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Breakfast, one of the most important meals of the day. Honestly I miss it a lot, my kids however I make sure have breakfast every money, their favorite things to have, are either cereal, or waffles. Do you and your family have breakfast every morning?

Do you know how much money you could save by having breakfast at home?

It’s time to re-think your breakfast routine! Wake up and take the “Breakfast at Home Savings Challenge” from General Mills to see just how much time and money you could save during the week by shopping and eating breakfast at home.
Beginning on June 15th, take advantage of great savings in-store and online on some of your family’s favorite General Mills breakfast items like Honey Nut Cheerios®, Lucky Charms® and Cinnamon Toast Crunch® cereals! Simply select the coupons you want and print them directly from your printer. It’s that simple!

Visit Breakfast at Home Makes Cents for details!

For more information about General Mills you can visit them on Facebook and Twitter.


Breakfast at Home Makes Cents! How would you like to save some time and money with a great giveaway? One lucky reader will win a Breakfast at Home Makes Cents prize pack that will include: $25 gift card, One box of Lucky Charms®, One box of Honey Nut Cheerios®, Big G Bowl, Big G lip balm (Retail Value: $39)

To enter, see the Giveaway Tools widget below, make sure to do the mandatory entry and then do as many as the extras as you’d like for an even better chance to win.  Mandatory entry must be done in order for any other entries to be valid.

“The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”
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335 Comments to “Breakfast at Home Makes Cents #Giveaway #MyBlogSpark”

  1. Jody Sisson Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast are pancakes if i have time, Honey Nut Cheerios if i don’t.

  2. Margaret Smith Says:

    I love to eat cereal with fruit in it.

  3. Sam Stamp Says:

    I love having cereal especially Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

  4. Adrienne Gordon Says:

    I like yogurt for breakfast

  5. Michelle Frame Says:

    I love pancakes and eggs

  6. gregg deering Says:

    A smoothie and cereal.

  7. Leanne M Says:

    honey nut cheerios or yogurt and berries

  8. Jessie C. Says:

    I like cereal with soymilk and Greek yogurt with fresh fruit

  9. Rusti Says:

    I love hash browns and cheesy eggs.

  10. Sandy VanHoey Says:

    I usually will grab honey nut cheerios in the morning

  11. Cheryl F. Says:

    My favorite breakfast is sausage gravy biscuits, but I usually have a bowl of hot or cold cereal.

  12. Lisa Brown Says:

    I love having eggs for breakfast.

  13. Valerie Taylor Mabrey Says:

    i have been making smoothies
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  14. Cynthia C Says:

    I like french toast but usually have oatmeal.

  15. Heather Says:

    I love strawberries and cream oatmeal!

  16. Wild Orchid Says:

    I like eggs and bacon!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  17. Ann Fantom Says:

    My go to breakfast is a toasted bagel with cream cheese and glass of orange juice.

  18. Kathleen Says:


    kport207 at gmail dot com

  19. Kelly D Says:

    I like cereal for breakfast.

  20. Mami2jcn Says:

    I like Golden Grahams.

  21. brandy g. Says:

    French Toast with Strawberries is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast.

  22. Amanda Emily Says:

    Pancakes, sausage and eggs.

  23. chris z Says:

    i like eggs for breakfast

  24. April Brenay Says:

    I love Lucky Charms for breakfast, starts the day off happy 🙂

  25. Tarah Says:

    I love eggs with home fries

  26. Carol Says:

    I like Honey Nut Cheerios.

  27. Katie K Says:

    i like scrambled eggs

  28. Tabitha Says:

    i love a bacon,egg & cheese bagel.
    i do not like the time it takes to cook it.

  29. Julie Lynn Bickham Says:

    I like to have muffins for breakfast.

  30. nicholas theodore Says:

    cereal is nuricious especcilay fiber based one,

  31. Kathy B Says:

    Fresh bagels are my favorite

  32. nicole Says:

    warm croissant from oven!

  33. jeremy mclaughlin Says:

    Love yogurt for breakfast.

  34. Sarah Says:

    CEREAL is my favorite

  35. danielle lima Says:

    I like fresh fruit

  36. Mallory Bailey Says:

    Jalapeno asiago bagel with plain cream cheese.

  37. Janet W. Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is pancakes and bacon!

  38. Mary Beth Elderton Says:

    On weekends my favorite is breakfast burritos. Other days I like Honey Nut Cheerios.

