Top Ways To Get Yourself Fired

No one wants to get fired, and the majority of people will do what’s necessary to not put themselves in that position by doing their best work and keeping their complaints to themselves.  Sadly, keeping your job—especially in this economy—isn’t so simple. There are many not so obvious ways of getting fired. Here are four ways to get thrown out of the office.

Lie On Your Resume

You may think it doesn’t hurt to beef up your resume here and there with a little stretch of the truth, but this is not true. Once you have the job, what you did to get it doesn’t just disappear. If your work performance is lagging, your employer often will pull up your resume to review it again. If he or she finds any inconsistency or embellishment it could mean the end of your employment. When employers are dissatisfied with your work performance it only takes one added thing to get you fired, and lying is an easy ticket as it reflects your character.

Disrespect the Chain of Command

Most workplaces have established a chain of command long before you were employed. Besides a few scenarios, respecting that chain is highly recommended. Doing this may take a level of emotional intelligence to allow you to be aware of your surrounds and have a sense of when and what you should say, and when not to say anything at all. If you go over someone’s head when accomplishing something, it can be a surefire way to get you fired. Even if you hate your boss or think he wouldn’t understand your situation, if you value your job, in most cases it’s better to go to him then his higher up.

Don’t Take Responsibility When Things Go Wrong

If you make a major mistake, lying about it will only make it worse, and will almost always lead to you getting fired if you get caught. You have a better chance at keeping your job if you are honest about your mistake, and go directly to your higher up if you make a big error. If the mistake you’ve made could affect your company in a big way, remember that most businesses’ have general liability insurance, and so it might not be as bad as you think.

Stay Anonymous

If you tend to keep your head down, and never let your boss know of your accomplishments, let alone that you even exist, it will make you an expendable resource. If the higher ups don’t know your face, you not only will get passed up every time a promotion rolls around, but if your company wants to cut back you will be the first to go.

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3 Comments to “Top Ways To Get Yourself Fired”

  1. Sherrie C. Says:

    This is so true! I’ve known one person who lied on their resume and boasted to friends about it to get a job she wanted only to be found out by the company shortly after she was hired and of course, she was then promptly fired. Lying on resume’s or in general is never a good idea

  2. ned Says:

    This is just so true.. ! People can be such fools sometimes and commit these simple mistakes only to land themselves in trouble..
    ned´s last blog post ..Peg Perego Book Plus updated Thu Mar 14 2013 12:36 pm EDT

  3. Shaun Hoobler Says:

    Hi there! Difficult one re:to lie or not on your resume. So many people do it and most employers don’t check at all. However, if they do find out then as you say it could be bye bye!
    Shaun Hoobler´s last blog post ..the paleo diet recipes

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