Women’s Perfume – Is there an age appropriate one?

Ever get a wiff of someone’s perfume and think to yourself “Yuck, that smells like an old person’s perfume”! Maybe you can think of thatperfume fragrance your grandmother wore, and when she gave you the same fragrance for Christmas you kept it in in the box for years, unopened because you were just too ‘young’ to smell like that.

Thing is, as we get older things change, our looks, our style, and that includes the fragrance we wear. Let’s face it, remember that perfume you swore you’d wear forever because it smelled just AMAZING when you were 16? Are you wearing that same perfume now? Let’s face it, that cheap perfume we wore then, isn’t nearly the same scent as the one we’re wearing today.

There is the right perfume for your age, read below to find out what you should be wearing and which perfume scent is the right one for you.

Young, free, and full of life! Teens are one in their own, they want to express themselves and be fun. For teens, something light, airy and fruity is the best way to go. A lot of the celebrity or name brand perfumes fit teens very well. Britney Spears, Juicy Couture, these are teen types of perfumes.

You’ve stepped into you own, you’re on your way to adult hood and are getting rid of that ‘teen style’. Try alluring, fresh fragrances. They still give you that young, youthful feeling, but with a hint of maturity.

Your style has evolved, your tastes have evolved, so why not evolve your scent. You need something a little more than just airy and fruity, something with more maturity but a little less than what your grandmother would be wearing. Burberry is a great example of a women’s perfume for the 30s, 40s and 50s age group.

Ladies in their 60s and up, love to have a fragrance that gives them class, style, and sophistication. They lean more towards floral scents, which can be timeless and have been a favorite of many woman from years past, and for years to come. Fragrances such as Tabu and Sung are a great choice.

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