  39. Linda Lansford Says:

    my fave is cherrios

  40. Karen R Says:

    I would love blueberry muffins every morning but I eat cereal specifically Cinnamon Toast Crunch for my waistline.

  41. Denise S Says:

    I like Honey Nut Cheerios.

  42. Tiffany Marston Says:

    Right now I am in Love with Wheaties!! we are big cereal eaters!

  43. Amanda Sakovitz Says:

    I love pancakes and eggs for breakfast! Especially hard boiled eggs 🙂

  44. Matt Says:

    I go back and forth. Right now, I’m rather addicted to Special K cereal.
    Matt´s last blog post ..Bicycle Commuting

  45. Nataly Carbonell Says:

    Eggs, turkey sausage and some fruits

  46. Mary Casper Says:

    my favorite thing for breakfast is cheeerios

  47. Ttrockwood Says:

    My favorite breakfast ever are my mom’s homemade cinnamon buns! A rare treat though

  48. Christy Says:

    I love to have toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

  49. julie murphy Says:

    bacon eggs oj and toast

  50. Christina Sparks Says:

    When I am not eating cinnamon toast crunch I love to have scrambled eggs with cheese.

  51. Jimmy Says:

    I like bagels for breakfast

  52. Mia Says:

    I like eating oatmeal or leftovers for breakfast!

  53. Thomas Murphy Says:

    I love pancakes.

  54. Ellie W Says:

    Bacon and eggs are my favorite.

  55. The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia Says:

    I love egg sandwiches!
    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia´s last blog post ..Website Review: Games for Language (currently an Educents deal)

  56. D Johnson Says:

    Bagels with cream cheese.

  57. TawndaM Says:

    LOVE eating French Toast… hate making it though… lol

  58. Serena Powell Says:

    I like pancakes and french toast

  59. Suzanne K Says:

    huevos rancheros

  60. Jackie Says:

    I like to have cereal or oatmeal for breakfast.

  61. Barbara Montag Says:

    Yogurt Granola berries & chia seeds.
    Thank you.

  62. Kim Kihega Says:

    My favorite breakfast is waffles and bacon!

  63. steve weber Says:

    french toast and a bagel with cream cheese.

  64. Donna L Says:

    I have yogurt or an everything bagel for breakfast.

  65. darlene carbajal Says:

    I love pancakes, eggs, and hashbrowns.

  66. Kiara Says:

    My favorite breakfast food is pancakes.

  67. Kathy S Says:

    I have a cup of applesauce for breakfast.

  68. Shelley Woodard Says:

    I love breakfast tacos!

  69. Amber M. Says:

    My favorite breakfast food is fresh berries and cream.

  70. Peggy D Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is pancakes especially with some fruit topping!!


  71. Cindy B Says:

    I seldom eat breakfast, but I have an espresso machine at home and fix myself a mocha every morning.

  72. Deborah Wallin Says:

    On the weekend I choose omelettes, on weekdays I have to have my honey nut cheerios

  73. debbie Says:

    I like shredded wheat.

  74. Cheryl Says:

    I usually have fruit and yogurt early in the morning and then a muffin or cereal later.

  75. Amy Honious Says:

    my favorite breakfast is brown rice farina or frosted shredded mini wheats! thanks for such a yummy and bountiful giveaway!!!

  76. Megan H Says:

    Nothing will ever beat my father’s biscuits & gravy

  77. Lasonda Says:

    Toast or cereal

  78. Allie Says:

    I like eggs and hashbrowns
    Allie´s last blog post ..The Original Chicken Soup for the Soul: 20th Anniversary Edition Book Giveaway

  79. Jennifer Says:

    I love french toast with fresh berries on top!

  80. Jennifer B Says:

    I like oatmeal or wheat chex

  81. Dwayne Berry Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is Frosted Flakes….or doughnuts….or pancakes.

  82. Kassie Jo Lauhoff Says:

    Love cerel and toast

  83. pu ye Says:

    I love to eat cereal with fruit in it

  84. heather eg kaufman Says:

    I like bacon & eggs

  85. Jessica To Says:

    I like scrambled eggs and bacon!

  86. kim Says:

    Every other day I eat cold cereal then oatmeal I really like sugared cereal I am a kid at heart anything with peanut butter and chocolate

  87. Robin Wilson Says:

    I am not a huge breakfast eater, but I love Lucky Charms!

