee Says:

    My husband! He is great!

  31. Sandy VanHoey Says:

    My son. He has 5 children his first was twins that was born while he was serving in the army and in Iraq and he is just a great father who loves his children more than life itself

  32. laurie damrose Says:

    My dad deserves it because he has been taking care of my mom while she has been sick.

  33. Jennifer Reed Says:

    My husband deserves the title of “Wonder”-ful Dad because of his patience and dedication with us.

  34. Janet W. Says:

    My own father, of course, but he passed away many years ago. But who currently deserves the title is my husband!

  35. Pat B Says:

    My daughter’s fiance. They’re getting married this weekend, and he has been the most wonderful dad ever to her little girl. As far as he’s concerned, he is her dad.

  36. Deb K Says:

    My honey,as my dad is gone now.

  37. Crystal F Says:

    My hubby! He works extremely hard to provide for our girls and to allow me to be at home with them. He’s such an amazing hubby and daddy. Thank you!

  38. nannypanpan Says:

    my dad..he’s awesome…giving…loving

  39. Dawn Monroe Says:

    My husband deserves the title because he is a happy, funloving and hard worker dad of 6 and papaw to 5.

  40. Denise m Says:

    my stay at home husband

  41. Jamie Brigham Says:

    My husband deserves it for being such a great dad, he really does all he can to play with our son and to be there for him….

  42. April Brenay Says:

    my husband, he’s a great dad. Yesterday we went out for pizza, our youngest was having trouble eating the slices, he goes over cuts them up into mini pizza’s then kisses him on top of the head. So sweet.

  43. rachel Says:

    My own dad! He’s so selfless. Such an example.

  44. Laura Jacobson Says:

    Oh my dad deserves it. He was always there for us a children, and even more so as adults!

  45. Jessica To Says:

    My husband deserves this title!

  46. Stephanie Larison Says:

    My husband does, he’s wonderful!

  47. shirley Says:

    That would be my PaPa!

  48. Holly @ Woman Tribune Says:

    My dad totally deserves the total of “Wonder”ful Dad. He was a single father and was amazing. Plus, I like to think I turned out pretty great!
    Holly @ Woman Tribune´s last blog post ..Watch an Entire Green Day Concert Crowd Sing Along to “Bohemian Rhapsody” #video

  49. Marcia Goss Says:

    My husband deserves the title of Wonderful Dad.

  50. Melissa M Says:

    My husband! Father of our 3 boys

  51. Alycia Says:

    My husband is a wonderful father. He works very hard for our family and is willing to jump in and help all of the time!

  52. Paula Hafner Says:

    My husband does. He works very hard.

  53. Kelly H. Says:

    My husband is the most wonderful dad! He works very hard to provide for our family.

  54. Susan Smith Says:

    My husband who works long hours so I can stay home with our children.

  55. carol Says:

    Both my husband and father earn the title. Both are extraordinary father and people.

  56. jessica edwards Says:

    my husband- just an alla round great guy

  57. Kim H Says:

    My husband cause he is so awesome

  58. Rebecca Peters Says:

    My dad.. hes a great guy

  59. joni Says:

    My hubby —one great father!

  60. Melanie Montgomery Says:

    My father does.

  61. Erica C. Says:

    My grandfather does.

  62. Ellie W Says:

    My husband is wonderful.

  63. Debra Hall Says:

    my son is a wonderful and caring dad

  64. Annemarie Z. Says:

    My boyfriend’s father – he is the best!

  65. Christine Says:

    my husband deserves that

  66. Sandra Travis Says:

    My husband. He is a good dad and a good provider.

  67. Brittney House Says:

    It would def. be my dad!

  68. Kiara Says:

    My dad deserves the title.

  69. Kathleen S. Says:

    My dad, of course!

  70. angela cisco Says:

    My husband, he missed Fathers day due to being out of town the last 5 weeks working and it has been so hard on him being away from the kids.

  71. Kristi C Says:

    My husband. He sacrifices a lot for me and the children.

  72. Penny Snyder Says:

    My hubby deserves it!!~

  73. Karen Gonyea Says:

    My husband does because he does everything to support the family that he can 🙂

  74. Tari Lawson Says:

    My husband is a Wonder-ful dad.

  75. Cynthia C Says:

    My dad deserves the title because he is truly wonderful.

  76. Sherry Conrad Says:

    My husband- he is a better father to my 4 girls than their own.

  77. susan smoaks Says:

    it’s a toss up between my dad and my husband, both of them are super wonderful!

  78. Barbara Montag Says:

    That’s my dad – thank you!

  79. Gloria Schulte Says:

    My hubby deserves the title–he is patient, loving and very giving.

  80. Emily Says:

    My husband deserves this title.

  81. Paula Tavernie Says:

    My husband deserves that title!!!

  82. Denise S Says:

    My dad deserves it.

  83. Mary Cloud Says:

    My husband – he works hard for us
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  84. Marci Says:

    My husband is an amazing dad!

  85. amanda whitley Says:

    my husband deserves this, i’ve never seen someone as loving to his kids as him

  86. Donna Kellogg Says:

    My Husband is the deserving dad we have 7 children and he works hard for all of us

  87. Karen Says:

    I would say that both my Pops and my husband deserve it.

  88. Amanda Sakovitz Says:

    I subscribe by RSS as supernaturalbella 143 at yahoo.com

  89. amy tolley Says:

    My husband is the super best dad ever….I believe he would just love this he and my boys sit down together and can polish off an entire package of oreos and milk…all three of them….thanks for this opportunity

  90. Lorena Keech Says:

    My dad, he was a great guy who encouraged me in everything I did.

  91. Tammy OHagan Says:

    My father n law deserves it

  92. Sand Says:

    My Dad deserves the title.

  93. Brian E. Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway… My Dad, a great father, and a wonderful grandfather to our kids.

  94. Laurie Emerson Says:

    My dad for raising three girls on his own and never complaining.

  95. Savannah miller Says:

    My hubby or my dad both are amazing men 🙂

  96. Sherrie C. Says:

    My youngest son because he works so hard to take care of his family. At age 23, he holds down a full time job to support his wife and daughter while saving to go to college.

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