  88. Sharon Says:

    toast with jam. i also love anything with eggs!

  89. Monique Rizzo Says:

    Honey nut cheerios.
    Thanks for the chance.

  90. Melissa Hartley Says:

    Favorite Breakfast Food:
    Biscuits/Sausage Gravy &
    Hash Browns:) My favorite cold cereal is Lucky Charms!

    Thank you

  91. nannypanpan Says:


  92. Nancy Says:

    I like cereal mixed with yogurt.

  93. Lynnette Says:

    I love cereal and oatmeal.
    Lynnette´s last blog post ..Billabong Locals Night

  94. Ruby Yoshi Says:

    I like milk plus honey bunches of oats

  95. Stephanie Larison Says:

    I like Lucky Charms for breakfast.

  96. Heather Freeman Says:

    My favorite breakfast is eggs, bacon, toast, grape juice and coffee.

  97. Kristi C Says:

    I love biscuits and gravy.

  98. Karen Gonyea Says:

    Eggs and Toast or Oatmeal 🙂

  99. Shayna Says:

    Wheat toast and Honey nut Cheerios 🙂

  100. Deci MacKinnon Says:

    fruit, yogurt and Cheerios!
    Deci MacKinnon´s last blog post ..Charley’s Slow Cooker Mexican Style Meat Recipe –

  101. Amanda Rauch Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is omelettes! Just because I do not make them at home, it is a nice treat to order them at diners for breakfast.

  102. June Lisle Says:

    One of my favorite breakfasts to have in the morning is eggs, bacon, and coffee. I also love cold cereals, oatmeal, and things like pancakes.

  103. ryan minton Says:


  104. Denise B. Says:

    I like to make omelets and egg sandwiches for breakfast.

  105. Dorothy Teel Says:

    My favorite breakfast is French toast, but usually I have cereal..

  106. kyl neusch Says:

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  107. Leann Lindeman Says:

    Bacon sandwich is my favorite!

  108. Deb K Says:

    Waffles are my favorite!

  109. kelly g Says:

    oat meal and brown sugar

  110. Tina Bartunek Says:

    I love eggs and bacon or a great big bowl of Luck Charms!

  111. john hutchens Says:

    I like bacon and eggs

  112. Tari Lawson Says:

    I like toasted flat bread with peanut butter and bananas.

  113. Jacob LaFountaine Says:

    I love a good mini donut for breakfast

  114. Emily Says:

    Eggs and bacon are my favorite things to eat for breakfast.

  115. Gianna Says:

    Bacon, eggs and hash browns.

  116. Crystal Says:

    I love breakfast foods, but I never have an appetite in the morning, so I usually just have coffee!

  117. katherine Says:

    french toast or cinnamon toast crunch

  118. Colleen W Says:

    I’m an egg whites kind of girl but my kids do cereal every morning.

  119. Cathy French Says:

    My favorite breakfast is bacon, pancakes or french toast and hashbrowns

  120. Amy Z. Says:

    I love having croissants with fresh fruit.

  121. Barb K Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is Orange Juice eggs and toast.

  122. Tabathia B Says:

    I love cream of wheat for breakfast

  123. Susan Christy Says:

    Waffles are my favorite!

  124. Dawn Ganey Says:

    I love pancakes & maple sausage for breakfast.

  125. Natalie U Says:

    I love eggs Benedict and strawberry banana yogurt with fresh fruit and vanilla granola
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  126. Taleah Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is. undoubtably, cereal (hot & cold)!

  127. Jen C. Says:

    I love pancakes!

  128. Crystal F Says:

    If I could have anything it would be bisuits and gravy with bacon. Thank you!!

  129. tess Says:

    me and my kids like to eat pancakes but my kids eat cereal for snacks
    tcogbill at live dot com

  130. Darlene Owen Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is an english muffin or a bowl of cereal.

  131. ellen c. Says:

    I like to have some toast with peanut butter. Thanks for the chance.

  132. judy gardner Says:

    i like cereal with bananas

  133. Victoria Carlson Says:

    I eat cereal just about everyday! So good 🙂

  134. Denise Says:

    These days, breakfast is usually a healthy (non-sugar) cereal, plain yogurt with strawberries or blueberries, or an energy bar. It works for us!

  135. Sherrie C. Says:

    I usually fix scrambled eggs and veggie sausage for breakfast.


  136. Rachel Mc. Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is blueberry waffles with powdered sugar and whipped cream. Yum!!

  137. Marilyn Says:

    I like to have oatmeal and tea for breakfast.

  138. Marci Says:

    We enjoy German pancakes!

  139. Susan Chester Says:

    I love biscuits and gravy.

  140. Gennie Lancaster Says:

    I like to eat yogurt for breakfast.

  141. Laura C. Says:

    I love cold cereal or a homemade breakfast sandwich!

  142. Helga Says:

    I like cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

  143. Allie W. Says:

    breakfast sandwiches!

  144. karen b Says:

    my favorite breakfast is toast and coffee

  145. Megan Cromes Says:

    i love cereal and bagels with jif creamy peanut butter.

  146. nikki b Says:

    fruity pepples are the best

  147. nancy Says:

    my favorite is waffles

  148. jessica edwards Says:

    cereal or bagel mostly

  149. DJ Says:

    I love to eat fruit and croissants

  150. Christine H. Says:

    I have so many breakfast favorites, I’ve been eating a variety of things lately. But I’ve been on an oatmeal kick yumm

  151. Amanda Kinder Says:

    I usually skip breakfast. On those days I don’t, I will grab a quick bowl of cereal or English muffin.

  152. runinboise Says:

    eggs are my fave.
    runinboise´s last blog post ..Countdown to Marathon

  153. Ruth Hill Says:

    My likes change regularly on breakfast, but nothing is better than Belgian Waffles with fruit and whipped cream!

  154. ken ohl Says:

    I love lucky charms

  155. Cody Anderson Says:

    I love pancakes.

  156. Christine Says:

    honey nut cheerios

  157. Laurie L Says:

    Chocolate Chip Eggos

  158. Melissa K. Says:

    Apple Cinnamon Cheerios

  159. cassie Says:

    definitely toast with butter and strawberry jelly

  160. sylvia Says:

    over easy eggs and toast

  161. Janice Crespo Says:

    Golden Grahams is the breakfast of choice here 🙂
    Janice Crespo´s last blog post ..Sweepstakes Added August 3 2013

  162. Melanie Montgomery Says:

    I love to eat cereal

  163. latoya Says:

    I love a big bowl of oatmeal or porridge

  164. Daniel M Says:

    honey nut cheerios!

  165. Tara Says:

    I love pancakes!

  166. Katrina Says:

    A smoothie with silken tofu + berries + spinach and a small bowl of cereal or granola is a breakfast I would be okay with eating every day until the end of time!

  167. Michelle Says:

    I love French Toast for breakfast.

  168. Liberty Boblett Says:

    My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a Raisin Cinnamon Bagel with Cream Cheese! Yummy! 🙂
    Liberty Boblett´s last blog post ..Extreme Couponer T Shirt Giveaway – WhoopTee

  169. gala Says:

    bacon and cereal

  170. kolpin Says:

    i love an egg white omelette with veggies.

  171. Michelle Says:

    My favorite breakfast is pancakes, but I usually have a bowl of cereal in the morning.

  172. Kimberly Hilbert Says:

    Fiber one cereals are my favorite thing for breakfast.
    Kimberly Hilbert´s last blog post ..Mommy Mandy New Cedar Cove Giveaway

  173. Katherine Donovan Says:

    Ok, I’m going to be honest. I rarely eat breakfast! I wake up at 5:30 am and have a snack around 11:00am. It’s all down hill from there, lol! When I do eat breakfast, I usually go to McD’s for an Egg McMuffin. So……I would love to win this cereal set for my grandson. I know he eats breakfast!! 🙂

  174. Marcia Goss Says:

    My favorite is scrambled eggs and toast.

  175. Teresa Thompson Says:

    I like fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

  176. Nadene Adams Says:

    My favorite breakfast is pancakes and syrup.

  177. K Anne Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is Peanut butter on toast with sliced banana on top.

  178. latanya Says:

    a protein shake

  179. Amie W. Says:

    I like Kelloggs Smart Start Cereal 🙂

  180. jessica Says:

    biscuits and gravy

  181. al Says:

    Cheerios, believe it or not.

  182. Michele C Says:

    Fresh fruit smoothies with a hot cup of coffee

  183. Penny Snyder Says:

    Love bacon, eggs, and toast!!

  184. Vera P. Says:

    Smoothies, bacon and bagels.

  185. Paula Hafner Says:

    I love pancakes. I usually have cereal or yogurt, though.

  186. Lily Says:

    I love pancakes!

  187. Sarah B Says:

    I love shredded wheat!
    Sarah B´s last blog post ..Val Days

  188. samantha s Says:

    My favorite thing is buttered toast with a bowl of honey nut cheerios and some orange juice.

  189. Melissa O. Says:

    It depends on my mood. I like eggs but sometimes I’d rather have Quaker Oatmeal Squares

  190. Melissa Says:

    My boys love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!

  191. Tanya White Says:

    I like eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast.

  192. Carolsue Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is bacon and eggs
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  193. Rebecca Chavez Says:

    I love GM cereals, thnx 4-giveaway 🙂

  194. Deb C Says:

    My favorite is biscuits and sausage gravy but I don’t have that often.

  195. Shaun Hoobler Says:

    I want! I want! Is it still on going?
    Shaun Hoobler´s last blog post dev empire

  196. Josh M Says:

    I love Bacon, Eggs and Hashbrowns.

  197. mary j Says:

    bagel and creme cheese

  198. Denise M Says:

    i love ham and cheese omelets

  199. Taryn T. Says:

    Bacon and french toast… when someone else is cooking!

  200. Kari Flores Says:

    I love a veggie filled omelet for breakfast.

  201. Sarah Hall Says:

    I like French toast and fresh fruit.

  202. McKim Says:

    I like pancakes and bacon.

  203. Ross Hassel Says:

    I love bacon and eggs.

  204. Mariah Says:

    I like Bacon, egg and cheese bagels.

  205. Jill Myrick Says:

    My favorite food for breakfast is french toast.


  206. deana c Says:

    Grape Nut Cereal is my favorite thing for breakfast!

  207. Caryn S Says:

    Mine is french toast

  208. Lisa Garner Says:

    I love French Toast for breakfast.

  209. cassandra mccann Says:

    I love eggs in a hole
    cassandra mccann´s last blog post ..Personalized Gift Choice Giveaway blogger opp and WipesWraps blogger opp

  210. Aimee C Says:

    Cream filled chocolate donuts, coffee and hard boiled eggs

  211. Allison Downes Says:

    Greek Yogurt and Blueberries

    thank you for the chance to win!

  212. Ashley Morrissey Says:

    I absolutely love French Toast!

  213. Debra Hall Says:

    my son likes cereal, i drink coffee

  214. Ashley Says:

    I love oatmeal with fresh bluberries (or any other fresh fruit in season).

  215. Terry Cross Says:

    Biscuits and gravy

  216. Jessica Vaughan Gengler Says:

    Luna Bars are my favorite

  217. Deb S Says:

    I usually eat either oatmeal or Lucky Charms.

  218. melina r Says:

    my favorite thing for breakfast is pancakes, sausages, baon, and eggs

  219. Miranda Ward Says:

    I like yogurt for breakfast.

  220. Jason Martin Says:

    Does Bloody Mary count as breakfast food? 🙂

  221. Kim H Says:

    well, not that I allow it for myself often…but my favorite is bacon biscuits and gravy
    Kim H´s last blog post ..Arttextry Poster Contest- Hurry only last through 08/12/2013 3 Winners

  222. crystle tellerday Says:

    scrambled eggs and cheese

  223. Melissa Nagy Says:

    I love bacon and eggs. Since it’s not the most healthy, I limit it to the weekends which makes it all the more special.

  224. Jen Says:

    bacon is the only king of breakfast

  225. Eileen Burke Says:

    Coffee is my favorite thing breakfast.

  226. Rebecca Peters Says:

    I love grapefruit

  227. Sara Wood Says:

    I love having a cup coffee and french toast.

  228. Beth Klocinski Says:

    English muffin sandwich

  229. Mya Murphy Says:

    eggs or leftovers 😛

  230. Lindsey Says:

    I love pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs.

  231. angela cisco Says:

    Love sausage biscuits and gravy but only eat them once or twice a year.

  232. Gia S Says:

    Usually breakfast is just a big cup of coffee.

  233. s riches Says:

    I like to have French Toast for breakfast.

  234. shaunie Says:

    my fave thing for breakfast is cereal and a bagel

  235. Nicole D. Says:

    I like yogurt and a bagel.

  236. Peter G Says:

    Coffee, bagel or cereal.

  237. Linda G. Says:

    I eat plain cheerios and toast!

  238. susan smoaks Says:

    pancakes with bacon are my favorite things to have for breakfast

  239. Chris Martinez Says:

    Cereal of any kind!

  240. Ed Nemmers Says:

    The pancakes chocolate chip!

  241. harold Says:

    Boiled eggs are my favorite.

  242. Susan Smith Says:

    I love bacon and eggs.

  243. christina givens Says:

    A bacon, tomato and mushroom omlette

  244. mariem Says:

    eggs- sunnyside up or yogurt and cereal

  245. Samantha Says:

    I love Frosted Flakes or pancakes!

  246. Mary Cloud Says:

    Blueberry bagels with strawberry creme cheese
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  247. Allyson Rideout Says:

    Cereal…I used to eat BIG bowls of lucky charms and french toast crunch all the time…everyday….I still do it when I can.

  248. Suzanne Denys Says:

    Huevos Rancheros

  249. James Coyne Says:

    I love bacon and eggs

  250. kathy pease Says:

    I love french toast

  251. Melissa Bezio Says:

    french toast is my favorite.

  252. Kate F. Says:

    I like waffles for breakfast.

  253. Tricha Says:

    bacon and eggs are my favorite

  254. Tracy Allen Says:

    I love cereal – we all need vitamins and fiber – but my favorite breakfast is Little Debbie cakes and soda

  255. Brittney House Says:

    Sausage biscuits

  256. Allison Says:

    Toaster strudel!

  257. Laurie Emerson Says:

    I love a big bowl of cereal for breakfast.

  258. Rose Santuci-Sofranko Says:

    Eggs w/Cheese wrapped in a tortilla!
    Rose Santuci-Sofranko´s last blog post ..Niagara Falls #1 Wrapped Canvas Prints

  259. Lanicsha Wynn Says:

    Oatmeal or pancakes

  260. melissaandkeith miller Says:

    eggs, bacon and toast yummy

  261. Kayla Says:

    I love peanut butter on a bagel.

  262. Pauline M Says:

    I love making my breakfast sandwich!

  263. Jennifer J Says:

    I am just a coffee drinker for breakfast, except for big family breakfasts on Sundays where we get bagels, pork roll and all the fixins’ like eggs, pancakes, etc.

  264. krystal wethington Says:

    we like eggs and bacon.

  265. Lisa Says:

    I like pancakes.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Sincerely Sweet Boutique Giveaway

  266. Tricia Antosh Says:

    Everything Pancakes eggs cereal toast BACON !!!! lol

  267. amy w Says:

    Waffles are my favorite but I try to eat something with a lot of protein instead for breakfast.

  268. Renee G Says:

    I love waffles.

  269. Bonnie Caselman Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is biscuits & gravy.

  270. kristin sims Says:

    I have a tie between a hardee’s gravy biscuit and a bagel and cream cheese 🙂

  271. kristin sims Says:

    I have a tie between a hardee’s gravy biscuit and a bagel and cream cheese 🙂

  272. Kathleen S. Says:

    I usually just have a Special K bar or a banana.

  273. kris m Says:

    pecan pancakes i love esp from cracker barrel

  274. Kelly F Says:

    I love Lucky Charms. I have a hard time not eating all the marshmallows first!

  275. Carla Says:

    Pancakes if I have time, which I usually don’t!

  276. Jamie N Says:

    My favorite is fruit salad.

  277. Shannon Says:

    I like oatmeal with banana and cinnamon.

  278. Christian Alejandro Says:

    Well I can’t have them often, but I love the works.. pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns, fruit, and orange juice! Delicious!

  279. Nicole C. Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is bacon and eggs.

  280. tracey byram Says:

    I like bacon and cheese omelettes.

  281. Derek Timm Says:

    I love Bacon Egg And Cheese Bagels.

  282. Barbara S Says:

    Stuffed French Toast

  283. crystal smith Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast during the week is cereal- its fast and easy 🙂 On weekend we like to make a hot breakfast: biscuits and gravy, pancakes, sausage, etc.

  284. Debra Guillen Says:

    I love bacon for breakfast

  285. Erica C. Says:

    I like eggs and bacon.

  286. Buddy Garrett Says:

    Corned Beef Hash is my favorite.

  287. Carla S Says:

    My favorite things for breakfast is Lucky Charms or a bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

  288. Brad Merrell Says:

    Chocolate Chip Pancakes

  289. Trudy Says:

    I love cereal and fruit
    Trudy´s last blog post ..Bear Grylls Get Out Alive Survival Bracelet Giveaway

  290. Mihaela D. Says:

    I love eating omelettes for breakfast

  291. Lisa V. Says:

    Anything with bacon is my favorite breakfast.

  292. Shea Balentine Says:

    hashbrowns with cheese and ham =)

  293. mary gardner Says:

    bacon and eggs!

  294. sheila ressel Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is Cheerios with strawberries.

  295. amy deeter Says:

    sausage and bacon

  296. Francine Anchondo Says:

    bacon and eggs are my fav

  297. Donna Pyszk Says:

    I love eating Omelets for breakfast.

  298. Jaime Says:

    Cereal or waffles

  299. Julieh Says:

    My favorite is pancakes

  300. Heidi Says:

    I love cereal with fresh fruit for breakfast.
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  301. Patrice Says:

    My favorite breakfast is breakfast burritos!

  302. Joy Q Says:

    My favorite breakfast is french toast with fruit

  303. Julia Goldberg Says:

    I love hashbrowns and breakfast burritos

  304. Nicole Millheim Says:

    I love Cereal for breakfast

  305. Amy Woods-Smith Says:

    I love bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.

  306. lisa lo Says:

    Omelets or cereal. All depends if I feel like cooking or not.

  307. Carolyn Daley Says:

    I enjoy a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and a plain toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

  308. Lisa Fonseca Says:

    My favorite is Lucky Charms cereal.

  309. Vanessa Says:

    I like grits for cereal.

  310. Meghan R. Says:

    I love a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. Fast, easy, and delicious.

  311. Ruby Daniels Says:

    My favorte all time breakfast is gravy and biscuts

  312. Kendra Says:

    I like cereal, sometimes oatmeal, thanks

  313. Rebecca Lock Says:

    Breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal

  314. Heather S Says:

    protein bar or toast w/peanut butter

  315. Michelle Tucker Says:

    I love waffles with lots of butter and blueberries.

  316. laurie Says:

    my favorite is aausage and biscuit

  317. Beverly Metcalf Says:

    I usually have a bagel for breakfast or an english muffin with strawberry preserves. Thanks for having this contest.

  318. Anna H. Says:

    Sunny side up eggs is what I love to have for breakfast.

  319. heathr Says:

    bacon eggs toast and hashbrowns

  320. Vikki Billings Says:

    I love a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast and sometimes I add a bowl of cereal.

  321. liz l Says:

    protein bars are my fav

  322. Lauren Harmon Says:

    I love having a quick smoothie for breakfast! Just a banana, a TON of spinach and some berries in the blender and I’m set for the AM! So tasty, fairly healthy, and so easy!
    Lauren Harmon´s last blog post ..Summer Baby Loving Giveaway {Ends 8/23}

  323. Sand Says:

    I like pecan pancakes and sausage.

  324. Anitra Says:

    I love Pancakes!
    Anitra´s last blog post ..Relieve Summer Itch with BeKOOOL’s Itch Relief Patches (WIN)

  325. Brian E. Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…scrambled eggs, toasted whole wheat bagel, & fresh fruit !

  326. CharityS Says:

    I really love french toast for breakfast.

  327. Heather Manu Says:

    My favorite is berry cream cheese creepes

  328. Matthew Pearl Says:

    Cereal is my favorite thing. Quick and easy to make and eat. Too lazy to make anything else 😛

  329. Breanne Says:

    I like French Toast.

  330. meme Says:

    mine is Lucky Charms and a piece of fruit

  331. Marcy Strahan Says:

    My favorite cold breasfast is Lucky Charms! My favorite hot breatfast is Cheese Grits & eggs!

  332. Barbara Long Says:

    My favorite thing for breakfast is French toast but I don’t make it very often.

  333. Sarah L Says:

    Home made smoothies.
    Thanks for the contest.

  334. DanV Says:

    My favorite is strawberry yogurt

  335. Mark Says:

    Fluffy pancakes and actually Lucky Charms with 2 % fat milk

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